Fresh Fashion Format……..


Change, change, change, things are always changing.  After six years of building this biz, Kim Brooks Style has taken on several iterations and each time we grow and  learn what works.


One thing that has become clear, is that formal blogger does not fit in my style kit.  While I love to bring you style info, the writing schedule it takes to carry out a daily blog is better left for those who want to do it full time.

I style.


So this week, we say goodbye to our old format and move forward.

Much more visual, clean, and what we do best.

Short style tips will still come via Facebook, Instagram, +Twitter and a visual blog will continue via Tumblr, we hope you will follow along.

See you soon, my fashion friends!


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Summer Sunshine…..

Holy smokes, it is hot!

Loving every minute of the warmth and will store it away in the memory bank for November when it is cold and gray.


This is Nick B from a recent shoot with him and Mcklyn Cole and today reminds me of a warmer version of that one.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

The days seem to be flying by with work and play, I haven’t even had a chance to get back into my studio  to further  set up.  Hopefully I will have that completed sooner than later so I can share.


This week I am working on a couple of test shoots, an editorial and clothing some groomsmen for a wedding.  Always love a variety pack week.

Hope you all are able to balance the work and play and enjoy this gorgeous Northwest weather!


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Monday Morning Madness…..

Glad for a little cloud cover this morning as I prep for an Editorial shoot.


80% of a stylists work on a shoot, happens before the actual shoot.  Finding the wardrobe, putting the looks together, prepping the individual pieces.  A lot of behind the behind the scenes.  The actual on set work is usually easy peasy.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

The heat was an unusual treat the last couple of days.  I had moving (into my new studio) to do, so a romper was my wardrobe of choice.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

Paired with an old standby.


I might have actually thought about Birkenstocks this weekend.  WHAT?


While, I’m doing a slow move into my new space, I have started with the essentials.

A favorite quote art piece and a new Japanese vase I picked up in an art store in Oregon.


And of course these.  These make me happy.


What’s happening in your world?

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Happy, Happy, Celebrations!!!!



Well, I finally have (almost) every photo shoot pic loaded into my styling tab.  At least the ones I can share.  Who knew it would take this amount of time to load, I am so happy to almost be done.  Although it was fun to look back at all the varied work from the last 18 months!


Be sure to check back to this website tab and it’s 5 sub folders often as I will be adding several more shoots and projects soon!


My people and I are headed South down the coast for a couple of days getaway.  Nothing is better for my head, heart and soul, then to be by the water.  And the perfect place to celebrate Independence Day.  I know July 1st has passed but I know my Canadians tend to stretch their celebrations out (love ya!).  So I wish you all, both sides of the border, a Happy 1st, 4th and Independence, something we all are lucky to have!


I’ll be back like gangbusters next week with a photo shoot, an office move (the rest of it) and lots of other good stuff.  Have a fabulous weekend!


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Well, hello you!

I’m so excited!  I’ve picked up my keys to my new space and as you are reading this, I may just be starting to move in.



A place for me to create, collaborate, store and meet.  Hopefully I will have it in tip top shape soon, so you can come see me.

Well, if this darn website didn’t test my patience.  I finally have the STYLING photos switched over to their new format and I almost have them all up.  Staying up until the wee hours to get them done.  Be sure to check out the new styling section above and all its new tabs, everything will be complete in the next 2 days.


While working with a new client this past weekend, I was asking her about jewelry and what if any, she incorporates into her wardrobe.  She pulled out a set of three gold chains that she has named her “Mr. T Starter Set”.  I love it!  Don’t forget to keep using your jewelry over the summer months, an easy way to add an extra pop or take that t-shirt to the next level.

Alexandre Plokhov Cuff

Alexandre Plokhov Cuff

Finally, I hate that I have to keep so many secrets from you.  Photo shoots that I love that are just waiting to be published, client work that has to be hush hush and upcoming projects I am so excited to be involved with.   Hang in there with me while I am quiet on the Western Front and know that I will share as soon as I can.  And Instagram.  That is a good place to see what I’ve been up to.  See me there.  I mean here.

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 1.14.49 AM

Have a fabulous day!


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One Constant

Happy Tuesday!

Not sure what these gray clouds are doing but just yesterday we were talking sunshine x 10. Hopefully, they are short lived.


Where is Monday Man, Tuesday Tip and all the regular content these days?  Perhaps I am more of a free flow gal and the regiment of specific content is not my deal.  Things are forever adjusting and this site falls under that category.

This week I am prepping for 2 photo shoots, one editorial, one product launch.

Excited to work with Becca Lynn again for one of the shoots.

Excited to work with Becca Lynn again for one of the shoots.

I am also meeting with an amazing jewelry creator.  Her pieces are beautiful and can’t wait to share more.


I also snagged my web gal (Lonnie) yesterday and she helped me set up long ignored projects (tech is so NOT my thing) so I could bring them to you.  One such thing is my Current Faves tab on this site.  I’ve wanted a space, besides Pinterest, where I could share some goodness I am finding in a simple and clear format.  Men’s, women’s, accessories and perhaps even decor.  These items will change regularly so be sure to check this tab often.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 9.30.09 AM

So, the one constant?

That I am on always on style mode.  Whether it is a private closet, an editorial shoot, or an Inner|Style  client, I’m doing what I love.  And when I have good things to share, this is where it will be.

Thanks for being a part of the ride!

xo K

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Gurrrlll , where have you been???

Thank goodness I am a stylist and not a pro blogger!

Work, travel and life have just taken over the last few weeks and my apologies for the radio silence.


Despite the quiet,a lot has been going on.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 12.49.05 PM

Instead of the standard Fashion Friday, I have been back to posting a daily look on Instagram called Fashion Daily.  A quick look at my outfit for a given day and itemized with brand details.  Not to say Friday Fashion won’t happen but this is a for sure.  Check it out here.





Photo Shoots. This one is of Kendal (unedited), a new model with SMG.  Doesn’t she look like blast from the past,  super model Claudia Schiffer?


Last but not least, a new project I am part of called Inner|Style.   Paired with a Stylist, a Makeup Artist and Photographer Davis Freeman, clients are taken through a full service experience that includes the stylist putting together outfits from your own wardrobe, a beauty session with the MUA and a fun photo session with Davis and team.


My launch client, G, and I having a blast on set.  Dancing anyone?

**Being that I am a behind the scenes gal and was not made up or posing, don’t be judging!!**

GemmaIS-161-Edit-3-EditG’s final product.  A gorgeous photo and a handwritten note about her Inner Style.  Isn’t it fabulous!!!

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.21.03 PM

To watch a behind the scenes video of the Inner Style process and see my styling in action, check out the video here.

If you’d like to get more details about Inner|Style, call or message me anytime.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend.  Have fun and stay safe!


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Wishing for Spring….



Oh my goodness!  I had a fabulous day of photo shoots on Sunday and by bedtime yesterday evening, the sickies were back.

No fashion today but I hope to be up and at ’em asap.

Stay healthy my friends!


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Get out of here!

Although I am still dragging, trying to be crud-free, I did tell you yesterday that I had some fun news to share.  Today.  And while those of you who are FB followers,  might have thought the “Saving you $1290” was the excitement, I actually have something better.  Well, I think so.

For the past while, I have been working with my friend and client, Anne Taylor Hartzell (aka Hip Travel Mama) assisting in adding that extra little hip to her already adorable self.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared some behind the scenes photos of a promo video I was a part of.  That was hers.


We had a blast at Rosichelli Design Prop Rental, pulling from their vast assortment of decor goodness for our set.  And a fabulous video was shot and is now debuted on Hip Travel Mama’s new page.  http://www.hiptravelmama.com/   If you like hip and want to travel, you need to check it out.  No need to be a mama.

photo copy

So, besides Hip Travel Mama’s debut, the other exciting news is that Pink Pagoda Style is now officially a part of the Hip Travel Mama Team.


Not only am I the gal fussing with the clothes, but I will also have a weekly (Thursday) blog post under the Life + Style Tab on the Hip Travel Mama website.  Wahoo!


Today, Hip Travel Mama will be doing a segment on Q13Fox News about packing for your weekend getaway.  Watch her at 4:45pm as well as check out my tips for packing on her website at: http://www.hiptravelmama.com/life-style/last-minute-weekend-getaway-packingtips/

Photos by Ryan Cory.

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