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Friday Fashion – 2.28.14

Friday, sunshine, and last day of February.  I think that may call for a margarita!


Going back to the style of our 30 Day Challenge.  This way the photographer is happy and you get the goods.  :)


I had some running around to do for a weekend photo shoot and met up with a bestie for some fun in the sun.


Well actually, fun in the stores and some good catch up over some Wonton Soup.  But it was sunny.


I was inspired to put on my floral pants today because of this week’s  Wednesday Woman’s post and the pants featured in the “Shop this look“.


Do you like these shoes?  Offhand I think they are really ugly and I am not normally a creeper/ platform shoe kind of gal.

They are everywhere these days with all the big designer names and for giggles and shits, I decided to try them out.  Once they were on, they were so comfortable and I thought actually cute.  Ugh, did I just say that?   Anyway, here they are.  We’ll see for how long.

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 1.50.37 PM

Fast Friday Fashion today from:

Shirt: Forever 21. Similar or Spendy.

Necklace: H&M.  Similar.

Tee: Hanes.

Pants: Zara (last year). Similar here.

Shoes: Forever 21.

Clutch: Stella & Dot

PS:  If you not on FB, a shoot I did last summer got published today in the March issue of En Vie Magazine.  You can check it out here on page 68-70.  Trend: Spring Fringe.

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Wednesday’s Woman – 2.26.14

Keeping it young, musical,  and a little wild this week.


Earlier this week, we showcased a confident male dresser; ladies, it’s your turn now!

This Wednesday, we’re looking at 23-year-old Australian rapper/model, Iggy Azalea.


Iggy is always show-casing her curves, as a frequent wearer of sky-high heels, pencil skirts and high-waisted jeans and  currently has a steamy feature in the March issue of GQ with her beau, L.A. Lakers player Nick Young.


She has fun with color, prints, lengths, and showing a little bit of skin. Admittedly, Iggy’s wardrobe is not always applicable to everyday life, but she sets an excellent example of knowing and loving your body.


Ladies, take a cue from Iggy and be proud of your body! Take a risk and try curve-hugging silhouettes, pumps and bold colors!



Take a look below for some everyday pieces we know Iggy would love:

Iggy Azalea

Shop the look:

Floral Pant| Similar Orange Blouse| Similar Dress| Boyfriend Jean| Similar Vest | Mesh Bootie

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6|

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Tuesday Tip – 2.25.14

First things first.

The sun is peeking through today PNW!  If we aren’t going to get snow, this is the only other acceptable option.  YAAA!

camo pants with black must have collage

Today’s topic comes from a question sent in by a reader.  L wanted to know at what point (age)  does the “camo thing” become not doable.  Minus the forced smile, the gal above is working her camo.


40+, 50+, etc.?

First off, I think it’s more about the person, than their age.  The gal that wrote in may be older than 40 but she has some sass to her look and can totally rock the camo.  Mary J. Blige is 43 and looks awesome.


Minus my pale a** self from last spring, I love my camo pants.

After you answer the “is it my personality” question and it’s a yes, next you need to find the piece that suits you.  Is it a pair of pants or jacket or something less bold, like a tee, a scarf, or bag?


And finally, it’s the pairing.  Every one of the pairings above has mixed camo with a more feminine piece.  Mine is the Vince silk blouse,  the gal above has paired hers with some classic lines and Ms. Blige has her actual camo tailored.  The rule for any age should be just one piece in this print.


If you like the idea but still feel it’s too much, look for a subtler print or stick to some khaki without the camo.

Some dream khaki by Balmain.

Jennifer Aniston

Miss Jennifer.


Me during my 30 Day Challenge.  Actually one of the most “liked” outfits from that series.

Hope that answered your question L.  Go rock that camo!!!  xo

Some more camo options:


Camo Scarf

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 11.40.05 AM

Camo Belt

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 11.43.10 AM

Military without the camo, jacket.

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7

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Monday Man – 2.24.14

Another young gun this week.


But don’t fret, all of these styles can be adjusted for any age group. It’s just being you.  For reals.


Today we shine the style spotlight on a bit more of an unconventional dresser, rapper Frank Ocean. As not only a talented singer-rapper, but also successful songwriter, 26 year-old Frank Ocean is always dressed to be seen, whether he’s behind the stage or on it.


 He does not hesitate to make bold fashion statements, often mixing multiple prints into one outfit.


Frank also shows that it is possible for a man to rock a signature accessory (his is a bandana) without going over the top. The most admirable thing about Frank: whatever he wears, whether it be a head-to-toe Lanvin tux, or shorts and sneakers, he wears it with the upmost confidence.


Take a cue from Frank and be bold and confident in your wardrobe choices! Try an unpredictable textile or colored pant, or rock a button down with sneakers. Play with prints in a way you’re comfortable, whether it be big or small. Wear your clothes – don’t let them wear you!


Take a peek below for some featured Frank Ocean-esque pieces:

Frank Ocean

Shop the look: 

Sneaker| Bracelet|Similar Bomber Jacket| Slim Cut Trouser| S/S Shirt

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5|6

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Friday Fashion 2.21.14

A little late on Friday, but Friday Fashion none the less.


I started out the day in a warmer, much sunnier locale.


To enjoy the morning sun, endure the travel, and transition to a much colder climate this evening, it was all about the layers.


Heavier shoes for a little tourist activity, dress for ease, leggings for warmth, hat to control the wild beach air hair, and finally a hoodie added to the mix at the end of the day.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 9.01.19 PM

Have you ever purchased anything from the store Brandy Melville USA?   It was my first time this week.

The Layla Hoodie is a thin layer of warmth and so soft!  I can say in all honesty, a few came home with us.  Love them.


I’ll be acclimating back to the PNW and taking care of a wee bit of laundry this weekend?

What about you?  Hope it’s a good one.



**All photos are mine except Brandy Melville**

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Wednesday Woman – 2.19.14


43-year-old Alina Cho may not be a face you quickly recognize, but at a second glance, it’s clear she’s got some chops.   A native Washingtonian, Alina worked as a journalist for CNN for 7 years, even earinng herself a Daytime Emmy nod.


Outside of the newsroom, Alina has made a name for herself in fashion, proving that stylish and professional are not mutually exclusive.


Alina captures the perfect balance of style and professionalism by mixing classic “work” pieces with fun patterns, like layering a collared button down underneath a printed circle dress, or wearing a skirt-suit in the same print for a cool, uniform look.


Ladies, take a cue from Alina and mix your regular basics with something funky! Accessorize tastefully – let the focus shine on one piece, and keep the rest toned down.


Check out the board below for some fun office-friendly pieces and statement accessories:



Alina Cho

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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Tuesday Tip – 2.18.14

This week for Tuesday Tips, Maxine is taking us back into the world of underpinnings.   Thanks Maxine, for some important info!

Okay ladies – a few weeks back we discussed how to properly dress your top half; now we’re moving down south to tackle the omnipresent visible panty line (henceforth known as the “VPL”). Even when you’re looking flawless from head-to-tow, a VPL is an immediate death sentence to any outfit.


Here’s our first solution: wear a thong. Yes, yes we know it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but every woman should have at least one in her artillery. A thong is by far the most quick and reliable method to evade the VPL, so I urge you to at the very least consider it. The key to wearing a thong comfortably is to ensure it fits properly. Most lingerie retailers DO allow panties to be tried on (in a completely sanitary way), so don’t hesitate to ask!


For those of you who prefer a little more coverage, look for a panty that completely covers the bum, instead of stopping in the middle. For example, a boy short or hipster panty should fit the bill. A panty that cups your cheeks instead of cutting in will not create lines and be comfortable in tight pants or skirts. Look for these panties in all-over lace or a specifically seamless style for a bit of extra security.


Lastly – perhaps the most daunting of undergarments: shape wear. Introducing shape wear into your underpinnings line-up is a very smart idea. Despite the common misconception, shape wear is not exclusively for special occasions. To keep things tight and smooth on a daily basis, try shaping tights or stockings. Most brands of shaping hosiery comes in black, nude and a full range of patterns, as well as featuring a high waist to smooth out the tummy. Tights are also a useful tool to avoid the VPL – you can wear almost any panty with tights. For special occasions, try a full or half slip. Some full slips even come with a built in bra for a completely seamless look.


Ladies, we hope you found this information helpful! Leave a comment or send a message if you have any questions, comments or concerns – you could be our next Tuesday Tip! In the meantime, get inspired by some sexy shape wear suggestions below:

Shape wear

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4

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Monday Man – 2.17.14

This week our style dude, is a younger man.


Best known for his leading role in Slumdog Millionaire, 23-year-old Dev Patel has left a mark on the men’s style scene. Tasked with keeping up with beautiful co-star turned girlfriend Frida Pinto, Dev’s looks are always perfectly on point.



On the red carpet, Dev takes tuxedos to the next level by executing cool monochromatic looks, sometimes in unexpected colors.


For a more classic look, he adds a splash of color or pattern with a pocket square or tie. He incorporates color on the casual end as well, pairing colored denim with calmer neutrals.


Take a cue from Dev and pick up some of your go-to pieces in a fun color! Try electric blue or deep berry – even navy instead of black can add a fun twist to your ensemble.


Be sure to keep shoes and accessories neutral, as to not over-do it. Take a look below for some cool colorful pieces:


Dev Patel

To get the look:

Color pants| Slip on’s | Quilted Jacket | Color Blocked Top | Chestnut Shoes

Photo Credits:


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Friday Fashion – 2.14.14

Happy Friday!  Happy Valentines!  Happy Weekend!


I should be calling this Fast Fashion Friday as everything tonight is of that nature.


Two of my purchases from the Zara pre-opening party (Wednesday night), an H+M Collaboration piece, and some party jewelry.


Easy, peasy for a comfortable, drapey,  pulled together look.  Off to dinner at a secret (to me)  location.


Now, I will just have to get used to having my photo taken again, now that my 30 Day Fashion Challenge is done.  You all know how much I love that!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Shop the Look:

Blouse |Pants | Shoes |Earrings

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Wednesday Woman – 2.13.14

Helen3Helen Mirren is living proof that style has no age limit – she is 68 and fabulous!


Helen is not shy when it comes to fashion, she poses a threat when it comes to Hollywood’s younger “it” girls. She demonstrates on a regular basis that many pieces are relevant to all age groups, when styled appropriately.


 For example – add tights to a shorter dress, or cover arms with a cardigan.


Helen plays with bold prints and colors on modern silhouettes. Try an abstract print on a classic wrap dress (a piece that is flattering on any body at any age!), or a cool floral on a shift dress.


Pair these fun pieces with timeless classics, like a belted trench and peep-toe pumps, for a polished look.

Helen Mirren

Get the look: Wrap Dress | Trench | Cardi | Blouse | Shoe

Photo Credits: 1|2|3|4|5

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