Stylish Seattle – Profile #2.

Stylish Seattle – Profile #2.

In early April, Kim Brooks Style began a new segment we are calling Stylish Seattle.  In this feature, we are honing in on local people we think bring style to this city.  Whether it’s their job, their talents, their hobbies, or just plain ole them.  We feature some pics, ask some questions, and let you have a peek into their lives.

Last month we featured Anna Sofie, if you missed it, check her out here.

For May, we are seeing double.  The talented work and life duo of Courtney Clarke and Craig Brooks.


Yes, the last name sounds familiar.  Craig is the cousin of my Mr.  Apparently they were the black sheep of the cousins. My thought on that, is that most parents would be overjoyed to have their version of black sheep.

Courtney is Craig’s wife, bestie, and partner in their business. The two of them, along with one more fella are Kontent Partners.  KP is a Production Company that does amazing video work which includes ads, promos, and music video’s , to name a few.    Even if they didn’t share the same surname, I would still rank them in the top 5 of the coolest folks I know.

So, we asked them some questions and here is what they had to say:

When you travel, what are your “must haves” in your suitcase?

CC : Great Pajama’s.

Favorite item in your wardrobe?

CB : Fiorentini + Baker Boots.  I have 2 pairs of the same boot in black and brown.  They are the best.

Favorite Clothing Brands?

CC : Right now I love (Yves) Saint Laurent. I adore Aritzia (From Canada, just like you!) and I love finding indie designers like Ms. Wood in Portland and In God We Trust in NY.


**Thanks Courtney for the Canada mention – WAHOO!**

If you could have one style item (fashion, decor, beauty) free of charge, what would it be?

CB : 1960 Porsche 356B Super….We just bought one but I wish someone would have given it to us for free.

Whose style inspires you?

CC:  My Mom – she is always so put together and has a truly unique style (I’d call it bourgeois bohemian with a healthy dash of ethnica).  Or, Sophia Coppola.  She is the coolest.


What occasion do you enjoy dressing up for?

CB: We like dressing up in general – which I know is not very Seattle, but that is how we roll.  (Yes to that CB)


Vintage or New?



If you weren’t doing what you are now, what would your career be?

CB: I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing.  If I won the lottery, I’d still come to work.


Best style tip you can share?

CC: Be original.


Favorite Magazine?

CB: We HEART magazines. Our faves are Fantastic Man and Gentle Woman, and Monocle.

Thanks Courtney and Craig!  To see more of what they do, check them out on their webpage at:

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  • What a great surprise and treat it was to see my ” kids” pop up here!!!
    They are really wonderful…and nice too.
    Thanks Kim — good job!

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