I am very fortunate to have had Kim do a closet consult for me! I will admit I was nervous after I scheduled it because I share my closet with my husband and it was kind of a train wreck in there.  Kim reassured me that she would ignore my husbands’ side and we would just focus on my stuff.  Once we got started I realized quickly that this was going to be the best thing for me.  Kim was great about having me really look at each item and say a firm yes or no on keeping.  She kept me focused and gave me a limit on how many jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts I really needed to keep! By the end of the 4 hours I had a beautiful closet full of the things I love, helped me match items to create more outfits, color coordinate and make the closet more functional.  Thank-you Kim!

– Jennifer Schwartz, Bellevue, WA.



jillI’ve depended on Kim since she first began her styling business.  I read her blog weekly and refer to her Pinterest pages often.  She is creative, original and always authentic.  However, the most valuable advice comes when I book a closet consultation.  Each time I emerge from my disorganized wardrobe with inspiration and new ideas.  It’s as if Kim has taken me shopping; I come away with tons of new clothing combinations.  She intuitively knows my style and helps me experiment with texture and pattern pairings as well as event specific outfits.  I’ve found that I get more out of a session with Kim than a shopping excursion.  (Plus it’s more fun and less expensive!)



-Jill Deasy, Bellevue, WA.




Fashionistas! (And those of us who want to be fashionistas!) I had the AMAZING Kim Brooks of Kim Brooks Style at my house last week to makeover my closet! She helped me not only sort through items that needed to get tossed, but also helped me find ways to wear items that I didn’t really know what to do with or only wore one way (aka saving me $$$). She also identified gaps in my wardrobe–colors I was lacking, classic styles that I didn’t have, but should (a cute blazer, black flats–uh, not my cheap target ones–black plants, etc.) We had SO much fun, I didn’t want her to leave! If you are in need of a little wardrobe help, she is AWESOME!! I wore my current pieces all new ways this week and loved it. Whether you love fashion or need help, she is THE one you should call. Love, Love, Love!

-Katie Larson, Snohomish, WA.



1234280_10152279574433636_1807389479_nI don’t think of myself as stylish, in fact it’s safe to say that I’m pretty lazy when it comes to style—can you say jeans and t-shirt. I do appreciate great style and on occasion can even recognize it. After 3 years of my wardrobe taking a back seat to every other priority in my life, I asked Kim to help get my look in shape, and I’m hear to say, she did a fantastic job! What prompted everything was a multi-city business trip to places where a pair of jeans and a t-shirt wasn’t going to cut it (at least not my jeans and t-shirts). Using her eye for detail and her taking the time getting to know my personality, Kim pulled out my personal style for a full update of my wardrobe. Not only did she help me with the basics, she helped give me the confidence to add in the coolness that gives me that “put together look.”

-Jeremy Norberg, Seattle, WA.


photo1I’ve had the pleasure of having Kim on set on several editorial and commercial jobs.  She’s such a pleasure to have on set as her creative energy lends itself well to a collaborative project.  I’ve found her to be highly dependable, cutting edge and with great taste.  Kim has a strong understanding of the overall vision and tends to bring such great pieces to work with.  Her connections with local vendors, boutiques and up and coming designers keeps her relevant and provides her with a deep pool of resources to pull from.  She also has the audacity to think outside of the box whether it be shopping for the budget conscious, thrifting or finding somewhat ordinary pieces and reworking it to give it more of a photographable quality.  Kim Brooks is certainly a standout in Seattle’s fashion market and has the ability to amplify any shoot or possible client.”

-Mcklyn Cole.  Fashion Photographer, New Faces Director at Seattle Models Guild.



IMG_5277-1I first met with Kim Brooks at my home to evaluate my clothes; what could stay, what needed to go, and what I needed to bring in.  I had just made some life changes and was wardrobe was out of date.  Inviting someone into your home, and futhermore into your closet, is for most, a rather personal and sometimes embarassing situation, especially when you would classify yourself as someone who is fashion challenged.   Kim accomplished this task though, with complete grace.  She was knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly honest, but without being pretentious.  As you can imagine, this is a rare find!  She just “got it” and was able to work with me and my needs.  We had genuine conversation and even a few laughs!  Next Kim sent me multiple links of the items that I needed to replace or add into my wardrobe.  She also sent recommendations for how to style some of the items.  This was a perfect start!  I was able to wrap my head around everything we talked about and get a visual so we could then move forward.  A few months later I met with Kim again, this time to go shopping.  I requested she lead, however she was considerate of what I was attracted to as far as style and color.  I especially appreciate her eye for what items you can get the most mileage out of.  She is open and familiar with all types of stores, from Target on up, and know how to make the most of your time with her.   Although I was concerned about both my age and my lack of fashion sense, Kim put that all to rest.  She works with all ages and stages and is fantastic at what she does!  My twenty something daughter even approved!  Refreshing my wardrobe has given me more confidence for the next chapter in my life, and I look forward to working with her more!.

-Ronda Patrick, Bellevue, WA.

“I hired Kim for a Closet Consult and then a follow-up appointment to do some shopping and outfit pulling at the mall. Kim was great, she went through my entire closet and really helped me realize what 1150232_10201274191871360_167377931_nI already had and what would be good additions to my wardrobe to help pull it together. I am not very good at putting outfits together but have much more confidence now after meeting with Kim. I’m a much smarter shopper and don’t buy random items that I end up donating months later because I don’t know what to wear with them. Thanks Kim, I feel much more put-together and confident with your help!”

– Kyla, Issaquah, WA.



annetaylorhartzell3-220x290“As a personal stylist: Kim Brooks has been an invaluable resource for helping me discover a      unique style that fits my busy traveling lifestyle and budget. I love the laid back and eclectic style of Anthropologie, but it is sometimes hard to pull off. Kim is skilled at identifying the look you are trying to rock, and helping you make it your own tosuit your body type. I would recommend her for any woman or busy mom who wants to fine tune their look, or step outside her comfort zone in her style, while staying true to her own self.

As an expert fashion blogger: Kim has a skill for interpreting and communicating seasonal fashion trends to a mainstream audience and curating a bunch of looks into simple outfits that busy moms can wear. Her partnership with Hip Travel Mama has been behind many TV segments and video shoots and am grateful for her professional attitude and creative vision to help me step on camera or on the road in style!”

-Anne Taylor Hartzell, Hip Travel Mama.

“Thanks again for your help today! You have such a great energy. It was fun carrying “all” of the bags downstairs – I felt quite productive and energetic. :) I look forward to all of the shopping picks!”.
– Angela, Kirkland, WA

Whether helping me to design a look and feel for an event or helping me design a wardrobe that works for my busy life. Kim Brooks has an innate ability to create innovative and beautiful solutions.
-Audra Gaines-Mulkern

Kim did a Women’s Conference for us and added a “fun” element to our professional agenda. She customized our session to our specific group and developed terrific, creative solutions for how to dress for different business situations. Her ideas were innovative – things we didn’t think of putting together or combining and the session was a hit.
L.Walters – Consulting Group Regional Director
Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney

I had been a loyal watcher of a certain TV show and was wondering if I could ever get a closet redo without the humiliation of national coverage and without throwing away my entire wardrobe. I had lost some weight but was stuck in a rut. Pink Pagoda to the rescue! Kim was a joy to work with and made me feel totally at ease. She found things in my closet that I had forgotten I owned. Kim showed me how things could be combined in different ways that I had never though of. We took pictures of the outfits that she put together to reference in the future. Four hours later, I knew what was in my closet! I knew that whatever I picked would fit me, would be comfortable, and would be up to date! After the consultation, Kim emailed me with suggestions for wardrobe pieces to round out what I currently own. I am now looking forward to putting together new outfits and getting compliments everywhere I go.
-Jill D. – Duvall, WA.

Not long ago I was in desperate need for some advice in regards to our fireplace mantel. With two rather unattractive vents located directly above the mantel I needed to find a way to distract from that eye sore. Painting the wall helped some, but for me …I couldn’t get past those vents.

Kim was amazing! She came in and immediately went to work by simply walking around my house and finding pieces that she would place on the mantel to see what worked and what did not. She found a few pieces that were hidden in my powder room that I probably would never have tried on the mantel. They worked! Using different heights, shapes and pieces with texture, my mantel was transformed. We both agreed that I needed to find something larger to go in front of the vents, and with her help on what to look for I found something that really worked.

Although I did buy a few new accent pieces, Kim is not one of those people who will tell you to go spend a lot of money. By simply re-arranging the things that I already owned I was pleasantly surprised – as was my husband!

Jen S.

“I asked Kim to come into our home and survey the arrangement of the 15-years of accumulated furniture, art and accessories, and then to rearrange them so that it made design sense; flow, color and function. The first thing she asked was about our family. She wanted to get an idea of how we were currently using the house; what each of us does in each room, what we do together, and how we might want to use them differently. Within minutes she asked for permission to start moving things around. I had never hired a designer so I was prepared to do all of the physical work while she said “put that here” and “move that there”. But much to my delight, she rolled up her sleeves and began moving not only light things like picture frames and lamps but end tables and couches, too!

By the end of the hour and a half, we’d arranged the dining room, living room and family room. She tastefully created nooks and zones, took out unnecessary furniture, and arranged accessories and wall art making each room much more appealing. I appreciated her obvious talent and taste. Also, she showed respect towards all of our things, whether it was tattered or inexpensive or bizarre. If we had it, she figured it was important to us and treated it as such.

Our family is thoroughly enjoying our house, including our living room which had been unused for many months. She followed up in email with suggestions for types of art and furniture as well as links to corresponding images in case we wanted to add a layer to our new clean baseline layout.

Kim is very reasonably priced, humble, fun and knows her stuff! I highly recommend her!”

-L.F. Bellevue

Kim created the table decorations for my daughter’s wedding reception and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Kim was so fun to work with. She took the bride’s vision, pulled it all together and executed it to perfection. She and her assistant spent hours setting up at the venue…so organized and calm. Thanks for making the event so beautiful…we’ve received many compliments and couldn’t have done it without you. -Carol

Kim was so helpful to me. Together we went through every item in my very overstuffed closet and weeded out a ton of items that were either an unflattering cut or color, or were basically duplicates of other pieces. She then helped me with her discerning eye to put together new outfits, and combinations with the pieces I already had, and to figure out if there were any missing ingredients I needed to buy. She then very quickly researched, and emailed me examples of the suggested items, including where to buy them. Thanks to Kim, getting dressed in the morning is more fun, and I feel more confident that I look “put together”. -E.F. – Bellevue, WA.

I recently wanted to purchase some fine jewelry for my wife but was unsure of what to buy. Kim was able to assist me in finding the perfect gift. My wife was extremely happy. It was a real hit! I highly recommend using Kim’s service if you are like me and need reassurance when making a large purchase.

Kim and I spent exactly 4 hours going through every nook and cranny of my closets. She helped me get rid of items I was holding onto “because I might want to wear them someday.” Now my closet feels open and spacious as I can easily see every item and love each and every item in my closet. Kim has helped me open my eyes to accessorizing and has worked overtime in helping me find the must have pieces to add to my wardrobe. Kim went above and beyond the closet consultation when she went home and immediately sent me links to all of the items she thought could help in my closet and also items I’d said I’d like to add. I’d recommend Kim to anyone, you’re sure to have a great time and feel extremely rewarded when you’re done. Thanks for all of your help! -Alissa M, Seattle

I came to know Kim when a friend recommended her company page on Facebook, Pink Pagoda Style. I was instantly taken with the fashion tips, examples and advice she offered on it. That, coupled with my frustration and boredom with the traditional suits I was wearing to work compelled me to schedule an appt with her to do a closet consultation. We spent 4 hrs going through my clothes, shoes, etc. talking about my style, what I like, what I do, etc. It was worth every minute, and the time flew by like seconds. Kim is so much fun to work with, and she has gift helping others find their style. She followed up the consultation with links to examples of items that would fill the gaps/add to my wardrobe. And they ranged in expense, so that I could pick what fit my budget. I was able to add items to my wardrobe in a few hours, versus days (had I shopped in person or online on my own) and they all worked with my existing wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop, but with limited free-time it was great to accomplish a lot, quickly, and get things I love. I’ve broken down matchy-matchy banker suits into separates, and fun, unique pieces that reflect me and my style. I’m excited to get dressed for work, evenings out, etc. I highly recommend Kim. -Michelle C – Seattle

kathrineThank you. Thank you. Thank you.. for helping me slim down and sort out the chaos in my closet. Though brimming with clothes, I often found myself wearing the same old things, not because of a lack of selection, but I simply wasn’t able to put what I had together in a way that actually looked right on me. I had fallen for some of the ‘bargains’ only to end up with a bunch of orphans in my closet. (some still with tags on them). Your sense of style and your ability to objectively tell me what did or did not look good was so incredibly helpful – even if I DID have to ditch the hot pink number with the black bow. LOL! Your consultation also helped me to see that I was torn between considering my style as ‘classic’ yet really feeling more ‘creative’ inside. I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe, now that I know what actually DOES look good together. Thanks for helping me think outside the box! And thank you for letting me hang on to the 15 year old BEBE dress for sentimental reasons ( I promise to NEVER actually put it on my body again!!) I appreciate your knowledge of color, fabric and your ability to accessorize. I’m feeling more stylish already!

Updated Note:

Kim has a tremendous eye for color and style. Her effectiveness in helping me to develop ‘my’ style versus pushing current trends and her own personal likes/dislikes was very much appreciated. After my initial closet consultation, I was able to part with items that no longer had a purpose in my closet, and was shown the potential uses of pieces I already owned in ways I had not considered. I was pleasantly surprised when I received compliments (twice in the same week),on outfits that she had suggested putting together:-) Kim is professional, and extremely personable. Her knowledge of what works, what’s in style, and where the best deals are, make her an invaluable asset to those of us looking for a little style makeover/enhancement. I can not recommend her enough:-)
July 1, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

-Kathrine S. Tacoma, WA

I had a great time with Kim. From the original closet consultation to the recommendations for additions to my wardrobe, her advice was always right on. She does a great job of finding your personal style and giving it the final polish and punch. Now I look forward to opening my closet in the morning and deciding
what to wear. I have already recommended her service to many friends. Thanks Kim!
June 16, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Updated Note : October 13th,2011 –

She does it again. After Kim helped with my initial closet consultation last fall, I had her out for a tune up this year. She has a true talent for what she does. I like to think I did a pretty good job at following her closet guidelines. But even so, we were able to review my clothes and purge some of those things I still hadn’t worn since her last visit. We spent time putting together fun outfits and snapping some photos for me to remember her great ideas. Then we complied my short list of things to add to my wardrobe and Kim followed up right away with awesome suggestions. Now when I am out shopping I know exactly what I am looking for, fewer impulse purchases and duplicated items. My closet has been transformed and in turn it has transformed the way I get dressed. It really is a pleasure to go to my closet and find just the right thing to wear. I know Kim has saved me money in helping me build a great wardrobe that I love.

Thanks for all your help Kim!

-Stephanie Kristen

sylviaI was at my wits end with my living room area. I needed someone with a fashion sense and fresh perspective to see how I could give my living room area some new life. Pink Pagoda, namely Kim came to the rescue. Kim didn’t shove her ideas and style onto me but instead looked at how I lived and what I liked and really gave me some wonderful ideas on how to bring that to that area of the house. Thanks to Kim, I’ve added some color and arranged some furniture which gave the area a new dimension. I still have some more touchups but couldn’t be happier with the outcome and my decision to use Pink Pagoda.
-Sylvia B.Seattle, WA

I recognize when someone is sharply dressed. My problem is how do I get there when I am reluctant to step outside of my comfort zone. Kim’s co-shopping service gave me the help I needed to see that updated fashion and a new style is attainable. She has the knack of finding items and putting them together into a complete and new look. Thanks Kim. -Jim

11-Staffphoto-AnaBeltran-profileKim has transformed my husband’s wardrobe at minimal expense and effort. Working with Kim was a completely pleasurable experience from start to finish. Spyros, my husband , is very busy, so Kim and I spent an hour or so in his closet going through his clothes and assessing what he needs. We did this without his knowledge, so I could use some of the new clothes as Christmas presents. That night, Kim took me on a tour of stores in the Bellevue Square Mall that I had never entered and would never have thought of for Spyros. We bought everything on significant discount (sales ranging from 30-70 percent off) and found him a complete work wardrobe that is effortless and completely interchangeable. After surprising him on Christmas day with the new clothes, he has worn his new things exclusively and seems so comfortable and happy to have clothes that he can find easily in his closet and that all coordinate. Like any great stylist or designer, Kim didn’t impose her own personal style on Spyros, she simply helped Spyros clean up and define his own. It worked so well because she didn’t try to create something that he isn’t. I highly recommend Kim’s services to anyone, male or female, who would like a guiding hand finding suitable, flattering clothes to help them simplify their life.
-Ana Beltran

nbMy husband is no longer tripping over my shoes! Since Kim visited my house and helped me go through my closet, I have been so happy. I didn’t realize how many clothes, shoes, and handbags I really had. They were cluttering not only my closet, but my life! Many were hidden in the shadows, and were quickly relegated to a “donate”, “sell”, or “keep” area. It was liberating! I definitely have my own style, Kim helped me to refine it! Now the only have items in my closet are those that make me feel and/or look fabulous! And I am LOVING it! Kim’s ability to organize, along with her perspective and sense of style made the process very enjoyable. -N.B. Kirkland, WA

I never had so much fun shopping…and I hate to shop. I love my new clothes…
-M.C. – Bellevue, WA

nbMy original intent was to work with Kim to help me shop for a casual clothes. With little kids in the house I rarely have a chance to shop for myself, and never take the time to try things on in the store. I used to wander through the floors at Nordstrom not picking anything up, or quickly buying things without trying them on, only to have them sit for years in my closet with the tags still on them. I had a closet full of business suits but struggled every time I needed an outfit for school events or other social functions. I ended up having Kim over for the 4 hour closet overhaul, along with several hours of shopping together the following day. What a wonderful experience! From the outset Kim made me feel at ease, despite my fear that it might be embarrassing to have someone look through the depths of my closet. It was not at all embarrassing, but actually tons of fun! By the end I had a huge pile of clothes to donate which felt great, and a much more organized and manageable closet. Shopping the next day was a blast as well. Kim got me acquainted with several new stores and taught me what to look for. She also identified several key items I was missing in my wardrobe, which I now have and wear quite a bit. Since working with Kim, my husband complimented my outfits three times over the last month, and every time I’ve been wearing clothes Kim recommended and/or outfits she put together. My husband doesn’t typically notice what I’m wearing…but maybe that’s because I haven’t been wearing the right things! I highly recommend working with Kim on all things fashion related. She has such a good sense of what looks good, and is very realistic about what doesn’t. But tells you so in a very nice way! Not only do I feel good about my closet and have some good clothing options, but I’ve made a new friend too!

Kelly (Part 2), Bellevue:
After 20+ years of shopping and dressing, I finally “get it” because of Kim’s help. When trying things on, you should know the second you put it on – if you feel fantastic you should buy it. If you have to fidget and pull, put it back. Thanks Kim – you’ve saved me lots of closet room. I no longer have lots of items with tags that I’ll never wear!
-Kelly, Bellevue

nbI absolutely loved going through my pictures to find something to wear the past 2 days! I had a great time on Sunday and feel so liberated! I can’t wait to look through all the links you sent, thank you so much! Thanks again for everything Kim, you are just amazing!!
-Erin Peters, Seattle