And the winner is………plus gift tips for you.



Our drawing was held at 12pm today and the winners are:

Morgann Crook


Lisa Schilling.

Thanks to everyone who entered and to Chrysmela Catch for giving us these fabulous gifts.


Still have some last minute shopping to do?

Be sure to check our our “Current Faves” page for some suggestions.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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Wintery White….

I’m going a little decor on you today.

It’s being a little quiet from this side, a little under the weather action has me grounded at home, and has me thinking redecoration.


To say I have color in my home may be an understatement to some.

Burnt oranges, deep mossy greens, some pale yellows (as the calm!) mixed with dark bamboo floors and stainless steel counters. But the palettes that have been drawing me in lately, are much more calm.


Winter whites, pale grays and wood tones.  And texture galore.


Warm and cozy but not without whimsy.


I have to have room for eclectic to keep my creative soul happy.


I guess sometimes one needs to sit still in their surroundings to figure out what’s working.

Oversized moss green couch anyone, I think I’m going gray….

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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The night before Thanksgiving last year, my family and I were prepping our home for a large gathering of good friends and family, which has been our annual tradition.


This year, after a beyond busy  last few weeks (or more), although missing the tradition, am pleased to be a guest this year instead.  A small, family gathering of great food and cheer and of course, the Seahawks game will be perfect.


Not only am I thankful for my nearest and dearest friends and family, all of our health + well being but also for you.


Kim Brooks Style just turned 5 years this week and I couldn’t be happier.  I have had the good fortune to meet, work with, and become friends with so many fabulous and talented people.    When I started this little ole thing (originally Pink Pagoda Style), I would have had no idea where it was to take me.


For this, I feel blessed.  Thank you.


Whatever the day finds you doing, a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all!

xo K.

Photos taken from Instagram.

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Sunday to Sunday……

Well, I just came off a wild week!!!  Fabulous, tiring, and oh so busy.


Let’s start with last Sunday and my Sporty Shoot with Photog Felix, MUA Jaaron, and Model Camille.


Next up for Tuesday, I got to work with some new to me folks.

Model Erin, photographer Tereza and East Coast MUA, Veronica.


Wednesday was officially crazy.  Running around town doing pulls for the next 2 shoots.

Thank you Banana Republic Bellevue for being so kind!


Thank Goodness for friends who have an “AKA Martha Stewart” after their name.

Audra was able to join me on a commercial set Friday to style our wonder bird.


Didn’t she do a fabulous job?!?!


A behind the scenes shot from the same day.  Half the team was new to me, and it was a true pleasure to work with these talented folks.

Models Billy and Kristin, MUA Katya, Photographer Emin and Creative Director Bruce.


The next morning we were up and at ’em again, this time, same team but different models and different locale.

Meet Rattlesnake Lake.  And yes, it was cold.  And wet.  And windy.

And finally the last shoot of the week. A holiday theme, a perfect way to end my week.


And there were shoes.  I’ve mentioned I really like shoes, right?


A little sneak of what we were up to.  Tree styling, fashion styling and some fab makeup and photography by Shyn.


Finally some back door returns.

What a whirlwind.  What have you been up to?

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Feeling like gold….

For one reason or another, I get in color moods.

I can’t really tell you why or where they come from but the current color scheme in my brain is white and gold.  Despite the chilly temps, don’t be surprised to see me dawning my white denim sometime soon on  Fashion Daily Instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.15.56 PM





What are your current colors?

Photo Credits:


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Happy Halloween……

Because I play with clothing and accessories for a living, people always assume I would love Halloween and dressing up.

No, not the case.


When growing up, I always just threw costumes together at the last minute,  with whatever I could find around the house.

Black cat and gypsy were at the top of my lists

(funny, as I feel I have a bit of both, in my inner most self).

To me, trick or treating was about being with your friends and candy.  Most definitely candy.


I am terrified of Jason and other assorted Halloween type movies, although I am a night owl, the darkness can scare me and whenever staying somewhere alone, I always check under the bed before turning out the light.

Yes, I am an official chicken sh*t.


For all of you that love this night, I hope you have a fabulous time.  Send me your costume pictures, I love to see other people’s creativity.

Me, I’ll be with my bucket of candy.

Handing it out of course…..

Images from: here and here.

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Summer Sunshine…..

Holy smokes, it is hot!

Loving every minute of the warmth and will store it away in the memory bank for November when it is cold and gray.


This is Nick B from a recent shoot with him and Mcklyn Cole and today reminds me of a warmer version of that one.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

Found this light that I may want to add to my space.

The days seem to be flying by with work and play, I haven’t even had a chance to get back into my studio  to further  set up.  Hopefully I will have that completed sooner than later so I can share.


This week I am working on a couple of test shoots, an editorial and clothing some groomsmen for a wedding.  Always love a variety pack week.

Hope you all are able to balance the work and play and enjoy this gorgeous Northwest weather!


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Monday Morning Madness…..

Glad for a little cloud cover this morning as I prep for an Editorial shoot.


80% of a stylists work on a shoot, happens before the actual shoot.  Finding the wardrobe, putting the looks together, prepping the individual pieces.  A lot of behind the behind the scenes.  The actual on set work is usually easy peasy.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

Recent publish in HUF Magazine.

The heat was an unusual treat the last couple of days.  I had moving (into my new studio) to do, so a romper was my wardrobe of choice.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

The Wilfred Free Izabel Romper from Aritzia.

Paired with an old standby.


I might have actually thought about Birkenstocks this weekend.  WHAT?


While, I’m doing a slow move into my new space, I have started with the essentials.

A favorite quote art piece and a new Japanese vase I picked up in an art store in Oregon.


And of course these.  These make me happy.


What’s happening in your world?

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Well, hello you!

I’m so excited!  I’ve picked up my keys to my new space and as you are reading this, I may just be starting to move in.



A place for me to create, collaborate, store and meet.  Hopefully I will have it in tip top shape soon, so you can come see me.

Well, if this darn website didn’t test my patience.  I finally have the STYLING photos switched over to their new format and I almost have them all up.  Staying up until the wee hours to get them done.  Be sure to check out the new styling section above and all its new tabs, everything will be complete in the next 2 days.


While working with a new client this past weekend, I was asking her about jewelry and what if any, she incorporates into her wardrobe.  She pulled out a set of three gold chains that she has named her “Mr. T Starter Set”.  I love it!  Don’t forget to keep using your jewelry over the summer months, an easy way to add an extra pop or take that t-shirt to the next level.

Alexandre Plokhov Cuff

Alexandre Plokhov Cuff

Finally, I hate that I have to keep so many secrets from you.  Photo shoots that I love that are just waiting to be published, client work that has to be hush hush and upcoming projects I am so excited to be involved with.   Hang in there with me while I am quiet on the Western Front and know that I will share as soon as I can.  And Instagram.  That is a good place to see what I’ve been up to.  See me there.  I mean here.

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 1.14.49 AM

Have a fabulous day!


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Weekend Update….

Hello!  Hope you are all doing well.

A young lady I know was graduating middle school this weekend so all things have been geared toward that.  In searching out a dress or two for the various events surrounding said graduation, we had great luck in finding lots of options at Aritzia.

Wilfred Bressan Dress $99

Teen perfect. Wilfred Bressan Dress $99.

Another option.  Talula Lipinkski Dress.  7 color options.  $65.

Another option. Talula Lipinkski Dress. 7 color options. $65.

Babaton Basics that I would add to my wardrobe.

Babaton Basics that I would add to my wardrobe.

I grew up with this store in Vancouver, BC, first as Hills of Kerrisdale and then eventually their current world of Aritzia.  Although I enjoy shopping there for me, they have plenty of age appropriate options for the teen set and everything in between.


On another note, I have secured a work studio/office space in Seattle starting July 1st so super excited about that.  A space for meeting with clients as well as collaborative projects with my fellow creatives.  My head is thinking about the decor and set up, I will be keeping it fresh and bright.  These are some pinterests that inspire the look.



I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on my official office opening.

What are you up to this weekend?  Hopefully enjoying the sunshine.

Off to a BBQ, enjoy your evening!

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