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This Thursday is a day of gathering for my family and I.

 We rearrange the house, connect a lot of flat surfaces to create one really long table, and cram as many friends and family around the table, that will fit.


My Mom makes my Great Grandmother’s green bean salad, my brother brings another family recipe, the delicious potato casserole.  The house is warm, filled with good cheer and it is a time to reflect on all that is good.

Among many other things, I am so very, thankful for all of you who come along for the ride with Kim Brooks Style.  Going into our 4th year, a lot of goodness has, is and will be happening.   Thank you.

I will be taking a couple of days to be in the moment and hope that you do the same.  See you back here next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo K.

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Tuesday Tip – 11.26.13 – Being Ridiculous

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are good.  I’m good.

 If I were younger, I’d be telling you things are CRAY!

New projects, new clients, and just plain and simple, this time of year.

Today, I had a chance to play a little catch up and the theme for at least 30% of the day, was a little me time.


So, most importantly, I got my hair did.  And then did a little retail with a bestie.

While shopping, I was looking for a little Holiday wear fun for later this week.  The pieces I was drawn to were so bold, so out there, so completely fun.  And I bought one of them.  I’ll show you pictures later.

And then I headed to the new Bellevue Square Anthropologie to have a peek.  Great new location.   While there I tried on a couple of hats.  I LOVE hats and used to wear them all the time.  And while looking in the mirror, I said to my friend, “I can’t wear this, it’s way too out there.  I feel like I stand out.”.  And then I laughed.  How ridiculous!  Here I just bought some wild and blingy pants that I wouldn’t think twice about wearing but I’m suddenly concerned that a traditional, Rachel  Zoe’esque hat is going to have me stand out.


What ridiculous thing (style wise) have you convinced yourself of?  What pieces do you avoid because you think they are not you, even if you love them?  Why do you feel that way?  Who said what to you back in 1812?  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Or just being plain ridiculous like I was today?

Your Tuesday Tip is to think about this and then change the mindset!  Truly be yourself and shed the negative chatter.

K. My speech is done.

Happy Thankfulness Everyone!!!


xo K.

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Fashion Friday – 11.22.13

Wow!  What a week.

It’s kind of been a whirlwind around here and all I can think about is what an amazing one it was.  That and the fact that I am going to sleep in tomorrow for as long as possible.


At this time last week, I was asked to style a social media campaign for a rather large company and of course I said yes.  I flew around all weekend pulling for the shoot, had model fittings late into the night earlier in the week and then 2 days of shooting in Seattle, which was all kinds of fun.

My styling kit had an amazing view.

My styling kit had an amazing view.

After a closet consult today, now I rest.


Behind the Scenes, Shoot Day 1.

Shoot, Day 2 models.

Behind the Scenes, Shoot Day 2.

The other day, my order from the H&M – Isabel Marant collaboration arrived.  How excited was I to receive these goods.

photo 1

I paired my new moto pants with 2 other recent purchases and voila, I had Friday Fashion.

photo 4

photo 1-1




The photos from this past week’s photo shoot will be up and running in a couple of weeks.  As soon as I see them, I will be sure to share.  I’ve also got some other photo shoots that will be here and on Facebook shortly so be sure to watch for those.

Have a wonderful weekend and layer wisely, it’s cold out there!!!

This week’s outfit:

Top: CAbi.  Similar (Here)

Pants: H&M – Isabel Marant.   Similar (Here) or (Here)

Shoes: Sole Society (Here)




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Friday Fashion 11.15.13

Happy weekend everyone!!!

This week was a recovery one for me,  coming off of a crazy work spurt and just about to start  another one up.  Back in the day, when I worked for Apple Computer, I went through a period of time where I asked my bosses over and over again for more responsibility.  This is what I wanted.   Then one day it happened.    After that, one of my bosses always used to say to me “be careful what you wish for!” What he didn’t know is that I loved being this busy.   That is kind of what has happened with Kim Brooks Style.  And once again, I love it!







So today, I was kind of thinking that I wanted to wear a dress since I’ve been pretty darn, casual all week but at the same time, it is pretty nasty outside.  The end result is that I wore a sweater dress and some skinny jeans.  The only issue and why you aren’t seeing one full picture of the look, is that I needed to adjust the whole get up after being seated for an hour and prior to the photos.  Long shirts with pockets can do some awful bunching when you aren’t looking.  And clearly my stylist (oops, that’s me!) wasn’t paying attention.

So note to yourself if you want to replicate this outfit idea.  Fitted shirt without pockets is best.  If not, be sure to have the ability to adjust as needed.

Today’s Outfit:

Sweater Dress: Zara (here)

Plaid Shirt: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply (similar)

Skinny Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar (here)

Boots: Nine West (similar) or (similar)

Necklace: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Midi Ring: Forever21 (here)

Have a fabulous weekend and stay warm!!

Photos: Thanks to J. Deasy.

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Fashion Pressure….


 Didn’t you wear this to work today???

aaBURG 076

While I think this blogger, Atlantic-Pacific, is stunning and has some amazing clothes, the pressure of it all!!!

When mentioning AP’s, Blair Eadie a few years back (when she didn’t have near the fashion budget she does today), a magazine editor said to me, that this blogger frustrated the life out of her because there is “no way Blair was walking around the city this way.  She was putting on the glam clothes, taking the pictures and then changing”.   And yet you are lead to believe that every day life is this glamourous.  C’mon, you can do it!

And years later, Blair now probably does.  She has made herself and her blog, into a brand.  And now she has to live it.  Pressure for her.

And what about the rest of us?

The outfit above retails for $2143 before we include jewels.    Not your standard budget.


We could substitute for this blouse.  Robbi & Nikki Leopard Print Blouse for $400 less.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 3.17.32 PM

And we can substitute the skirt for this Free People one in black.  For $267 less.

BGX1SN4_mxThese Alice and Olivia pumps can substitute the Valentino’s and save you $450.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 3.31.36 PMOr these Ivanka Trumps Galyn Pumps for an $855 savings.

That alone takes the outfit from $$2143 down to as low as $316.  You could do that.

Or you can look at these various high end blogs for inspiration, for color or pattern combinations you might not have thought about, or even as an example of what you would like to find for a lower price.

But never take away from these blogs, pressure.  Pressure to spend HUGE money (most of these bloggers are gifted much of their wardrobe) or to look perfect.

That’s really tiring, that’s a lot to live up to.  That’s not real.

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Friday Fashion + other assorted goodness – 11.8.13

And there went that week.  It was rather zoo like for me and I’m lined up for a repeat next week, so I am going to do my best to sit back and chill this weekend.  What have you got planned?

I wasn’t able to do the real camera thing today with Friday Fashion so some selfies will have to do.  How ’bout those selfies!




As I needed to be today, I went with super comfy for running around town.  Skinny, coated jeans, a l/s tee, a poncho, some booties and a scarf.

I was warm, I was comfortable and I received no less than 5 compliments on what I was wearing.  Love that!

My travels today took me by Between Friends where I saw this goodness.

photo-10 Size 7, leather and fur booties.  $79.


Armani Exchange Faux Leather Jacket.  XS. $79.


Trouve Faux Fur Jacket.  $49. Small.


Check out this fab vintage steel rocker with a cowhide cushion.  Spied this at Haystack Antiques for $475.


And how excited am I to have Anthropologie open up in Bellevue Square!??!  And right across the hall from the large, new Free People.  The only way to make this dream better, is if Zara would change from their soon to open Westlake Center, and move it right into this hallway BABY!  :)  Love me some good shopping.

And that was my day.  I think I must be in a textural mood, given all my picks.  Have a fabulous weekend and let’s chat on Monday!

My Outfit:

Hooded Toggle Closure Poncho: Forever21!!!  Maybe I got the last one.  Something similar.  Or how about this more classic one?

Long Sleeved Tee: Private label.  Similar.

Jeans: Paige coated skinnies.  Here. Similar, here.

Booties: Forever21. Here.

Scarf: Bliss in Fremont.  Similar.

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Tuesday Tip – Talking turtlenecks….

You asked, and I have answer.  How to make the turtleneck cool.

First, let’s discuss the right turtleneck.


This is a good one.  Lightweight, with stretch, no ribbing.  It can be dressed up or down.  Perfect staple.


No. This one, not so much.  The 90’s called and they want their mock-neck back.  Please.


Good one.  Perfect for wearing over skinny jeans or leggings with the longer back.


No. This one is not a sweater and needs to live with your skiing/sledding/cold weather outside gear.

Of course, there are heavier weight options but today I am strictly speaking about a great, basic staple in your fashion wardrobe.

Both men and women.

How to style you ask, here you go:

Styling of the turtleneck.
Styling the turtleneck - men.


Men’s cashmere option.


A lighter option.

Again, T-necks really are a fabulous staple. From a lightweight knit, to merino wool, to cashmere, these cleaned line beauties can go from jean, to skirt, to trousers to replacing a shirt with a suit.  A must have for me.

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Friday Fashion – 11.1.13

Happy November!

Hope everyone had a safe and sugary Halloween.  New month, new colors on Pinterest, be sure to check it out.  Also, updating on the “StyleFinds” boards will be happening over the weekend so head back on Monday for the latest and greatest.

I have to admit, the Friday Fashion had a wardrobe change midday.  Let’s just say there was a soy sauce situation and it was not my fault.  Really!

Same feel to the outfit, just different sweater, different blouse/shirt.  Either way.

This is what is happening this afternoon.






(Tired eyes….post Halloween spirits….)

Today’s Outfit:

Sweater: My Grandfather’s 50’s Cowichan jacket.  Traditional option (here), not traditional (here)

Shirt: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren.  Similar and similar

Jeans: The Skinny bySeven for All Mankind (here)

Boots: El Corte Ingles.  Similar with heel (here), with little heel (here) , flat (here)

Earrings: Stella & Dot. Similar (here)

The earlier sweater I was wearing was a fisherman style.  Not only did Kris&Kate offer one today on their site (here) but if you are going for the real, heavy wool, authentic type, have a peek at the “Made in Ireland” ones here.

Happy weekend and don’t forget to set you clocks back this Sunday.  Let the dark afternoons begin!!

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