Tuesday Tip 1.28.14 – Know your boobies!!!

Tuesday Tip 1.28.14 – Know your boobies!!!

I have posted on this topic several times before and am adamant about you gals keeping your lingerie drawer fresh and up to date.

But this time I’m brining you words of wisdom directly from our boobie expert, Maxine.  Longer than our normal posts but her words are invaluable.

Take it away Maxine!

Any woman can have a fabulous closet, but what does it matter if your clothes don’t fit right?

Properly fitting garments start with properly fitting undergarments! First, let’s start with the basic anatomy of a bra:


 Now that we’re all on the same page, here are some simple tips to make sure your brassiere is doing what it should:

1) Check your band! 


The band is the part of your bra that gives your breasts support from below. In terms of sizing, your band size is the number part – the number directly corresponds to your width around. To ensure your band is fitting perfectly, there are a number of things to look at. First, ensure your band is fastened on the largest hook. Yes – it sounds weird, but it is how it should be! Fastening on the largest hook will allow room to tighten when your bra stretches. Next, check where your band is sitting on your back. Is it riding up (closer to shoulder blades)? It’s too big! Is it sitting low (closer to small of the back)? It’s too small! A perfect fit should allow your band to sit exactly straight across your back, lining up exactly with the rest of the bra.

2) Check your cup! 


Now that we’ve got the band situated, let’s move onto the cup! In your size, your cup size is the letter part. Let me set this straight now: your cup size depends on the band size. If your band changes, the cup changes; if your cup changes, your band changes. The cup on a 36D is NOT the same as the cup on a 34D – in fact, there is about a 2 inch difference in width. Your cup should lay perfectly flat on your breast. If it is spilling over (whether it be from the top or bottom), it’s too small. If it is gapping (lots of extra space), it is too big. Before you fret and think you need to change sizes – try loosening or tightening the straps! If your cup is too small, loosening your straps will create extra room. If your cup is too large, tighten the straps, or see if your bra has a racer-back option; crisscrossing the straps will help hold everything up!

3) Check your wire.


The wire is the part of your bra that keeps your breasts from sagging. They are widely considered the most uncomfortable part of the bra; however, before you think you need a wireless bra, make sure your wire is sitting where it should. The underwire should completely encircle all your breast tissue. Feel around the whole wire to make sure there is nothing sticking out under it. Another good test – check to see where your wire is pointing. The end of your wire should point directly into the middle of your armpit. If it points too far over or too far in, your bra is too big or too small (this could be either a band or cup fit issue).  Look at your center gore to ensure the wires on that end are not digging into your tissue – if they are not, the center gore will lay flat, which is another denotation of the perfect fit.

Getting the right fit can be tricky, and if you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to head on into your local lingerie retailer,

they will be more than happy to help you!

Stay tuned for more lingerie insights coming soon.

Thank you so much Maxine, such important info for all the ladies!!!

If you have questions about this post or any other Tuesday Tip topic, send them on over here.

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