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Tuesday Tip – 5.27.14 Packing those bags

Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend.  Time for reflection, thankfulness, family and friends.


Three weeks ago, I was discovering the streets of London and had promised a little packing knowledge for your upcoming trips.

Between my packing and recently assisting a client with her luggage contents for an upcoming trip, here they are!


1) Plot your plan.

Where are you going?  What are you doing?  Weather?  Beach or misty London?

I knew I would be 7 days in London.  3 days of tourist sight seeing. 3 play days.  2 formal dinners.  And of course 2 days of travel.

So, 2 dresses, 2 cotton pants, 1 leather pant, 6 layering tops, and 3 jacket/coats.   Other than the formal dresses, everything could be mixed and matched, even the dressier coat meant to be a topper on my formal nights, was the perfect coat/blanket for the cool air airplane ride.


2) Shoes.

Once I had the clothing for my trip picked and hanging on my rolling rack, I went through each and determined which shoes I needed.

2 dressy for my formal looks, 3 walking shoes (1 slip on runner, the other two, day to day comfortable ones).  The last pair of pony hair pumps got added in at the last minute.  A no no.  I didn’t need them and they went unworn.


3) Little Extra’s.

This does include pj’s and undergarments but has a few more components.

I like to try each outfit on ahead of time (especially new or rarely worn pieces) to make sure everything is ready to go.  Clean, not missing a button, fitting as expected and to chose what I need to go with it.  With this dress, I had to pack a slip (it’s sheer), some invisible tape (it has a plunging neckline not suitable for the given dinner) and the jewelry I wanted to pair with it.   I don’t overdo the jewels, but just the pieces I know I will want/need to finish my look.


4) Dress like yourself.

Unless you are going on a high mountain hike with polar fleece everything or an amazon jungle trek where everything needs to be vented and waterproof, dress like you normally would.  If you are going to be in the city, dress like you are going to the city in your town.  Would you wear hiking boots and a crinkly track suit to the SAM and out for lunch in downtown Seattle?  So, why would you do the same in a different city?


5) Save some room.

One trick I do to prevent overpacking, is to actually pack my suitcase in a room other than where I keep my clothes.  This way I thoughtfully go into my wardrobe with specifics in mind.  If my suitcase was on my closet floor, I might just throw some extra’s in “just in case”.  Having to walk my items to another room, for some reason, does the trick for me.  If you cram your suitcase full, there might not be room for any goodies you may find on your trip.  That wouldn’t be good.

Do these tips resonate with you?  Do you have any other tried and true tips for packing?  Share away!

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Gurrrlll , where have you been???

Thank goodness I am a stylist and not a pro blogger!

Work, travel and life have just taken over the last few weeks and my apologies for the radio silence.


Despite the quiet,a lot has been going on.

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 12.49.05 PM

Instead of the standard Fashion Friday, I have been back to posting a daily look on Instagram called Fashion Daily.  A quick look at my outfit for a given day and itemized with brand details.  Not to say Friday Fashion won’t happen but this is a for sure.  Check it out here.





Photo Shoots. This one is of Kendal (unedited), a new model with SMG.  Doesn’t she look like blast from the past,  super model Claudia Schiffer?


Last but not least, a new project I am part of called Inner|Style.   Paired with a Stylist, a Makeup Artist and Photographer Davis Freeman, clients are taken through a full service experience that includes the stylist putting together outfits from your own wardrobe, a beauty session with the MUA and a fun photo session with Davis and team.


My launch client, G, and I having a blast on set.  Dancing anyone?

**Being that I am a behind the scenes gal and was not made up or posing, don’t be judging!!**

GemmaIS-161-Edit-3-EditG’s final product.  A gorgeous photo and a handwritten note about her Inner Style.  Isn’t it fabulous!!!

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.21.03 PM

To watch a behind the scenes video of the Inner Style process and see my styling in action, check out the video here.

If you’d like to get more details about Inner|Style, call or message me anytime.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend.  Have fun and stay safe!


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Monday’s Man – 5.12.14: Size (Inches) Do Matter

Did I get your attention?


Excellent.  In this case, I am suggesting less is better.


If ever I had wished my eyes could take pictures, this trip to London would have been for sure.  Only getting three pics of males in action, they really don’t give you the full glimpse into London Style.  From college students (drinking a Saturday brew) to the middle aged bankers in the financial district to the retired older set.


Less fabric was and is more.  Not a wide cut pant, loose shirt, or oversized jacket to be found.  On locals that is.  Although we fashion folk have been talking about it for quite a few years, many North Americans, have just stayed wide and pleated.  It is time to let that go.

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 4.43.03 PM

Sateen Photographers Suit

Available in all price points, colors and patterns.


Townsend Trim Fit Wool Suit

Narrower is just better.  There wasn’t an oversized “free from work” tee-shirt to be seen and truth be told, the men all looked good.  Put together.  Polished.

You don’t wear a suit (ever) you say?  Guess what?  The slim thing works for shirts, for sweaters, for jackets and jeans.


Embroidered Rugby Shirt


Sun Faded Chino in Urban Slim


Stanton Short in Pinstripe

We love our American men, it’s just time to take it in a few inches.  While Zara is cut for the more lanky set, places like Nordstrom, J.Crew, Banana Republic and Express cater their narrower cuts to a wider range of sizes.

Will you give it a try?

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Wednesday Woman – 5.7.14

This week’s lady’s name is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, especially after she totally took  just about every red carpet this past awards season.


31-year-old Mexican-Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o is a showstopper in more ways than just one – she is an Oscar award-winning actress, a stunning beauty, and a fashion knockout.


Lupita makes waves every red-carpet she walks, her most notable looks include the very recognizable red Ralph Lauren cape dress (*swoon*) and the gorgeous Gucci turquoise neck-piece number from the SAG awards.


Turns out, this lady has casual style, too. Whether it be on or off the red carpet, Lupita never blends in.


She regularly chooses bold colors, prints and accents, and she definitely does it right. Take inspiration from Lupita’s style details – accentuate your usual ensemble with a cool wool cape, or an intricate statement necklace that covers your entire chest.


Try a tea-length gown as an on-trend alternative to knee or floor length, paired with a fun printed button down with a peter pan collar.


For a casual look, update your jeans and t-shirt uniform with a bright colored blazer or handbag.

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o says bye to la la land

Take a look at the board below for some fun items!

Lupita Nyong'o

Get the Look with Similar (less $$$) options:

Floral Clutch  Skirt| Orange Purse| Golden Headband| Royal Blue Heels| Yellow Statement Necklace|Black Capelet

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7

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Monday Man – 5.5.14

This Monday’s man is 33 year old singer-songwriter-actor, Justin Timberlake.


JT has always had a unique sense of style, but he has definitely come a long ways since his N*Sync days of acid wash denim, ribbed turtle necks and frosted tips. Nowadays, JT is more about the effortlessly sexy, put together type thing.


Whether he is on the red carpet or running errands with wife Jessica Biel, Justin’s looks are always perfectly stylish. On the red carpet, he regularly favors a less traditional tux, incorporating fun elements like olive colored slacks, bold check prints and the occasional leather lapel.


When he does choose to rock the traditional tux, however, he does it perfectly as well.


Off duty, JT embodies a softened version of rocker-cool. He mixes classic pieces like black jeans and band tees with more modern things, like a marled beanie, color blocked sweaters and suede sneakers.


To get some Justin into your closet, look for a button down with a modern twist, like one with a bold pattern and a contrasting collar and cuff. On the bottom, change up classic denim with an olive or khaki pant, or go even more fashion forward with coated denim.


Take a look at the board below for some cool pieces.

Justin Timberlake

Get the Look:

Similar Combat Boot | Similar Cardigan | Coated Denim |Similar Two toned Shirt | Hi-Top Trainer

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6

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Giving Back in the World of Fashion. And beyond….

My community lost a beloved member this week and if you were to look her up in the dictionary, besides loyal, kind, mother, friend, the word giver would be in bold.  So today’s post is dedicated to her.  We love you VY.

I had the privilege of attending the last night of EcoFashionWeek in Vancouver, BC on Tuesday night.  The event was at the fabulous Holt Renfrew and featured the designer Treana Peake of Obakki.


I met Treana a couple of years back as she is good friends with my life long friend Lesley.  So, not only have I learned about Treana’s work from a fashion standpoint but also as a behind the scenes friend version and all the good that Treana and her foundation do.


Event attendees persuing the Holt Refrew Shoe Dept. Amazing!

Holt Renfrew brought in Obakki, not because her clothes are made of hemp or recycled materials but because of the global work she does.  The night of the event, Holt Renfrew generously donated 10% of all store sales to the Obakki Foundation.


So the fashion for Obakki are well designed pieces, made for a gal with curves by a gal with curves.  Boobs and hips unite!!!

And the proceeds from the fashion pay for 100% of the admin costs of the Obakki foundation.


Spring 2014 Obakki Fashion

And what does the Obakki Foundation do, you ask?


Obakki is giving the people of Africa, water.  Plain and simple.  People who are walking for an hour or more each way to get fresh water are being given their own wells, their own fresh water because of this foundation and its work.  Over the last three years, the foundation has been able to drill and provide 500 wells to the Africans.  And to them, water is everything.


You know this Fall 2014 was my personal favorite!

So, a very good thing.  The fashion pays all of the admin so any donations go directly to the cause.  Some amazing work being done.

Watch some of the fashion show video here.

To shop Obakki, head here.

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