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Friday Fashion – 4.18.14

Another busy week coming to an end.


The view from one of my many offices today.   The weather turnaround from yesterday was amazing.


Today’s work was with SMG model Nick B and photographer Mcklyn, so fun.   A couple behind the scenes sneak peeks for you.


You’d think having regular time with photographers would make for easy Fashion Friday photos.  And that was the plan today but we ran out of time.  It happens.  So I share my Friday look with pieces with out me.  It was Zara heavy today.


I wore a Zara draped jacket similar to this current one.

Screen shot 2014-04-18 at 9.36.54 PM

A private label top that is a cross between these two.



These current Zara pants, along with these Zara shoes.


What have you been wearing to keep up with this wonderous weather?

Have a fabulous weekend!


Wednesday Woman – 4.16.14

The lady of the week this time around is 26-year-old actress, Blake Lively.


We’ve all seen her somewhere, from Gossip Girl, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Savages, or on Ryan Reynolds’ arm (they’re married), so we are all fairly familiar with the native Californian’s effortless sexy. On the red carpet, Blake goes ultra-glam, often showing of her body in curve hugging pieces; but, there is something unique about her: she lets the clothes do the work.


Blake completely embodies this idea of effortlessly sexy by letting her well-selected garments take center stage – there is no need for elaborate hair and makeup, or tons of accessories. She gives off kind of an, “I rolled out of bed and just threw on this gown” thing, and boy-oh-boy does it work for her!


Off duty, Blake maintains her easy style with a bit of a bohemian feel, with lots of jeans, slouchy tanks, infinity scarves and a pretty solid hat wardrobe.


Take some inspiration from Blake and feel effortlessly sexy – try mixing leggings with a slouchy sweater and killer pumps on an off day. For the office, try a curve-hugging pencil skirt in a unique material (leather would be cool), or deep color, paired with a flouncy peplum top.

"Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively wears a turquoise mini skirt for her appearance on "Live with Regis & Kelly" in New York

On special occasions, take a cue from Blake and go for a menswear inspired evening look with some strappy heels. Take a look at the board below for some inspiration.

Blake Lively
Get this look:
Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

Tuesday Tip – 4.15.14

Last week, while sitting poolside with a girlfriend, we started thinking about what (at that moment) would be a good Tuesday Tip.  There were 5 women in our group, all of whom are moms and all in various states of diets, cleanses, and whatnot.


We had signed a non-judge pact on arrival in AZ and what was happening with our pale skin in those bathing suits was not to be discussed.


In other words, nobody was excited to reveal.  Even the one with the flattest of tummies (who looked awesome btw) complained that she lacked in the chest dept.  I offered her mine.


What we noticed when looking around at the resort, every day new women arrived looking timid and not in a rush to remove the cute coverup.  We decided right then and there that our Tuesday Tip was to embrace whatever was happening with the bod and enjoy the vacation.

I've used this before but it so relevant to this post.

I’ve used this before but it so relevant to this post.

That meant not worrying about the extra skin (or lack there of), having that amazing dinner and of course enjoying a cocktail (or two) because we were on vacation.  Making memories with our families and friends.


This may be too late to embrace for spring break but as we move into warmer weather and the pools and beaches start to become part of your day, invest in one or two great fitting suits that make you feel your best.  Find some cute coverups  and then just enjoy.

Thoughts on today’s post?  Please share them.

Monday Man – 4.14.14

Sports fiends, this week’s man is for you! This Monday we’re focusing on the man dubbed king of style in the NBA by GQ, none other than power forward for the Miami Heat, LeBron James.


LeBron is definitely a do-it-all guy – he’s an all-star athlete, father, husband, philanthropist, spokesperson, and a style icon.


LeBron has been one of only three males to grace the cover of Vogue (remember, with Gisele Bundchen?) and regularly appears in GQ magazine for his style prowess.


LeBron’s all-encompassing attitude is totally incorporated into his personal style. On the court, he rocks his team uniform, but off the hardwood, he ranges from casual sporty to a three piece suit.


LeBron is not afraid to try something new, putting him miles ahead of other revered stylish fellows. He doesn’t shy away from pattern or color, or any mixture of the two.


He plays with the classic suit by adding a monochromatic twist, or mixing up a suit pant with a pull over sweater layered over a button down. LeBron takes equal risk in his street style, making the 2 piece sweat suit modern and incorporating smart touches of leather.


Take a look below for some pieces that will help inject LeBron into your wardrobe:

LeBron James


Shop this Look:

Similar EyeGlasses | Black Tee w/Faux Leather | Statement Watch | Red Blazer | Blue Floral Shirt |Beaded Necklace

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6

Well, hello Friday!

I’m back!  Sort of.  Didn’t get past Monday Man this week due to a little kick back time.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 11.34.28 AM

I just got back from an Arizona getaway.  When I get in this zone (which is SO rare), I just need to go with it.  And I did.


With less than 24 hours of turnaround time, I am now in my comfy jeans and headed to Eastern Washington.


Massively casual I know but I did add a little lace for some feminine factor.


My own Mother would not approve of these jeans but 5 hours in the car calls for kick back comfort.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 11.43.10 AM

It was hard to give up this sunshine but glad to see that blue sky’s are shining in Washington as well.

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back on board, full force next week.  Lot’s of good stuff to share!


Today I am wearing:

Sunnies: Gucci (here)| Army Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar) | Lace Top: CAbi (similar)| Necklace: Vintage (similar)| Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)| Watch: Michael Kors (here)| Ring: Thrifted (similar)| Shoes: Chloe (similar)

Monday Man – 4.7.14

This Monday’s man is 40-year-old Thai designer, Thakoon, who is best known for his knock-out collaboration with Target, and for regularly wardrobing the First Lady, Michelle Obama.


The spotlight doesn’t often land on a fashion designers personal fashion, especially when it is a man designing exclusively for women, but Thakoon’s style humbly stands out among the rest. Why? Instead of over-the-top dressing, or wearing the same thing literally every day (cough cough Michael Kors), Thakoon dresses just like your average, stylish dude.


His minimalistic style allows his own designs to take center stage, but simultaneously still validates him as a stylish man. He, of course, incorporates very cool touches into his classic looks, like a white bow tie paired with a white button down, or a blazer and leather sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt, which keep him interesting and modern.


To embrace a bit of Thakoon, invest in your quality basics – breezy t-shirts, cool crew necks and button downs.

Thakoon - Party

Funk it up a little in the denim department with things like black or grey jeans, or even fitted khakis. On dressier occasions, play with your tux by swapping out a collared shirt for one with a bib, or even try wearing some leather sneakers with your classic tux for a super modern look. Check out the board below for some inspiration.


Shop this Look:

Bib Shirt | Plaid Shirt  | Gray Skinny Jeans | Sweat Shirt | High Tops |

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|

Friday Fashion 4.4.14


Friday is here and after a long but fabulous work week, I am rewarded with a trip to the sunshine.


Today is my loose ends clean up and tomorrow, I’ll be chasing the sun.


Even though not practical for running around town, I’ve been waiting to wear this white skirt.  Today was as good as any.


What is your go to wear when running errands?  The correct answer is not yoga wear!!!  If that is your go to, what would it be if that yoga wear did not exist?



In case you aren’t on FB or Instagram, here is a sneak peek at my photo shoot from Wednesday.


 I’m rather obsessed.

Today I am wearing:

Jacket: Funktional (similar or similar) | Striped Top: Target (here) | Skirt: Zara (here) | Boots: Rocco P. (similar) |Ring: H&M (similar) | Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Thanks to J. Deasy for the photos!

Wednesday Woman – 4.2.14

This week’s woman is the quirky 51-year-old style icon, Anna Dello Russo.


This Italian-born fashionista spends her days as Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan, and is well known for her outrageous outfits, extreme fashion obsession and massive shoe collection (she has admitted to owning over 4,000 pairs).


When it comes to fashion, there is no risk that Anna won’t take. She confidently plays with color, pattern, texture, footwear and accessories; she is probably the only woman who can make wearing feathers on a daily basis an acceptable thing.


Anna’s style is admittedly over the top with all her color and pattern mixing, embellishment and unique accessories, but she sends an excellent message: wear what you want! Anna gained her fashion notoriety simply by wearing what she felt like wearing.


Although she is sometimes a little outlandish, Anna always looks radiant, confident and fashion-forward. Embrace Anna by doing you, and don’t be afraid even if it’s not the norm!


Go for bold prints and colors, have fun with your accessories and always be proud of your look! Check out some fun Anna-inspired pieces to jump start your wardrobe on the board below!


Anna Dello Russo

Get the look:

Brocade Shorts | Blue Necklace | Floral Appliqued Skirt |Floral Earrings |Lace Top |Vintage Sunnies

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

Tuesday Tips – 4.1.14

I wish I could lead this post with a great April Fools joke but truth be told, jokes are so not my strong suit.  I kind of fail at them.  Or so I’ve been told.

So, insert your own personal funny right here: ________________ .

I’ll give you a moment for a LOL.


After last week’s wonder of a question from reader “N”, it’s just a bunch of quick tips today.

1) I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time at the gym as of late (remember psycho trainer?) and I’ve noticed a bad trend.


I know people generally just want to go and work out and that is fine but really, just turn around and have a peek in the mirror before you run out the door.


As well, make sure you have the right bra on for the job.  No lacy number to the gym.  Support the girls with an athletic bra.

2) While on the topic of undies, with spring/summer weather happening now for those of you traveling for spring break or coming soon in the PNW, some suggestions for panties under the more sheerer cottons and linens.


A client told me about these numbers, from Lululemon, the Light as Air Hipster (or thong), which are perfect for sheer and under your fitted athletic pieces.  No lines = good.


Maxine, being the undie expert that she is, also recommended these numbers from VS, also both in bikini or thong.

The No-Show Sexy!

3) On a shoot pull today, I was in Plato’s Closet and while making some purchases, the gal told me that they are in need of summer shoes, sandals, jewels, shorts, skirts, etc.  Although I am a huge fan of my consignment shops, PC is the perfect spot for your fast fashion lines and jr. wear to sell.  Although they do take designer, these shops are best suited for trendy, less expensive brands such as H+M, Forever 21, etc.  And you get cash for your items.

fast fashion - 2

4) This last one will go over well, I’m sure.  Also, on my route was Goodwill and half of you just screamed.  I can hear you.  BUT, I have one word.  Belt’s.  Several clients have told me lately that they need a good belt.  Braided leather or something similar.  You know how many I saw today and they were priced at something in the range of $2.99 – $5.99?  How much are they brand new?


Just saying……

Monday’s Man – 3.31.14

Happy last day of March to you all!  It’s one of my very besties birthday so I will do a shout out to her here.


She’ll love me for that.  But I am giving her a handsome man to enjoy as well.  But I do wonder why it has taken us this long to post today’s gentleman???

George Clooney.


This week’s man, 52-year-old actor George Clooney, is known for being the quintessential Hollywood heartbreaker. Although George remains unsettled despite his share of romantic endeavors, he shows that he does not need a woman’s help to be well-dressed.


On the red carpet, George makes the best out of a classic tux, with inconspicuous embellishment, like a satin lapel or patterned bow-tie.


Off-duty, George is the classic California cool guy. He is often spotted in linen shorts and airy button downs.


He also embodies a tough-guy edge with his motorcycle ensembles, including slouchy tees, faded denim and motorcycle boots. George’s style is not about big trends or extra bells and whistles, but instead about an easy, cool and classic look.


Try a monochromatic tux with satin accents for a formal look, or navy Bermuda shorts with a striped button down on your next sunny vacation. Look below for some George-inspired pieces.

George Clooney

Shop the look:

Jeans | Hoodie | Tuxedo | Scarf |  Moto Boot | Short

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5