Mama said knock you out….

Mama said knock you out….

Growing up in Canada, December 26th, was (still is) Boxing Day.

A day to do the mad rush to the malls and stores to not only exchange gifts that weren’t quite right but also a chance to take advantage of post Christmas sales with all the other deal hungry shoppers.  A day after calm and peaceful, basically chaos in the mall.


A “holiday” celebrated in England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand started in the Middle Ages as the day the servants were given off, and their employers gave the staff boxes of gifts as they headed out to be with their families.  It is also believed that churches had boxes where parishioners deposited coins for the poor throughout the year and on the 26th, they were opened and distributed to those in need.


And now, it’s kind of like Black Friday.  Only with more people.  Fun.


It may not be called the same thing here but if you are one to head out to the malls today and do some shopping, my advice remains the same.  Sale shopping can be dangerous and yield some unwanted items.  Bring a list of what you need or items you have been keeping an eye on.  Those are the items you buy.  Not that really great deal on the totally random ___________ because it’s 85% off.

You will thank me later.


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