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In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, we are currently doing a giveaway for not one, but two pairs of Chrysmela Catch.  See the last post below for details on them, but basically they are a must have for anyone who wears pierced earrings with a post.   There will be a random drawing for one gold pair and one platinum pair and they will be sent out to the two winners this Friday evening.  Drawing is Friday at 12pm PST.  So head on over to https://www.facebook.com/KimBrooksStyle and look for the post with this picture.  You can enter there.


If you are not a Facebook user, send us a quick email with your favorite holiday style (decor or fashion) and your choice of gold or platinum to kim@kimbrooksstyle.com and you will be entered.

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Are jewels on your list this holiday?


Over a year ago, I introduced you all to a product that was a little wonder behind your big jewels.

Here is the original post: http://kimbrooksstyle.com/not-pretty-but-oh-so-helpful/


If this is the year where you’ve got some post back sparklers on your list, make sure you add an order of Chrysmela Catch to go along with them.  Kind of like a super affordable insurance policy to protect those babies.

Since the last time we chatted about these wonder backings, a lot has updated in their world.

In November of this year, they were featured in People Magazine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.26.04 PM

They are now available in Platinum, 23K Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold for $50/pair.  You can find them at Amazon.com or Joyus.com.

In fact, Joyus put together this great little video to show you the CC’s in action.  Check it out here.

And finally, the exact patented mechanism made with surgical steel (no gold) can be purchased for $44 here.

Whether you are breaking out the fancies for the holiday parties or you receive a pair in a pretty little box this season, be sure to add a pair of Chrysmela Catch to the mix.

Image Credits: 1|2

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Tuesday Tip – Adding some plaid…

Plaid is showing up in all the stores, an autumn wonder for your wardrobe.  While plaid is more of a standard in men’s wear, Burberry and private school uniforms, the women’s version (minus Burberry)  is more of a trend.  If you read last week’s Tuesday tip (here), plaid, for women, would be one item that would fall into the ‘spend less on’ category.

Pick up a plaid shirt and wear it as a layering piece, like you would a light jacket.  I’ve seen some fabulous plaid pants that would be great with a super clean lined sweater and boots or slipper shoes.  A skirt would be perfect for the office in the same scheme, just be sure to leave the kilt version for uniforms or Scottish family reunions in the home land.

Adding some casual plaid...women.

For the men, this should be more of a standard fare.  A plaid shirt with dark jeans and leather desert boots is the perfect casual outfit.  Add a sweater or suede jacket to finish the look on a cool day.  Or to work, with a nice pair of wool or wool blend pants.  Like the ladies, keep the plaid as your statement, keep everything else very clean (lined).  Of course you can add in the look with a tie, socks, or scarf.  And don’t be wary of spending more money for quality (men’s) pieces, these won’t go off trend for you.

Adding some casual plaid.....men
Will there be plaid in your fall fashion?
Women’s Looks: Black Blazer – RiverIsland (similar), Catwoman Tee – Old Navy  (here), Plaid Pants -Mango (here), Black Shoes – Zara (here), Cat Ring – Newlook (here), Black Scarf – J.Crew (similar), Red Shoe – ModCloth (here), Beige Scarf – Nordstrom (here), Ring – Maison Martin Margiela (here), Beige Cardigan – Lulux (here), Stud Earrings – Juicy Couture (here),
Plaid Shirt – deLiA’s (here), Black Coated Jeans – TopShop (here),Crossbody Bag – Kate Spade (here), Black Boots – River Island (similar).
Men’s Looks: Blue Plaid Shirt – J.Crew (similar), Gray pants – Vince (here), Black Cardigan – Zadig & Voltaire (here), Black Shoes – Oliver Sweeney (here),
Tie – Gitman (here), Scarf – Banana Republic (here), Socks – Brooks Brothers (here), Suede Jacket – Jean Shop (here), Green Plaid Shirt – Old Navy (here)
Jeans – Seven for All Mankind (here), Desert Boots – Paul Smith (here), Watch – Fossil (here).
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Not pretty per se, but oh, so helpful!

In this last month, I was contacted from a gal in LA who is assisting some folks in Japan to introduce a product to the US.  Is the product pretty?  No.  Noticeable?  Not really.  Necessary?  I think so.


Introducing the Chrysmela Catch (Pierce Lock).

I have had my ears pierced since I was 10 years old and I cannot tell you how many half pairs I have lost over the years, because a backing fell off.  In younger years, I wore some weighty costume numbers and ended up with a lot of crafting material from the remaining earring partners.  Now I tend to be more simple with my earrings, loops and simple studs, so I decided to bring four fashion friends in on this with me.


My girlfriend Kathrine,  who wears earrings all of the time, gave the Chrysmela’s a try and had this to say:

1) They DO securely hold earrings in place

2) Without longer fingernails they are a little tricky to put on and take off

3) I did drop them 3x trying to take them off, they could easily be lost.


My next tester for feedback was Morgann Crook, CAbi stylist and creator of Glitter in the Gray blog.  When I contacted her, Morgann was really excited to try the Chrysmela out for the same reason as me.  Lot’s of lost earrings over the years.  After trying them out, Morgann had this to say:

“I can’t even tell you how many single earrings I have.  I keep them thinking… maybe the mate will show up?….however, many of these earrings have moved with me 3 or 4 times so the likelihood isn’t good….I don’t know how many earrings fall out…..but undoubtedly I don’t notice until hours later.  I’ve hesitated on buying expensive earrings because of this.  If my $30 earring falls out, no big.  $3000 earring?  Count on me freaking out.  Kim sent me these little Pierce Lock mini earring backs to review and I loved them from the instant I put them on.  They look like regular backs, but the self locking mechanism secures them in place.  Three reasons I love them:

1) They super easy to adjust and come off with no effort.  Well…maybe a little effort since you have to pull on them.  But they literally can’t fall off which is amazing.

2) You can adjust how tightly you want the back to sit on your lobe.  With a heavier earring you want a tighter, more secure fit.  Lighter earrings can be looser.  In both instances, your earring is stable and locked into place.

3) They’re tiny.  I’ve been using larger, adjustable sterling back for years because they provide added support int he back (but clearly don’t stay on) and they are pretty uncomfortable to sleep in.  These are so small you don’t even feel them when your head is on the pillow.  Thumbs up!


Our next feedback reviewer is Christy Sandvik, owner of  online boutique Kris & Kate.

This is what she had to say: “The Pierce Lock mini worked great with my earrings.  They held them securely.  Because they are so tiny, it was easy to drop them and they were difficult to find.  It might be nice if they were a little bit bigger, if it didn’t make them too heavy.  Overall though, they worked great and the packing is cute!”.


Next up is K.D. Schill.  She is a Freelance Designer/Wardrobe and Founder of Central Costume Collective and Performance.  Being that a lot of her work is centered around theatre, she needs things that work and can stand up to lots as well as the test of time.

She had this to say: “I tried the new earring backs with a pair of earrings that were always a problem to wear because of their weight.  They are sterling silver and blown glass (above).  The original backs always worked their way off because the glass balls would swing with movements.  The Chrysmela stayed put.  I wore them with these earrings all day and never had to re adjust the backs.  They were great.


If I am to sum up the overall feelings about the Chrysmela earring backings is that they do what they say they will.  Securely hold post back earrings without any issue or possibility of losing the earrings they are worn with.

They are small (depends on who you ask, if that is good or bad) and maybe a little tricky to get on and off.  With my job, I keep my fingernails extremely short to prevent snagging clothing and while I had no issue getting them on, I did have one fly across the room with pulling it off.  It wasn’t hard, it was just the spring load paired with my overzealousness.  :)  At a price tag of $89 a pair, I may not wear them with all of my earrings but I definitely think they are worthwhile for pairs that you would not want to lose.  Whether those be  ones with weight, heirloom pieces, or anything special really.  From diamonds to important gifts you have received.  The Chrysmela Catch backings come in silver,  yellow gold and rose gold and can be purchased directly from their website.

Is this a product you would find useful?  Let us know.

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Fashion Friday 2.22.13

My end of the work week will be Sunday instead of Friday, almost there!  How was your week?

Ready for Spring and feeling the need for a little color.



I’m kind of obsessed with a messy roll on the cuff of my jeans.  You’ve probably noticed.  It’ll only last a little longer, I am sure.


The other week, when I stopped by Target to check out the Prabal Gurung collection, I happened upon this khaki jacket.  It reminds me of the Calvin Klein blazer I wore here but can be more casual and will transition easier into warmer weather.  Besides that fact that is was a LOT less money.


Jacket: Xhilaration at Target  (get it here), Floral Blouse: Bellatrix at Nordstrom (similar here), Belt: Sandy Duftlan (old), Jeans: Seven for All Mankind (old), Shoes: Leifnotes for Anthropologie (still available here), Earrings: Neiman Marcus (old), Rings: both vintage, Glasses:  Claires (similar here)  :)

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One trend, three ways…..

Just like my summer post “Age is but a number”, http://pinkpagodastyle.com/?p=1179, I went back to Bliss and Dream in Fremont to do round 2.  This time, the focus was on colored denim and although we did have an age 20-something, an age 30-something, and yes, a 40-something, it was more about the options for wearing them, not just an age thing.

The staple piece this time was the Flying Monkey Skinny Pant in Eggplant, $68.  We went for a casual, youthful look for Shayna with a cropped top and funky shoes.


Along with her skinnies, Shayna is wearing the Leopard Virtue Flat, $80, the ridiculously soft, Coccoon Dolman $48, and earrings by Phillipe.

With Jenny, we went with a more covered but still casual look.  As an alternative to the tunic top, we could easily substitute a cute blouse and jacket.


Jenny’s skinnies are paired with a basic cami in gray $8, the V-neck Sheer Tunic Sweater for $68,  (you should see the detail in the back as well, very cute!), the Riding Boot in black $78, and the Phillipe Large Kite Earrings $35.

And of course, somebody had to dress up, so I took that role.


   Along with the skinnies, I am wearing the Open One Shoulder Blouse, on sale for $28.88, the Phillipe Chain Swag Earring $65, the Point Pumps in gold $48, and I’m carrying the Stud Clutch $58.  Ring is my own.


Fun day once again.  3 girls, John T, clothes and a camera always equals giggles and goodness!  All items seen here (unless noted) are currently available in the Bliss, Dream and FinchandSparrow.com stores.

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