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The night before Thanksgiving last year, my family and I were prepping our home for a large gathering of good friends and family, which has been our annual tradition.


This year, after a beyond busy  last few weeks (or more), although missing the tradition, am pleased to be a guest this year instead.  A small, family gathering of great food and cheer and of course, the Seahawks game will be perfect.


Not only am I thankful for my nearest and dearest friends and family, all of our health + well being but also for you.


Kim Brooks Style just turned 5 years this week and I couldn’t be happier.  I have had the good fortune to meet, work with, and become friends with so many fabulous and talented people.    When I started this little ole thing (originally Pink Pagoda Style), I would have had no idea where it was to take me.


For this, I feel blessed.  Thank you.


Whatever the day finds you doing, a wonderful Thanksgiving to you all!

xo K.

Photos taken from Instagram.

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Sunday to Sunday……

Well, I just came off a wild week!!!  Fabulous, tiring, and oh so busy.


Let’s start with last Sunday and my Sporty Shoot with Photog Felix, MUA Jaaron, and Model Camille.


Next up for Tuesday, I got to work with some new to me folks.

Model Erin, photographer Tereza and East Coast MUA, Veronica.


Wednesday was officially crazy.  Running around town doing pulls for the next 2 shoots.

Thank you Banana Republic Bellevue for being so kind!


Thank Goodness for friends who have an “AKA Martha Stewart” after their name.

Audra was able to join me on a commercial set Friday to style our wonder bird.


Didn’t she do a fabulous job?!?!


A behind the scenes shot from the same day.  Half the team was new to me, and it was a true pleasure to work with these talented folks.

Models Billy and Kristin, MUA Katya, Photographer Emin and Creative Director Bruce.


The next morning we were up and at ’em again, this time, same team but different models and different locale.

Meet Rattlesnake Lake.  And yes, it was cold.  And wet.  And windy.

And finally the last shoot of the week. A holiday theme, a perfect way to end my week.


And there were shoes.  I’ve mentioned I really like shoes, right?


A little sneak of what we were up to.  Tree styling, fashion styling and some fab makeup and photography by Shyn.


Finally some back door returns.

What a whirlwind.  What have you been up to?

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Faking it…..

Sometimes you just have to.

Monday mornings are never my friend to begin with but the day after a full day photo shoot, I am, officially, a slug.


Unless there is a door to door service taking me to a warm beach in the tropics, I usually feel that the perfect day would involve a heated blanket, some fleece jammies, and someone cooking my favorite comfort foods.  Throw in a book, some magazines and perhaps some mindless tv and I am set.

Hello!!!  Reality called.  Not happening.

We all have those days.  But instead of trudging out in the world with your Lulu’s and Uggs (yes, that topic again!), we can fake it.


This is today’s outfit that I’m taking from my Fashion Daily on Instagram, to show you how it’s done.


If you were to bump into me, I think you’d probably think that I am put together and I wouldn’t be worrying about looking like a slob.


But I’d have you fooled.  Underneath my coat, is a tee, a hoodie and some leggings.  I have my comfort, you have the visual, I need you to see.  All it takes is one great piece.

Very similar to my Vince coat.  And some others worth looking into:
With that statement jacket, add some cute  (comfortable) boots, a scarf and some lip color and you are good to go.
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Feeling like gold….

For one reason or another, I get in color moods.

I can’t really tell you why or where they come from but the current color scheme in my brain is white and gold.  Despite the chilly temps, don’t be surprised to see me dawning my white denim sometime soon on  Fashion Daily Instagram.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.15.56 PM





What are your current colors?

Photo Credits:


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Editorial Photo Shoot – The Break Down…..

As part of my new once a week blog plan, photo shoots get once a month coverage.  This week I thought I’d share the breakdown of a recent one.

The behind the scenes, behind the scenes, if you will.


Day 1.  Test shoot.  The team meets up, along with the model to test looks, makeup ideas, and poses.

Everyone does everything, photographer on hair, stylist on lighting….


A chance to play with outfits and have some fun.  When the real shoot happens, we are on a strict schedule , test is the time to play and adjust.


Although just a test, some beautiful photographs can result.


Day of the Editorial Shoot.  We have all plotted our looks with hair, makeup, wardrobe and poses on Pinterest.

Private boards are the best for secret team planning.  We can reference them throughout the shoot.


Quarters can be cramped, outlets can be scarce.

While the beauty team works their magic, the photographer and stylist go through the wardrobe and finalize the looks for the day and have the head to toe looks ready to roll in order of shots.



Beauty dept. has the look down.   Isn’t she pretty??


Time to head out from the studio and get some location pictures.


On location, constant adjustments happen, from hairspray to pins, to a lip retouch.  The team is a walking drug store, along with lights and cameras.

Hey, can someone go add some money to the parking meter???


Being a visual lot, there will be some side pics……


The team maximizes our time by grouping our looks together that use the same makeup and only minor hair adjustments.  There will be changing in the car or any dark corner where the model can hide.  Superman wasn’t the only one who could use a phone booth right about now…


After 3-4 looks, back to the studio to switch up the beauty for the last 3 looks.  Then a return to the streets to finish the day before the sun sets.


After 8 hours (on this shoot) and lots of grab and go snacks, it’s a wrap.  Some fabulous photos emerged from this shoot and are already off in the submission world to be published.  Watch for them in the coming months when you can see the results of this day.

Thanks for coming along on this shoot and seeing what goes on during a day in the life…..

Team shown: Julin, Cris, Jaaron, and Ashley.

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