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Au Revoir 2014. It’s been real.


Is it strange to be thankful for so many good things in a calendar year, but also so anxious for this year to be done?  So much, how I am feeling.


Late this fall, I hit my 5 year mark with Pink Pagoda Style now Kim Brooks Style.

So many experiences and projects through those, that I never would have imagined.


The people I’ve met and the teams I have become a part of, so very grateful.

The art created, WOW.  Working with people through their growth, amazing.


Not just creative growth though, so much personally.

New goals, new visions, and some serious streamlining on all.


I am happy for all that happened in 2014 but am truly looking forward to putting all that I have learned into action for 2015.

India 2105 FIN V1

Wishing you the best for a fun New Years Eve but also for an amazing year in 2015.

xo K

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* Merry * Happy * Joy *


Tonight is the night my family starts our celebrations of the season.

 Gatherings  and many long standing traditions.  Too tall kids, donning their new holiday jammies,  gathering around their Papa for the annual reading of  “Twas the Night before Christmas…” , an amazing meal after a candlelit service, cookies and milk for Santa, + the list goes on…

Whichever holiday you celebrate and the traditions that surround that, I wish you the very best this Holiday Season.

Merry.  Happy .  Joy


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And the winner is………plus gift tips for you.



Our drawing was held at 12pm today and the winners are:

Morgann Crook


Lisa Schilling.

Thanks to everyone who entered and to Chrysmela Catch for giving us these fabulous gifts.


Still have some last minute shopping to do?

Be sure to check our our “Current Faves” page for some suggestions.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, we are currently doing a giveaway for not one, but two pairs of Chrysmela Catch.  See the last post below for details on them, but basically they are a must have for anyone who wears pierced earrings with a post.   There will be a random drawing for one gold pair and one platinum pair and they will be sent out to the two winners this Friday evening.  Drawing is Friday at 12pm PST.  So head on over to and look for the post with this picture.  You can enter there.


If you are not a Facebook user, send us a quick email with your favorite holiday style (decor or fashion) and your choice of gold or platinum to and you will be entered.

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Are jewels on your list this holiday?


Over a year ago, I introduced you all to a product that was a little wonder behind your big jewels.

Here is the original post:


If this is the year where you’ve got some post back sparklers on your list, make sure you add an order of Chrysmela Catch to go along with them.  Kind of like a super affordable insurance policy to protect those babies.

Since the last time we chatted about these wonder backings, a lot has updated in their world.

In November of this year, they were featured in People Magazine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.26.04 PM

They are now available in Platinum, 23K Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold for $50/pair.  You can find them at or

In fact, Joyus put together this great little video to show you the CC’s in action.  Check it out here.

And finally, the exact patented mechanism made with surgical steel (no gold) can be purchased for $44 here.

Whether you are breaking out the fancies for the holiday parties or you receive a pair in a pretty little box this season, be sure to add a pair of Chrysmela Catch to the mix.

Image Credits: 1|2

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Wintery White….

I’m going a little decor on you today.

It’s being a little quiet from this side, a little under the weather action has me grounded at home, and has me thinking redecoration.


To say I have color in my home may be an understatement to some.

Burnt oranges, deep mossy greens, some pale yellows (as the calm!) mixed with dark bamboo floors and stainless steel counters. But the palettes that have been drawing me in lately, are much more calm.


Winter whites, pale grays and wood tones.  And texture galore.


Warm and cozy but not without whimsy.


I have to have room for eclectic to keep my creative soul happy.


I guess sometimes one needs to sit still in their surroundings to figure out what’s working.

Oversized moss green couch anyone, I think I’m going gray….

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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