Saturday Stuff – 5.18.13

Saturday Stuff – 5.18.13

In jeans, a sweater and a puffer vest, (I just want the sun back!) I thought I would share a few things.

I don’t often talk about beauty products as I am truly low maintenance in that department and I leave it to the experts, but I found something I have to share.  I rarely paint my fingernails as I am always using my hands and the polish, without a doubt is peeling within a day.  Recently, my mom brought me a nail product that her nail gal swore by and so I thought I would give it a try.


The new product is the one in the middle.  My little experiment was to put the DL base/top coat on one hand, the Orly Bonder on the other.  I then painted both with the Essie color and then finished both with another coat of the DL base/top coat.  After 36 hours, this is what happened.


Not one chip on my right hand. And I am right handed.  Sold!


Get it here.

Next up, Hip Travel Mama, Anne Taylor Hartzell and I went shopping.  She needed some new looks for some upcoming appearances. Because she is in front of the camera so often, and one can only wear the same thing in so many combinations without being a repeat, we like to find some deals.  Yesterday was a score.


3 brand name dresses, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, 1 ring, and an Italian pair of shoes.  The shoes alone retail for over $200.  The grand total for this haul?  $267.  And you wouldn’t even believe what we got the shoes for!!!  Keep an eye on Hip Travel Mama’s site to see these outfits in action.

And finally, do you remember this picture?


I had posted this on FB a couple of weeks back for outfit inspiration and many of you really liked this look.  In fact, one client “W”, decided she needed to add this look to her wardrobe.   Here are her two versions she put together:


And then she also put together a version without the stripes.


To get this look for yourself:

Striped Blazer: Bar III (here), White Eyelet Top: Ann Taylor (here), Green Skirt: Talbot’s (here), Black Cardi: Nordstrom (similar), Necklace: Stella and Dot (similar), Watch: Burgi (similar), Shoes: similar (option 1), (option 2) or spendy (option 3).

If you need assistance with putting outfits together or sourcing some fabulous deals, give me a call.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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