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A little love……

Although my goal is to get several posts up on my blog every week and do almost daily FB posts for Kim Brooks Style, at the end of the day, I am not a blogger.  There are many a gal (and guys too) who blog about fashion, style and the like, full time, have gorgeous photos, and some really great content.   While they are in front of their computers and posing for fab photos, I am styling.  That is my job and that is what I love.

Whether it is closet consultations, outfit creation, shopping or working behind the scenes at a photo shoot, you will find me smiling.  And the greatest joy I can receive is knowing that the people I am working with, are smiling too.

Fashionistas! (And those of us who want to be fashionistas!) I had the AMAZING Kim Brooks of Kim Brooks Style at my house last week to makeover my closet! She helped me not only sort through items that needed to get tossed, but also helped me find ways to wear items that I didn’t really know what to do with or only wore one way (aka saving me $$$). She also identified gaps in my wardrobe–colors I was lacking, classic styles that I didn’t have, but should (a cute blazer, black flats–uh, not my cheap target ones–black plants, etc.) We had SO much fun, I didn’t want her to leave! If you are in need of a little wardrobe help, she is AWESOME!! I wore my current pieces all new ways this week and loved it. Whether you love fashion or need help, she is THE one you should call. Love, Love, Love!


-Katie Larson, Snohomish, WA.

I don’t think of myself as stylish, in fact it’s safe to say that I’m pretty lazy when it comes to style—can you say jeans and t-shirt. I do appreciate great style and on occasion can even recognize it. After 3 years of my wardrobe taking a back seat to every other priority in my life, I asked Kim to help get my look in shape, and I’m hear to say, she did a fantastic job! What prompted everything was a multi-city business trip to places where a pair of jeans and a t-shirt wasn’t going to cut it (at least not my jeans and t-shirts). Using her eye for detail and her taking the time getting to know my personality, Kim pulled out my personal style for a full update of my wardrobe. Not only did she help me with the basics, she helped give me the confidence to add in the coolness that gives me that “put together look.”


-Jeremy Norberg, Seattle, WA.

I first met with Kim Brooks at my home to evaluate my clothes; what could stay, what needed to go, and what I needed to bring in. I had just made some life changes and my wardrobe was out of date.
Inviting someone into your home, and furthermore into your closet, is for most, a rather personal and sometimes embarrassing situation, especially when you would classify yourself as someone who is fashion-challenged. Kim accomplished this task though with complete grace. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and most importantly honest, but without being pretentious. As you can imagine this is a rare find! She just “got it” and was able to work with me and my needs. We had genuine conversation and even a few laughs!
Next Kim sent me multiple links of the items that I need to replace or add into my wardrobe. She also sent recommendations for how to style some of the items. This was a perfect start! I was able to wrap my head around everything we talked about and get a visual so we could then move forward.
A few months later I met with Kim again, this time to go shopping. I requested she lead, however she was considerate of what I was attracted to as far as style and color. I especially appreciate her eye for what items you can get the most mileage out of. She is open and familiar with all types of stores, from Target to Nordstrom, and knows how to make the most of your time with her.
Although I was concerned about both my age and my lack of fashion sense, Kim put that all to rest. She works with all ages and stages and is fantastic at what she does! My twenty something daughter even approved! Refreshing my wardrobe has given me more confidence for the next chapter in my life, and I look forward to working with her more!


And from the creative side of things:

I’ve had the pleasure of having Kim on set on several editorial and commercial jobs.  She’s such a pleasure to have on set as her creative energy lends itself well to a collaborative project.  I’ve found her to be highly dependable, cutting edge and with great taste.  Kim has a strong understanding of the overall vision and tends to bring such great pieces to work with.  Her connections with local vendors, boutiques and up and coming designers keeps her relevant and provides her with a deep pool of resources to pull from.  She also has the audacity to think outside of the box whether it be shopping for the budget conscious, thrifting or finding somewhat ordinary pieces and reworking it to give it more of a photographable quality.  Kim Brooks is certainly a standout in Seattle’s fashion market and has the ability to amplify any shoot or possible client.”


-Mcklyn Cole Valenciano

Fashion Photographer

 New Faces Director at Seattle Models Guild

What do Rome and great wardrobes have in common? They both weren’t built in a day. – Vaunte

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Tuesday Tip – 10.29.13

With so much retail available to us these days, pricing has to be competitive in order to get your business, whether you are purchasing a car, an appliance, clothing or even food.  But to find the screaming deals, you need to go on the hunt.  Deal hunting takes time.  Until the deals made their way to you.

Company’s like Priceline make it easy for you to find deals in the comfort of your own home.  Airfare, car rentals, hotel rooms…

But now you can do it with apparel as well!


Enter Garmentory

While perusing the internet within the last month, I was visiting a favorite shopping site and they had a link that I decided to check out.  Garmentory is a new company based in Vancouver, B.C. (wahoo!) that brings you goodness from designers (in Vancouver, Portland, Toronto, NYC, Montreal and more) and lets you tell them what you want to pay.  How is that for fantabulous???


Remember this Friday Fashion from a few weeks ago?  This Obakki  jacket was my first score from Garmentory.  A brand that is fabulous, does amazing charity work but is a tad higher than my budget allows.  Enter Garmentory and I have my first piece.   How does it work?

Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 9.47.29 PM


Because this was such a great find, I had to find out more.  So I contacted the fine folks of Garmentory, and Adele (co-founder with Sunil Gowda)  sat down to answer a few questions for me.


•How did you come together for Garmentory and where did the idea begin?

Sunil Gowda and I met through the Canadian fashion designer dace ( when I worked with him to develop their iPhone app. We hit it off and after I left dace, he contacted me and we brainstormed. At that time I had a group of 8 stores that consulted with me. We determined that it was such a waste for stores to be putting good products away at the end of a season without having the opportunity to unload them, unless they participated in a warehouse sale or waited until the next sale season. Then Sunil had the idea for a make-an-offer purchase model.

•Adele – Where did the fashion industry have you pre-G?

I got my start in the industry with,dace and ended up leading their marketing and sales department for 8 eight years. For 10 years now, I’ve also worked with some smaller fashion businesses in the industry to help them grow and develop.

•I love this concept of selling up past seasons inventory from various retailers and letting the customer be “part of the game”.  Did this come out of watching the travel folks do it, knowing friends with inventory they needed to unload or a bit of both, or none of the above.  It really is a fun concept!

There were a lot of sale sites, but nothing that promoted the boutiques and designers directly. We wanted to create something that was slick and stylish, promoted boutique fashion business and gave them a great way to sell sale items.

•What is the best deal you each have ever scored (in or out of Garmentory)? 

Ohhhh, there are so many. But I have to say that I’m loving my A Friend of Mine Western boots that I purchased off of Charlie + Lee’s sale rack on Garmentory. I got them for more than 50% off.

•Where do you see the Garmentory going in the next 2-3 years?

I’d like to hear the phrase “Oh yeah, I got that on Garmentory” like it’s a part of everyday conversation.

So that my friends is your Tuesday tip.

Head on over to Garmentory and have a peek.  You will discover new to you brands in apparel for women and men, as well as jewelry, shoes and more.

PS:  This site allows you quite the opportunity for your own score.  If you manage to get an amazing deal from Garmentory, I want to hear about.  Let me know!

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Friday Fashion – 10.25.13

I would be lying to you, if I made you believe that my Friday Fashion happened before 2pm today.  We have been bogged down by a lot of ugh sick germs around here and glamor has been few and far between.


This sad sartorial moment is what happened earlier today.  Sweats, fleece and even Northface were happening.

But I wanted a nail date with my girl and pulled myself together.  It may look like I did a 360 but truly I am just as comfortable in this number.  Tunic dresses, leggings or tights and a pair of boots are a lifesaver in the style department.




These earrings, along with many others I own, have stones along the outside.  The days I don’t want the extra bling, I just switch the ears I put them in, so the glitz side stays on the inside.


Because of my job, I always keep my nails short and natural but a little color is a good pick me up.  My alter ego has her eyes on some pointy nails in gold for next time, what do you think?

Have a great weekend and keep yourselves healthy, the crud is no fun!


Today’s Outfit:

Tunic: Zara (similar)

Leggings: Danskin (similar)

Boots: Elizabeth & James (similar) or (similar)

Earrings: Stella & Dot (similar)

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Tuesday Tip – 10.22.13

You know when your brain is on overload and you just can’t think?  That is kind of me this week.

 Normally I have an ongoing list of Tuesday topics as well as ideas that pop up out of the blue, never a lack of material.


Today, not so much.  So, I decided to ask my family for some suggestions.

First came the Mr. and when I asked him for an idea, he said, ” I have a tip for you.  Don’t eat yellow snow”.



So next, I asked pre-teen son.  He is generally a little confused as to what I do exactly so when I explained that every Tuesday I write about style tips for both men and women and if he has any ideas, he said, “I know.  Write about Perseverance.”  I asked him what he meant by that and his response was “You know.  Tell people that they need to stick to their dreams, of let’s say becoming a stylist, and never give up on that dream.  Or whatever else they dream of being.”

Not style per se, but some great advice.


That leaves three more living creatures amongst these walls to ask.  Silence is happening.

My daughter, my dog, and my cat.  One of which is wearing headphones and doing their best to not pay attention.

And there you have it.  I’ll do better next week, I promise.


PS:  Send me the topics you want to hear about.

PPS:  I’ve added irrelevant pretty pics from “My Style” board on Pinterest to do my part.


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Friday Fashion – 10.18.13

Well, welcome to the weekend!  Truth be told, I am a tad tired this afternoon.

I am looking forward to my mug of tea and curling up in a blanket and enjoying a chill factor evening.


If you don’t follow me on Facebook, the above picture was my office yesterday.  We were working on an Editoral shoot in the middle of nowhere.  Sometimes, its nice to have no cell coverage and just be able to enjoy your surroundings.


A little sneak peek of behind the scenes.  The only issue with the location, were these insanely huge spiders hanging from the trees.  All last night and even this morning, I found myself checking to make sure one or two did not stow away with me.  UGH!


Although not edited, a shot of our gorgeous models (Beau and Taylor) from the shoot.


Today, I was up and at ’em and out to a closet consult.  I always have my clients wear their comfies for the process but since I wore “tree wear” yesterday, I wanted to have a little color and style.






Half of these goods are new and half of them are YEARS old.  This is when the buying quality really kicks in.

Today’s outfit:

Theory Sweater coat ( 7+years old) – similar,  similar, similar

Veronicam Blouse – similar

Blank NYC Pants – similar, similar

Jessica Bennett boots (5+ years old) – similar, similar

Stella & Dot Hoop earrings – similar

Vintage Ring – similar

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, I think it will be a perfect time to hit the pumpkin patch.

What are you up to?

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Tuesday Tip – Winterize your maxi….

While thinking of the maxi skirt or dress you wore all summer, might conjure up warm, tropical beaches or perhaps a poolside bbq, we don’t have to give up the ease and comfort of a maxi just because the weather turned cool.

Cool Weather Maxi.....

It is however time to put away the thin, t-shirt material skirt and opt for a thicker, more seasonally appropriate fabric.  And other tips:


Pair with a fun, graphic sweater or sweatshirt, layer with a jean or leather jacket, and wear with tights and flat or low booties.

A maxi with a slit will be a fun way to show off some graphic or colorful tights for an extra boost of fun.


What a way to be comfortable and pulled together at work.  Layer with an untucked blouse and your favorite cardi.  A bootie is also the perfect partner for footwear with this look.

Evening Out:

How many times have you been to an evening event and can’t eat a thing due to the sleekness of your dress or pantsuit?  Maxi skirt is a win win.  Just make sure the fabric is dressy enough to suit evening attire.   Pair with a silk like blouse or cami and top with a faux fur for a festive punch.  A higher heel and jewels will finish off this look.

To get these looks:


Sweater – Merona

Blouse – Jason Wu, sold out.  (option) (option)

Maxi – T. Odille

Bootie – Zara

Ring – Bendel Rocks

Hoop Earrings – Debenham’s

Evening Out:

Black Faux Fur – Coast Rachella, sold out. (similar)(similar)

Gray Faux Fur – Ted Baker

Black Blouse – Rebecca Taylor

Black Heels – Topshop

Earrings – Chakra

Cocktail ring – Alexis Bittar


Denim Jacket –  J.Crew

Sweatshirt – Arta, only available in Europe. (similar)(similar)

Scarf – Calle, only available in Europe. (similar)

Maxi skirt with slit – Helmut Lang

Watch – Fossil

Crossbody Bag – Old Navy

Flat Booties – Mango Kids.  (similar)

**Everything I put together is simply by appearance, my apologies if the exact items actually end up being children’s or not available in the US**

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Chilly Day….

Even though there is some blue sky outside my window, I am feeling like being cozy, comfy on a chilly day.

I’m reworking the room I dedicate to being my creative room, and am enjoying going through Pinterest  for images that are matching my mood.






Anyone for apple spice tea?

**All images taken from Pinterest, sadly no photography details were available**

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Friday Fashion – 10.11.13


I rarely use that term but this week I am.  To be honest, I didn’t like this week.  I’ve had a weird month and I think it just caught up with me.

The best way to move into the weekend was put on an outfit I love, spend the day with my kiddos (due to an in-service day) and then I am headed to a long planned GNO.


Yes, I know my hair is not winning any awards but I needed to share the peek-a-boo in the back of my sweater.



I don’t normally include my family but my girl wanted to be in this one.



I want you to remember this sweater because I will tell you something about it in an upcoming post.


I hope you have the most amazing weekend.

I have a fabulous photo shoot happening later this coming week so I will be prepping for that.  Can’t wait!

This week’s outfit:

Jacket: Obakki (similar)

Sweater: Zara (similar)

Pants: Zara (here)

Booties: Forever 21 (similar) (similar)

Earrings: Bar III (similar) (similar)

Cuff: Banana Republic (similar)

Teen outfit: 

Top: Forever 21 (similar) (similar)

Skinny Jeans: PacSun (here)

Shoes: Converse (here)

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Leather if you will….

I put this little collection together 10 months ago but it is the perfect nighttime look for now.

Leather Dress Look HTM
All items used in the above grouping are  well under $200 with one exception.  Sadly, all items are already sold out, so I have listed a similar option. Check it out:
Red Clutch: ChicaNova (sold out).  Similar (Michael Kors).
Black/Gold Clutch: A/X (sold out).  Similar (Asos).
Ball Clutch: RiverIsland (sold out).  Similar (Nastygal).
Chain Necklace: LydellNYC (sold out).  Similar (ShopBop)
Gold Rings: Whistles (sold out).  Similar (Whistles), Similar Spendy (Barney’s)
Ankle Boot: Zara (sold out).  Similar (Mango), Similar Spendy (Neiman Marcus)
Open Toe Pump: DSW (sold out).  Similar (Amazon)
Black Spike Heel: Udobuy (sold out).  Similar (Guess)
Faux Leather Dress: Eluxe (sold out). Similar (Amazon)
Leather Dress on model: (Theory) sold out.  Similar (Neiman Marcus)
Are you a leather dress gal?
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Tuesday Tip – 10.8.13 – Getting it right…


Thigh High Boots haven’t won the award for classiest look of all times.  Just think Julia Roberts in Pretty women, any Halloween costume portraying “the sexy gal”, etc.   While I know of many gentlemen who might try and persuade their ladies to give them a try, many women shy away.

This fall, over the knee boots are showing up everywhere and you can wear them.  Classy style even.


Stuart Weitzman Stretchy Suede Over the Knee Boots.

One way to tone them down, is avoid the shine.  As in patent leather or an inexpensive pvc.  Matte leather or even better, suede, soften the look.


Alice + Olivia Runway Over the knee boot.

And of course, the appearance of cheapness or classiness are all in the styling.


Pairing with a heavier tight underneath (in the same color) create length and leave something to the imagination. **Do try and get the closest fit possible to your leg, too big resembles Puss’n boots.**




Not sure that this is the best belt situation but the leggings/tall boot combo is creating length.


Light boots over dark pants, not optimal.  For length or class.


Never thought I would have a Kardashian demo for what to do, but Kim has it here.  Wearing the over the knee boots with a longer coat looks fabulous.  The same could be achieved with a sweater dress pairing and tights to avoid skin peek a boo’s while seated.

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 3.17.44 PM

Betsey Johnson Aleccia Over the Knee boots. 


Vince Camuto Karita Over the Knee boot.

As always, there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part:

1) Avoid the shine.

2) Pair tone on tone for length.

3) Avoid the skin for a little mystery.

4) Flat boots with leggings/jeggings, boots with a heel for dressier looks. Leggings with 5″ heels

look, well you know.

Did you find this helpful?  Leave your comments, I’d love to hear.

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