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Seasonal Switch….

For those of you who follow along on Facebook, you know that I was having some assistance with my wardrobe yesterday.  Yes, my job is to assist clients with their closets but it is always helpful to have an outside eye to kick my fashion backside as well.   I like to play with my looks and introduce something new now and again, and then its perfect for my friend to say “What the heck??  How is this you??”  And we have a laugh, I give her some story, and then out it goes.


Closet clean out may have started with a local Happy Hour…..

The plan was to tape the process but  we ended up doing a very high speed clean out and in that time, we took out my strictly summer goods and managed to choose 18 pieces that no longer will be with me.  4 went to her, the rest will be finding other new homes.  I still need to reorganize and color coordinate but just the act of going through each item was so needed to start the fall fashion.


Besides digging through the closet, one project at the top of the weekend list is the sock drawer.  Sandals being put away and colder weather (minus today) requires socks, tights, and leggings layers.  Go through your drawers and ditch the holey items, unmatched pairs, and take an inventory of your winter needs.

For the ladies, style can be added with patterned or textured tights/nylons but for many its equally about the warmth factor.  For the men, some fun socks can punch up your look.  Just a sneak peek of  pattern or color popping out from your pant cuff adds a little personality to your outfit.

One final tip, I want to share today is a way to get out of the house faster and still fashionable every morning.  This is perfect for the teens in your world as well.  If picking an outfit every morning is a burden or stressor, make yourself a Sunday Style rack.


Just like menu planning, take 30 mins every Sunday and put together 5 outfits for the week.  Look over your calendar to know what looks are needed (client meetings, school field trip chaperone, etc) and make 5 or 6 (an extra option is always good) complete looks, shoes and accessories included for a quick, early morning grab once the week starts.

If a closet consult is on your fall to do list, drop me a line.  Let’s get your autumn off to a stylish start.

Back to Life, Back to Reality…….

Although we still have 21 calendar days left in the summer season, my summer officially ended today.   Kids back to school, laundry piles looming and officially back to business.  The summer flew by as it was filled with all kinds of fun, adventure, concerts, travel, family and friends.  Sad to see it over but excited for fall.  I always enjoy this time of year.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 8.58.01 AM

Near the top of my list of to do’s is the wardrobe change over.  Shorts and such will make their way into bins and sweaters will be brought out.  I don’t follow the notion though, that white can no longer be seen this time of year.  The lightweight cotton yes, but a great pair of white jeans or a blazer, keep them in rotation for now.  Have a favorite sleeveless top you love to wear?  Wear it under a jacket or cardi.   Have fun with layering this time of year.




For the non-Faceback followers, yesterday the September issue of Atlas Magazine came out and a fab team and I had 11 pages of Editorial published in there.  Kind of excited.

Check it out here  starting on page  135.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 10.43.29 AM

Also, a recent look book I styled for a new to North America shoe line, just came out.  These shoes are handmade and a portion of their proceeds go to assist in fighting human trafficking.  To see the entire look book and learn more about them, visit them here.


To all of you starting your fall routine today, I wish you a happy day.

Friday: Feeling like Fall…..

Despite the gray skies and raindrops, fall coming quick is showing in other ways as well.


Over a year ago, I created this Outfit Idea board for a client on how she can style her leather skirt.  Since then it has been re-pinned well over 1000 times on Pinterest.  As of late it has come back into action with more pinnings.   Although leather can be worn any time of year, I think Fall stands out as the perfect time for most.

And there will be leather! Fall 2013

And this grouping has been popular as well.

Whether a bracelet, a shoe or a more major piece, jacket or pants, leather is a staple that shows up year after year as something to have in your long term wardrobe.  And for those who prefer faux, the designers are coming up with such great quality faux, sometimes it’s hard to even tell.

From full Designer look

To an individual piece.

From everyday retailers like Banana Republic for affordable pieces

To a fabulous faux.

Will leather (real or faux) make your Fall Fashion?

When it hits you……

I don’t think of my job as just putting clothes on people.  Being up and close in people’s personal space (whether their closet or dressing them) allows me to connect and really feel what’s going on.  Not in a creeper mode, but a cool one.


Awhile back, a local man hired me as a birthday surprise for his wife who had been working hard with diet and exercise to get fit.  We  had time in her closet and then all three of us went shopping.  The wife was shy and although excited, I would guess a little uncomfortable at first.  Halfway through shopping for her new things, it dawned on her how good she looked and to see her excited made her husbands smile grow 1000x.  To see that moment makes my heart sing.


The same goes for working with new models.  On test shoots, it is normally their very first official photo session.  Although people on the outside may see something different, these young girls only see themselves as that.  School, friends, sports teams, they may have been told over and over that they are pretty but yet they have not really seen IT.


The girls work really hard and pose away, learning all that goes into a shoot.  It’s is only afterward though, when the team sits down and goes through the pictures from the shoot and the model suddenly realizes that the pretty face on the screen belongs to them.  Usually giddiness happens.  Something they didn’t know they possessed reflects back at them.


Whether on set, in a closet, or in the mall.  It doesn’t matter your shape, size or height.  Everyone possesses that special something and when we find it, magic happens.


I love my job!

The photos above are unedited pictures from last nights test shoot.

Model: Amrine (SMG)

Photographer: Mcklyn Cole

MUAH: Katya Gudaeva

Styling: Kim Brooks Style

Summer seems to be slipping away….

I’ve been on slow motion blogging as of late, trying to take in as much summer as I can.  Seeing  school supplies spilling out of bins  in every store, Halloween costumes in full affect at Costco and SeaFair come and gone, I feel summer slipping away.  I hear people talking negatively about the too hot temps but I love it and will truly miss the season when it passes.

Haijin Lee Ceramics www.haejinlee-ceramics.com

Haijin Lee Ceramics

One summer activity I always plan around on both the Bellevue Arts Fair and the Harmony Arts Fair in West Vancouver, BC.  This year I only did a 15 minute pass through on the Bellevue one but did get to partake in Harmony Arts.  This pictures are from the artists who stood out to me this year.  Although they are all based in Canada, they ship worldwide.  Be sure to check them out.

These resin + sterling silver pendants are gorgeous!  www.effiebakerdesigns.com

These resin + sterling silver pendants are gorgeous! www.effiebakerdesigns.com


Gorgeous pottery pieces with an Asian flair by Jackie Frioud.  www.jackiefrioud.com

Gorgeous pottery pieces with an Asian flair by Jackie Frioud. www.jackiefrioud.com



Being a huge fan of mixed media art, I was drawn to the work of Lori Bagneres. www.loribagneres.com

I was in love with her work last year and once again, she did not disappoint.  If one jewelry line were going to represent my style, it might just be hers.  Taniagleave.com

I was in love with her work last year and once again, she did not disappoint. If one jewelry line were going to represent my style, it might just be hers. Taniagleave.com

If you are in Vancouver (living or visiting) the first week of August, you must check out Harmony Arts.  Not only do they feature artisans and their wares, but lots of yummy food trucks, and live music every night (right next to the water to boot!).  It’s a must do for me.  What summer activities are on your must do list every year?

On a Sunny Sunday

What a week I tell ya.  Sitting back today and catching up on computer land.


I’m so super excited about some recent Editorial shoots, they have all been so amazing.   Hopefully I can share soon.

Friday, we were busy working under a viaduct.  You know, glamour and all.

On my summer wardrobe list, I’ve had a neutral colored, summer dress that I can throw on for casual or dress it up when need be.  Although we are almost at August, I have yet to find “the one” but this Kate Moss for Topshop number is rather cute.  Is there a summer piece you have been on the lookout for?

Do you remember Anatomie?  Hip Travel Mama and I did a piece on them awhile back, a fashionable, travel wear company with excellent quality pieces.  Well, they have a deal for you right now.

HangTags Banner Mark7-25-14

They have a fabulous leather and lycra (on the side panels) jacket that they are practically gifting away.  You know I love my leather and this is a smoking deal!

cache_400_700_1_100_100_16777215_macey jacket - for web-1

Several of their leather jackets are specially priced at $250, check them out here.

Hoping to get out and get a little vitamin D as well today, perhaps check out the last day of the Bellevue Arts Fair.  What are you up to?  Hope it’s a good one!


Once upon a Tuesday…..

What’s up Fashion Friends?

Test shoot from this past weekend.

Test shoot from this past weekend.

I’m using these few free days of mine, gray days to boot, to get some behind the behind the scenes to-dos taken care of.

I have some amazing fashion pieces that have seen the camera enough that it is time to find them a new home.


Trying to decide if a style sale, a FB posting or Ebay is the way to go.  Do share your thoughts.

Weather wise this week, it’s all about the layers.  Gray and chilly in the am but sunny and warm by late afternoon.  Lightweight sweaters, blazers or jackets are a must use.


While I am knee deep in my fashion sort and what to do with my pieces, I have a little thought for all of you.  I have a friend who is a seamstress extraordinaire who is taking on some mending projects for the next few weeks.  Have items that need button replacement, moth holes in wool, creative, little fixes?  Contact me and I will hook you up to get your fall pieces ready to go.


Where ever you are this week and whatever you are doing, hope you are having fun!

Summer Sunshine…..

Holy smokes, it is hot!

Loving every minute of the warmth and will store it away in the memory bank for November when it is cold and gray.


This is Nick B from a recent shoot with him and Mcklyn Cole and today reminds me of a warmer version of that one.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

The days seem to be flying by with work and play, I haven’t even had a chance to get back into my studio  to further  set up.  Hopefully I will have that completed sooner than later so I can share.


This week I am working on a couple of test shoots, an editorial and clothing some groomsmen for a wedding.  Always love a variety pack week.

Hope you all are able to balance the work and play and enjoy this gorgeous Northwest weather!


Keeping it cool…….

Not to be the one to tell anyone what they have to wear but I am strongly suggesting an easy, breezy (no, not CoverGirl) dress for these hot days.

Top with a little jacket if you will be in an air-conditioned office and bring an extra pair of shoes to switch out once you are done with work.

For the shorter dresses, if you are worried about the breeze, pair with some boy shorts for tmi protection.


In other news, had a fabulous Editorial photo shoot yesterday.  Thank goodness for this amazing weather, we were able to work well into the evening.


It was the first shoot based out of my new studio space, which worked out fabulously.

And, there is a little, secret Japanese restaurant close by which was the perfect ending to a great day.  Yum!

Monday Morning Madness…..

Glad for a little cloud cover this morning as I prep for an Editorial shoot.


80% of a stylists work on a shoot, happens before the actual shoot.  Finding the wardrobe, putting the looks together, prepping the individual pieces.  A lot of behind the behind the scenes.  The actual on set work is usually easy peasy.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

The heat was an unusual treat the last couple of days.  I had moving (into my new studio) to do, so a romper was my wardrobe of choice.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

Paired with an old standby.


I might have actually thought about Birkenstocks this weekend.  WHAT?


While, I’m doing a slow move into my new space, I have started with the essentials.

A favorite quote art piece and a new Japanese vase I picked up in an art store in Oregon.


And of course these.  These make me happy.


What’s happening in your world?