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Monday’s Man – 3.31.14

Happy last day of March to you all!  It’s one of my very besties birthday so I will do a shout out to her here.


She’ll love me for that.  But I am giving her a handsome man to enjoy as well.  But I do wonder why it has taken us this long to post today’s gentleman???

George Clooney.


This week’s man, 52-year-old actor George Clooney, is known for being the quintessential Hollywood heartbreaker. Although George remains unsettled despite his share of romantic endeavors, he shows that he does not need a woman’s help to be well-dressed.


On the red carpet, George makes the best out of a classic tux, with inconspicuous embellishment, like a satin lapel or patterned bow-tie.


Off-duty, George is the classic California cool guy. He is often spotted in linen shorts and airy button downs.


He also embodies a tough-guy edge with his motorcycle ensembles, including slouchy tees, faded denim and motorcycle boots. George’s style is not about big trends or extra bells and whistles, but instead about an easy, cool and classic look.


Try a monochromatic tux with satin accents for a formal look, or navy Bermuda shorts with a striped button down on your next sunny vacation. Look below for some George-inspired pieces.

George Clooney

Shop the look:

Jeans | Hoodie | Tuxedo | Scarf |  Moto Boot | Short

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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Friday Fashion – 3.28.14

What a fabulous week!  Despite the drizzle, I’m smiling today.

 Met some fabulous new clients, got to work on an all together new experience, and my trainer continued to kick my ass.  And I now have 24 hours of somewhat chill before the hectic starts back up again.


Today, was important for me to be my professional self but also comfortable as it was leg day at the gym and let’s be honest, I hurt.  My faux leather pants feel like sweats and paired with a blouse that is cut like a sweatshirt, perfect.  Isn’t this how I actually dress a majority of the time?


And a serious mix of high/low.


Have a great weekend, do something fun and try to stay dry!

Talk with you next week.


Get this look: 

Earrings | Top | Pants | Watch | Similar Ring (mine is vintage) | Shoes

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Wednesday Woman – 3.26.14

This week’s stylish lady is 44-year-old Academy Award winning actress, Cate Blanchett.


The Australian actress has not only maintained a 17 year marriage and is a mother to three kids under the age of 15, but she is also so effortlessly chic literally all the time.


On the red carpet, Cate is regularly adorned in ultra-feminine pieces. She wears soft, classic colors (nude, black and white), and the pieces often feature some sort of embellishment or intricate detail.


On her downtime, Cate showcases a more relaxed, menswear-inspired wardrobe, including slouchy trousers and button downs layered under a fitted blazer, lots of practical cross-body bags and easy shoes, like smoking slippers and brogues.


Cate demonstrates an excellent range of personal style, showing that style is not necessarily something that needs to be pinpointed. To embody Cate, look for pieces with soft feminine touches or patterns, like a floral sundress, or delve into the world of menswear with cropped trousers and a silky collared shirt.


All in all, be dynamic and wear what you love! Take a look below for some Cate inspired pieces:

Cate Blanchett

Shop the look:

Moto Jacket | Similar Floral Dress | Similar Feathered Skirt | Similar Floral Printed Skirt | Pink Moto Jean

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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Tuesday Tip – 3.25.14

Kim, over the years I’ve corrupted my poor child into a full blown label whore; reminding her there is no shame in wanting to be stylish at a price point her future older, likely retired husband should keep her accustomed to. We even have our own special look we give each other when we witness someone mispronounce a designer’s name or glare at her red-bottom shoes that scream “you can’t afford me!”

Admittedly I find myself in predicaments where I wonder when is enough…well too much? I’m styling her for a wedding this summer and found the perfect D&G dress for her to wear. Immediately I start pulling accessories to pair with the dress. Hermes clutch, Givenchy pumps and a Chanel bracelet. The problem with being a label hoarder is that you find yourself questioning style on different level than others; like is label layering okay? Yes your overall look is amazing but now you have this mismatch of designers smattered across your body like a Jackson Pollock painting. What is your thoughts on label layering and when is it overwhelming to a look?


Perfectly timed video from I-D Magazine.

I love this question.  I had to post the entire thing for sheer entertainment purpose.

Thanks N. for the great question AND fun blog content!


First off, let’s just say that your designer thing is going to narrow your daughters prospective partner pool by, oh, let’s say 97%!!!  We all love the designers and the goodness that they produce but one does not need to revel in that at 100%.  Back to that in a bit.


The thought of doubling up on designers bothers me less than, head to toe in just one.  As always there are exceptions to every rule (ie: a Chanel look) but if one wears a complete outfit, accessories included, of one designer, one is now dawning the designers personal style.  Not their own.  There is no creativity in that.

My exception.  Head to toe Chanel.

My exception. Head to toe Chanel.

And head to toe anyone, seems like a lot of money spent on what could be sourced for so much less. (Again, minus the outfit above).


Head to Toe Gucci.  Pieces could be from Ann Taylor, Zara, Macy's...

Head to Toe Gucci. Pieces could be from Ann Taylor, Zara, Macy’s…

An ex Michael Kors employee in a copycat outfit 100% sourced from Zara.

An ex Michael Kors employee in a copycat outfit 100% sourced from Zara.

At least mixing up the designers, there has been thought put into the look.  With this collabrative look , you will want no more than one “label” to show.   As in monogram or red based shoes.   Anything above that, looks like one is trying to hard.  Let the cut of the jacket or the fabric of the dress speak for itself.

Mixed Designer Look.

Mixed Designer Look.

The above look is from three designers (not including shoes) and the retail is $2155.

 Why not buy the designer shoes that you can wear with lots and then go less on the pants (TopShop), sweater (J.Crew), and shirt (Brooks Brothers)?

Gisele in H+M clothes.

Gisele in H+M clothes.

Now, to go back to my first statement about your daughters eligible dating pool, why only designer?  Learning to pick out some fabulous investment pieces and pairing them with lesser known names (or God forbid, private label!!!!) is a skill in itself.  Finding the goodness at all price points is a worthy talent that could come in handy, if let’s say that her dear husband, J. Howard Marshall, passes away of old age and his family sues your dear daughter for the entire estate.  Being able the pair that Target tee with the Chanel jacket, with the Gap jeans and Aldo shoes will keep her styling even without the big budget.  Spend the big bucks on the more traditional pieces, ones that are timeless and she can get ton’s of use out of them.  Whether coats, purses, shoes, some amazing cashmere or leather.  Then learn to shop at lower price points for the trendy and for the items that take the wear.


With all that saved doe ray mee, your girl can spend her dollars elsewhere.

You can thank me now.

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Monday’s Man – 3.24.14

This week’s man is 36-year-old actor, Ashton Kutcher, who just revealed last night he expecting his first child with fiancé Mila Kunis.


Although he was known for his kooky ensembles at the start of his career, he has since evolved a cooler, laid-back style.


He is often spotted wearing basic jeans, white-tee and flannel, all perfectly slouchy and relaxed. Ashton often embraces his spontaneous nature with unexpected additions to his looks – a fun colored sock, a leather accent, or a subtle print.

MTV Punk'd star Ashton Kutcher films scenes for his latest movie "Spread"

On the red carpet, he ditches the oversized coolness for a more appropriately fitted tux, demonstrating his dynamic style.


To add a little Ashton into your wardrobe, go for his easy-going sporty look with a flannel layered under a leather-accented baseball jacket, paired with jeans and a slouchy beanie. Have fun with a formal look by adding a patterned sock or a bright colored tie (or bowtie)!


See the board below for some effortless pieces:

Ashton Kutcher
Get the Look:
Photo Credits:
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Friday Fashion – 3.21.14

The sun is shining and I am so glad that Spring is here.

Screen shot 2014-03-21 at 2.15.37 PM

Renewal.  Need it.  Love it.


I took in a pile of clothes to consignment this morning, and have piles for other donations waiting to go.


Are you done with your winter clothes?  I am.


Layering your spring layers is a way to bring in the new pieces right now, while the weather still has some chill.


I hope all of you get a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  Have a good one.

Get the look:

Sunnies | Sparkle Tee |Similar Blouse | Similar Belt (vintage) | Similar Jeans | Similar Shoes | Watch | Bracelet | Similar Ring

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Wednesday’s Woman – 3.19.14

This week’s lady is the (can’t believe it) 56-year-old Ellen DeGeneres.


Talk show host and comedienne extraordinaire, Ellen is undoubtedly the queen of menswear inspired looks.


Something about Ellen, that I think is a thing we all want. True, personal style.  When we look at Ellen and what she is wearing, paired with her easy smile and laid back confidence, we just see her.  Not the various designers and what not that she is wearing.  Just Ellen.  And that is awesome.


Ellen regularly showcases a blazer and pant combo on her talk show, making sure the fit is spot-on and styling it up with fun footwear.   On days off, she features boyfriend jeans and slouchy tops, paired with very-on trend sneakers.

People Ellen DeGeneres

To try out some Ellen-inspired looks, throw a fitted blazer over a t-shirt for a menswear twist, or pair some cuffed jeans with a patterned oxford. And don’t forget to feel comfortable, effortless and cool!


To keep with Ellen’s style but add just a little more feminine touch, pair these same things with a skirt or just add a pair of heels.  Make it your own.


Check out some of Ellen’s key pieces below:

Ellen DeGeneres
Get the look:
Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6
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Tuesday Tip – 3.18.14

Well this day got away from me!

First out, a word for the KOMO Family and all those affected by today’s helicopter accident.

Very sad.  Just a reminder to live life the fullest, one just never knows how the day will play out.

Joie Cropped Stretch Skinny Jean. Mid-rise. Good sized pocket.

As you know, I have already been wearing my white jeans since probably February.

 For those who are a little more traditional, you might just be pulling yours out now.

Or at least thinking about a pair.

Eileen Fisher Skinny Ankle Jeans. Low Rise. Pocket a little smaller.

A client and I were on a mission for her today, for a new pair.  She wanted “trim” but not “cigarette leg”, ankle length, no embellishment or zippers, and a plain pocket.

Vince Dylan Stretch Skinny Jean. Medium rise waistband. Perfect sized pocket.

No problem, done and done.

Being that white denim can really can be a staple in ones wardrobe, we planned on buying a good pair, right around $200.

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Ankle Jeans. Low rise. Tone on tone stitched pocket.

Softer fabric vs. stiff denim was also a criteria.

We wanted them to be comfortable, less heavy for the warm weather.

And a little stretch to boot.

Lafayette 148 New York Curvy Fit Crop Jeans. High Rise. Sewn cuff. Good sized pocket.

All of the above were our good finds, some lower rise, some mid and one high.

And a little birdie told me  triple points at Nordstrom starts tomorrow…..

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Monday Man – 3.17.14

Still across the pond, this week’s man is 41 year-old Brit, Idris Elba.


He recently made a splash starring as Nelson Mandela in the biographical Mandela: Long Walk to

Freedom, and is now expanding his career into the musical sector; not to mention his impeccable style.


Idris has been landing top spots on style lists left and right. He is an expert at putting trendy twists on classic menswear items – for example, a cropped trouser or a patterned blazer.

Idris Elba

He also ventures bravely into color, patter, texture and sheen, giving him a unique edge over other men. Idris oozes confidence, which is the perfect accessory for any of his wonderful ensembles.


Take some inspiration from Idris and shake up your usual wardrobe with updated, on-trend pieces. Pair a color-blocked bomber jacket with black denim for a casual look, or mix satin trousers with a classic white button down for an appropriate office look.


See the board below for some pieces that fit the bill.

Idris Elba
Shop the look: 
Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5
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Saturday Style – 3.15.14

By now you all should know that I love a great jumpsuit and will probably always have one in my wardrobe.


When the overall thing started happening again, even though they are the cute younger sister to the jumpsuit, I swore I would never find myself in a pair ever again.


Been there, done that.  Let the younger generation overall away.


But as I continually see them, they might be growing on me.


The other day, while pulling for some shoots with Maxine, I saw an adorable pair.  I was tempted.


Thankfully Maxine’s friend went to the store and bought the one and only pair that evening.  Temptation foiled.

Faux leather option

But I am seeing them.  And I am actually liking what I see.

Black Denim

Is this a ManRepeller moment that is best left ignored.

Almost a jumpsuit, a tailored pair.

I have yet to decide.

Overall in front, jeans in back.

Perhaps it is best left for a photo shoot.

Regular denim

Your thoughts?  Comment away!

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