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What a wild year! Thank you.

While I am ready to say goodbye to 2013 and am super excited for ’14,

I have had a mental look back at the last twelve months and am feeling so very grateful.

Many firsts for this gal and her work and I have all of you to thank!


•Fabulous new clients, all via word of mouth•

•A name change, Pink Pagoda Style became Kim Brooks Style•


•New connections with photographers, hair + makeup teams, models, and stylists.  What a privilege to work with each and everyone of you•


•Huffington Post recognizing me as “who to follow on Pinterest”.  Wow•

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 10.54.18 PM

•Written about in the Bellevue Reporter and CBS Seattle•

•The start of what I hope will grow, Girl Fabulous•


•Several shoots picked up for publish.  Watch for them in the New Year•

•Corporate client, Samsung•


I couldn’t have dreamed this.  So very thankful.

Happy New Years to you all!  Best wishes for a happy, healthy (+ stylish 2014)!

xo K

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Tuesday, well almost, Tip. 12.30.13

This tip needed to come a day early as it will be pertinent to getting dressed for New Years.

For some, getting really dressed up somehow equates to sexy.  And not ‘good‘ sexy but instead ‘not so good’ sexy.


Nothing wrong with sharing that you are a girl.  Go 47 year old Cindy Crawford!


But keeping it classy is a good thing.  Not sure what GP was aiming for here.


And as I tell every one of my female clients, whatever your chest size, regardless of age, a women’s upper chest, collarbone is always gorgeous.

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.01.23 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.02.04 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.05.49 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.06.42 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 4.09.30 PM

From really dressy, to pretty casual.  From bold bling to subtle or small.

 A piece of sparkle on your upper chest is always understated beauty.  Not trying too hard or in your face.

Keeping it classy….

All jewels shown are from Shopbop:

1) DANNIJO Bea Necklace

2) Heather Hawkins Bone Tusk Necklace

3) Deepa Gurnani Nobel Crystal Necklace

4) Aerin Erickson Beamon Statement Bib Necklace

5) Jules Smith Nature Necklace

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Friday Fashion 12.27.13

Well this week went flying by!

Can’t believe Christmas has already come and gone.  Next year, I am going to be shopping early and often so I can sit back and enjoy the season without being one of the crazies running around at the last minute.


Did you get the opportunity to take it all in, in a relaxed state or was your holiday as frenzied as mine?  I kept my holiday time outfits pretty casual this year, I did not have one dress on the entire season.  Skirt yes, dress no.  In fact my uniform has kind of become what I was wearing today.  Leather skinnies of some sort, a comfy top and booties or my new wonder shoes. Love them!


I also wore these sequined track pants to a party.  Love them too!  If I can be “dressed up” and comfy, I am one happy gal.

And a handful of instagram pics taken  over the last 10 days for a little extra holiday style.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.16.26 AM

 I wore these gold and black print skinnies to a shoot set one day.  Random scarves were added and subtracted throughout the day.  The joys of working with racks and racks of clothing.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.15.02 AM

Arm Candy moment by Stella and Dot.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.15.34 AM

After my long work week and ragged hands, I had some wonder added to my nails.  I NEVER have nails, it has been fun!

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.16.01 AM

Another peek at the sequined wonders, along with my horse hair pumps.

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 11.16.51 AM

Christmas Day version of my uniform.

Hope you and yours have a fantastic weekend and a chance to reload after the holiday.

xo K.

Todays Outfit:

Jacket: Zara

Sweater: Aritzia.  Similar here.

Leather Moto Pants: Isabel Marant pour H&M.  Similar here.

Shoes: Kenneth Cole here.

Scarf: Private Label.  Similar colors here.

Watch: Michael Kors here.

Necklace: Macy’s.  Similar here.

Sequined Outfit:

Oversized Hoops: H&M.  Similar here.

Top: Private Label.  Similar here.

Pants: Nordstrom here.

Pumps: Sole Society here.

Christmas Day Outfit:

White Shirt: Nordstrom.  Similar here.

Sequined Vest: Vintage.  Similar here.

Leather Legging: Zara.  Similar here.

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Mama said knock you out….

Growing up in Canada, December 26th, was (still is) Boxing Day.

A day to do the mad rush to the malls and stores to not only exchange gifts that weren’t quite right but also a chance to take advantage of post Christmas sales with all the other deal hungry shoppers.  A day after calm and peaceful, basically chaos in the mall.


A “holiday” celebrated in England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand started in the Middle Ages as the day the servants were given off, and their employers gave the staff boxes of gifts as they headed out to be with their families.  It is also believed that churches had boxes where parishioners deposited coins for the poor throughout the year and on the 26th, they were opened and distributed to those in need.


And now, it’s kind of like Black Friday.  Only with more people.  Fun.


It may not be called the same thing here but if you are one to head out to the malls today and do some shopping, my advice remains the same.  Sale shopping can be dangerous and yield some unwanted items.  Bring a list of what you need or items you have been keeping an eye on.  Those are the items you buy.  Not that really great deal on the totally random ___________ because it’s 85% off.

You will thank me later.


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Merry Merry Happy Happy….

Christmas Eve tops my list for favorite days of the year.

Not only do I feel (and see) the excitement of the holidays through the junior set, but I look forward to all of the traditions, big and small, that are a part of my family’s celebration.


Gatherings, food, decor, stories, and song.


Today is a rush to get all the last minute to do’s done and then by 4pm, all of the traditions begin.


No matter the holiday you celebrate or the traditions that make up your celebration, all the best to  you and yours from me and mine!

xo K.

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Friday Fashion – 12.13.13

Happy Friday!!!  It didn’t even dawn on me today that it was Friday the thirteenth until I just typed it out now.

I had a good day despite the superstitious possibilities, hope you did too!


I spent the entire day shopping today, not for my friends and family (holiday) but instead for a major shoot happening next week.  I layered up this morning, preferring that method of keeping warm (vs. a heavy coat) but by this evening I was so warm, I was grateful to peel off the layers once I got home.


Off goes the jacket and scarf.


And gone are the toque and sweater.  Ahhhh.  Now where are my slippers??

As a proud stylist moment, although tired, I have to say I scored a win today in the styling world.  I generally think stylists are good at finding deals and maximizing the budget.  Let’s just say today that I picked up 104 pieces of goodness (in all aspects of women’s and men’s wardrobe items) and I haven’t even used half my budget.


Tomorrow I will be back out in the world for more.  Scary but fun.

I love my job.

Today’s outfit:

Jacket: Zara.  Similar

Sweater: Artizia.  Similar

Blouse: Isabel Marant x H&M.  Similar

Long Cami: Zara.  Similar

Pants: Paige Coated Denim.  Here

Boots: Forever21.  Here

Toque: Old.  Similar ($$$) or Similar ($)

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Friday Fashion 12.6.13

Well, HELLLOOOO Weekend!

So, in the mood for a feet up, fire going, hot cocoa (let’s be honest, vodka•soda) kinda evening.  And it will be too.  Tonight is the night my family is bringing in some takeout, getting the Holiday tunes going and putting up our tree.  What are you up to?

Fashion today was comfy but still pulled together as I needed to be out and about with wardrobe returns and client time.  I added a lovely wrap, cashmere blend coat overtop to brave the cold and away I went.


Although the eyes look dark, and they should be, they aren’t THAT dark.  Let’s just say it’s an editing error.


Behind the scenes of this week’s photo shoot for an electronics company.


Shyn and I got to work with some amazing young ladies on a Girl Fabulous Project, hope to do that again soon!


And that wrap’s up this week.  Have a fabulous weekend and let’s think snow!!!

Today’s outfit:

Infinity Scarf: Private Label.  Similar here.

Tunic/Tee: Maj.  Similar here.

Faux Leather Leggings: Zara.  Similar here.

Boots: Elizabeth & James.  Similar here.

Be sure to come check out what else Kim Brooks Style is up to, on Facebook.

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Bling, Bling and Sparkle……

Whenever I meet with clients, the topic of jewels is always a part of the conversation, as accessorizing is so much a part of one’s wardrobe.  Although I choose never to be tied with any one particular brand, I think it is important for a stylist to stay neutral, I do have my favorites.

And one of those is Stella & Dot.

Fabulous jewelry, pieces for every type of style, and given the quality, perfect pricing.   Wanting to do a little holiday styling piece using some Stella & Dot jewelry, the concept then changed and  turned into a little photo shoot with Shyn and Chelsea.  We had lot’s of fun in the process and  got some pretty pictures.


One of my all time favorites, the Pegasus Necklace.


 A serious pop of color, the Jolie Necklace, along with Adelaide Gold Hoops.

Stella Shoot

Anna looking stunning in the Jocelyn Drop Earrings.


Simply a gorgeous image.


A serious statement with the Phoenix Pendant.


Although these looks I styled are all on the dressy side, these jewels really do work with pairing with a plain tee and cute jacket and jeans to the dressiest of

pieces in your wardrobe.

Since we raided our rep’s jewelry stock at a very busy time of year, we weren’t able to borrow all that we wanted.  Some more of my very favorite pieces are:


The Zoe Lariat

b120_1The Petra Braided Bracelet

r149g_haven_mainThe Haven Ring.

While, I tend to gravitate to the bold, there are plenty of dainty, delicates to be had as well.

If you are thinking of adding a piece of goodness to your wardrobe, are wanting a certain someone else to add it for you, or even as a gorgeous holiday gift to someone else, pop on over to our jewel party and have a peek.

Shop Some Stella here

Thanks to Shyn Midili for MUA and Photography (she is THAT talented), Chelsea from TCM Models in Seattle and last but certainly not least,

Wendy Klinker for letting us play dress up with her jewels.

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