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A natural eye, a skill for curation, and a love of fashion allows Kim to assist you in finding your unique style.  Fashion is personal, less is more, and it doesn’t always come naturally.  Let Kim Brooks • Style assist you.

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Kim Brooks • Style clients are men and women who are starting anew, updating their look, or assembling the perfect event ensemble.  Whether moving out of mommy-hood, refreshing your work wear , or in need of a wardrobe makeover, Kim Brooks • Style is here to help.  Together we will define your personal style and allow you to shine.

•Lights • Camera • Pose •

Kim Brooks • Style is available for freelance editorial, commercial and live show projects.  Contact with requests.



  Below is a sampling of work credits and collaborators:

•Commercial Clients•

Samsung USA

Colette Sol Shoes (USA)

Abeja Design


•Published In•

425 Magazine

Atlas Magazine

Bellevue Reporter

En Vie Magazine

FaceON Magazine

Hacid Magazine

HUF Magazine

Huffington Post

JNSQ Magazine

Remark Magazine

Superior Magazine


Laine Bowen

Mcklyn Cole

Jason Deetz

Mike Diep

Davis Freeman

Stephan Gray

Tim Harmon

Felix Hidajat

Tereza Janakova

Emin Kadi

Julin Lee – The W Portraiture

Roy Lin

Shyn Midili

Vickie Miao

Todd Perkins

Connor Surdi