Audra Gaines-Mulkern

1ee102dWhether helping me to design a look and feel for an event or helping me design a wardrobe that works for my busy life. Kim Brooks has an innate ability to create innovative and beautiful solutions.

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Women’s Conference – Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle, WA. 7.19.12

Kim  did a Women’s Conference for us and added a “fun” element to our professional agenda.  She customized our session to our specific group and developed terrific, creative solutions for how to dress for different business situations.  Her ideas were innovative – things we didn’t think of putting together or combining and the session was a hit.

L.Walters  – Consulting Group Regional Director
Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney
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Jill D. – Duvall, WA.

I had been a loyal watcher of a certain TV show and was wondering if I could ever get a closet redo without the humiliation of national coverage and without throwing away my entire wardrobe.  I had lost some weight but was stuck in a rut.  Pink Pagoda to the rescue!  Kim was a joy to work with and made me feel totally at ease.  She found things in my closet that I had forgotten I owned.  Kim showed me how things could be combined in different ways that I had never though of.  We took pictures of the outfits that she put together to reference in the future.  Four hours later, I knew what was in my closet!  I knew that whatever I picked would fit me, would be comfortable, and would be up to date!  After the consultation, Kim emailed me with suggestions for wardrobe pieces to round out what I currently own.  I am now looking forward to putting together new outfits and getting compliments everywhere I go.

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