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What happens in the closet……

This Fall I want to get into yours!

Not everyone knows what happens during a Closet Consultation and most people usually fear the worst.  It really is quite painless.

A client can learn a lot about themselves and their wardrobe and it really is quite fun.


Breaking it down to the basics:

1) We talk via phone, email or even in person to get a chance to chat and find out what your wardrobe goals are.

2) Your homework is to pick out a few of your go-to outfits  so I can see what you are drawn to when I arrive for your consult.

3) Let the consult begin. It is always four hours, we get lot’s done,  by pulling every item in your wardrobe and relegating each item to one of three piles.

4) Outfits, accessories, and extras.

5) A follow up email with an overview, a list of need to get’s and visual outfit coordination.

6) It’s a wrap.

And what happens afterwards?

That is up to you.  The above may be enough or you might want to add on to your services.

1) A customized shopping list that can be done from home.

2) We go shopping.

3) I shop for you.

4) A combination of all 3.

Are you and your closet ready for me?  Kim Brooks Style is currently booking fall Closet Consultations now.

**Check out my client testimonials here or if you have any questions or want to schedule a meeting, just let me know.**

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Friday Fashion – 7.26.13


Hello Sunshine!  I’ve heard some people mentioning that they are TOO hot but I love this Seattle weather.  Icy treats, bare feet, late evening dips in the pool or lake to cool down.  How can anyone complain?






 I always love the feel of a summer dress in the warm weather.  Easy to throw on and so comfortable.  To change this up from daytime to night, I would put some really simple, black heeled sandals on (the less structure and embellishment, the better), lose the belt, simple stud earrings and a statement necklace.

Have a great weekend!!!


Today’s outfit:  Maxi Dress: Old Navy here, other options here, here, here or here, Suede + bead side tie belt: unknown, similar, Sandals: Target here, Hat: Dream, similar or similar, Chandelier Earrings: Nordstrom Rack, similar, Ring: Thrifted, similar, or similar.

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A little Collab • Meet Anatomie.

As you all know, Kim Brooks Style and Hip Travel Mama, Anne Taylor Hartzell, have been working together for the last year or so.  A few months back, Anne was in Toronto, Canada (my birth city, woot woot!) for a conference and was introduced to Anatomie.

Summer '13 Anatomie Catalog.

Summer ’13 Anatomie Catalog.

Anatomie is a Miami based clothing line, designed by Kate and Shawn Boyer, focused on high end performance workout and sports wear.  Both Kate and Shawn have backgrounds in creating clothing for the athletic world, him for hard to fit male athletes and her,  European teen gymnasts in high level competitions.  Their clothing line is sold through private rep showings, online, and in various high end retail establishments throughout the country.  Including one of my personal favorites, Rancho La Puerta Spa.

They connected with HipTravelMama,  Anne because part of their focus with their sportswear is that it makes easy travel wear, and they break down their various lines with specific destinations in mind.  Island Trip, NYC Business Trip, European Vacation, Safari, Yacht,  Yoga, and Ski.


Anne and I both thought this would be a fun line to check out and were excited when a box of Anatomie goodies were sent our way.  Being non-models, we thought we would road test the goods with a little photo shoot on everyday bods.  Anne being a runner and yoga guru, she took the sporty spice look and I went for everyday, let’s call me Sue. Or Kim.  Kim is fine.

 A little behind the scenes instagram for you:

photo-2 photo-3

In our box of goods, there were about 20 pieces from various collections and all were very well made and fabulous quality.  The fabrics are lightweight and easy to make compact for travel.  I have a lanky build and although I am not super tall, my legs from floor to waist line are 43″.   The full length pants in this line are long.  The waist also sits a little higher so if you have long legs and want full  coverage, these pants are for you.  There are several options in the cropped pant category as well.  As for shape, we only received pants that fell into the “skinny leg” category.  These pants are stretchy but being a lightweight fabric, they are not very forgiving.  If your legs are not your best asset, you may want to try another cut.  From the pamphlets, the Bianca yoga pants look amazing, I would like to give them a try.


I wore the above Skyler Skinny pant in both this Gray color, as well as Electric Blue.  I loved the side seam detail and great back pockets.  I am picky with pockets!


Anne is wearing the Pima Cotton Tank Top, the Cruiser Vest, and the Skinny Leg Pant.

Anne, having a more petite build, the pants still worked.  On site pant altering was needed, but still good.  The white is a tad sheer though, that would be the only downfall in that department.


Anne wearing the Mesh Blazer, Pima Cotton Basic Tank, and the Skinny Pant with Cargo Pockets.

Being Northwest gals, Anne and I both know the importance and local trend of layers.  Anatomie is good for that and provided lots of different, lightweight options.  The tanks were super soft and then this mesh jacket would be perfect for a hot day to evening transition or a by the sea breeze.


Anne is wearing the Lady Lugano Jacket and the Mesh Baseball Jacket.

The look above was Anne’s favorite , specifically the Lady Lugano Jacket.  Knowing the casual NW style around here, I know this  would get a daily workout in most women’s wardrobes.  Warm, comfortable, and stylish and the cowl like neck would certainly add some flair to the soccer mom uniform.  If it came in black, I would own it.


Kim is wearing the Abbe Leather Jacket with lycra panels and the Stretch Woven Skinny Pant.

And you know me and leather.  This Abbe leather jacket was my favorite.  Still casual with the perforation but I could wear this day to day with so much.  A fun and comfortable piece.

Overall, I think that if you are looking for a good quality line of clothing that is comfortable and well made, this is a line you should look into.  We were sent a lot of color, which Northwest folk tend to shy away from.  I would love to see some more of the neutrals and darks, as well as the cold weather wear since that is 80% of our world around here.  The line definitely feels suitable for a woman on the go, sporty vs. dressy.  Being a gal who loves the ease of a non-frilly dress, I would also love the opportunity to  see skirts and dresses first hand.  Especially for travel.

If you are interested in learning more about this line, please visit Anatomie here.

Thanks to Anatomie for letting us preview your line, to Shyn Midili for the photography, and last but not least, to the gorgeous Woodmark Hotel   in Kirkland, WA. for allowing us to snap our shoot in and around your property.


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Tuesday Tip – 7.23.13

I’ve never been a fan of rules per se.  I tend to be more of a guidelines kind of gal.

Although, when I recently had a peek at the book, “The Science of Sexy” by Bradley Bayou (a Hollywood Stylist), I agreed with his list of “Commandments”.  Below, I am listing his Top 10 (minus the thou shalt not’s) and adding a note or two of my own.

1) Choose the right Undergarments.

I wrote a Tuesday Tip about this here.  But it’s not just about the bra’s.  Also, keep in mind the panties and control garments as well.  Lines and bulges be gone!

before and after bra fitting

2) Choose the highest quality fabrics that you can afford.

While I agree with this statement when it comes to your classic pieces, I think it is a different story for your trendy add-in’s.  See rule #5.  High quality fabrics should be a given for your staple sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts, blouses, and boots/shoes.  All of them you ask?  No.  Just the core, classic pieces, you know you will wear for years to come.

3)Don’t force your figure into every style.

I think most people get this.  But occasionally we will see the 80 year old in short shorts, the large chested woman wearing a tube top, and the list goes on.  Learn what your assets are, what you deficits may be, and always keep both in mind while shopping.

4) Use your skin to your advantage.

Every client whose had me in their home, every audience member who has heard me speak, all of them have heard about showing some skin.  From me, specifically the area under your collarbone and above your cleavage.  Regardless of what is going on with the rest of your body, this is always a good area to share.  Expanding on that, if you have awesome arms, show them.  If your legs are luscious, share them.  Showing what you love detracts from the not so favorite spots.


5)Don’t buy big-ticket trendy items.

This ties in with suggestion #2.  If purple, zebra stripes are all the rage this fall and they incorporate your love of African wildlife and your all time fav color, you can’t possibly pass up the trend.  But even you will tire of this look before the season is up.  Buy it, wear it, but make sure you are finding it in a low priced, private label.

6) Select skinny fabrics and cuts.

Well, that depends on what you look you are going for.  If you have no curves, creating some with a heavier fabric is good.  But if you are trying to diminish the appearance of size, then yes, be careful with the fabrics you choose.

Color, pleating, pattern and sheen all play into this as well.  Let’s chat if you need further detail.


Heavy fabric adds weight to the wearer.

7) Ignore clothing tags, the fit is the thing.

Nobody is reading your size labels (well, maybe the dry cleaner) so who cares!  All designers label their sizes differently and honestly, just like age, it’s only a number.  Don’t get caught up in this and end up purchasing something that doesn’t fit.  A size too small ends up making you look larger than the one size up that fits.

8) Use Accessories.

You know I love this one!  Accessories show your personality and can completely alter an outfit.  Use them!  BTW, if you missed it, my most recent post on accessories is here.


9) Prints and Accessories must be in scale with the body.

 Balance your patterns and accessories using your build to scale.  Larger gals should not carry a tiny purse and petite women should avoid oversized everything.

10) Wear V-neck shapes!  It looks good on every woman.

Another point that all my clients hear.  A crew neck tee (specifically) only makes the chest area longer and with anyone who has boobies that have started Southbound, this is not a good look.  Open the area up, and show off that beautiful collarbone area.  This isn’t about massive cleavage either, just an open neckline vs. closed.

Open Neckline.

Open Neckline.

Closed Neckline.

Closed Neckline.


What do you think?  Do these rules, I mean guidelines, work for you?  Yes, no, maybe so?  Let us know.


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Friday Fashion – 7.19.13

Another good Friday in the sun.  Aren’t any sunny beginnings to the weekend good?  That should be automatic around the PNW.

You know how I LOVE having my photo taken?  Yea, not so much. Some people actually believe I like attention but I truly don’t.

I am a behind the scenes gal.  Then I can be as goofy and inappropriate as I feel.  And I am.

I bring this up because today I don’t actually have a camera in my possession.  Let’s just say it got left on a getaway and is taking the long way home.  Today’s photos brought to you by iPhone.



Heading out for a casual beverage and dinner with my highschool bestie who is in town for a certain sale.  Love silk as an option for a warm night.  Cool and comfortable.

Outfit: Earrings: old (similar), Top: Helmut Lang (similar), Silk Pants : L’Agence (similar), Sandals: Jeffery Campbell (similar), Bracelets: Forever 21 (here), Cami: Free People (here).

Have a great weekend!

xo K.

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Nordstrom – Not all Rant-like….

As 99.9% of you probably know, today is the last day of pre-sale for the semi-annual Nordstrom sale.  I’m sure many of you have scoured your catalog, done a little in store time, perhaps some late night internet and found some finds.

Every year I go on my Nordstrom sale rant about be careful of what you buy.  Stick to the basics.

Undies, athletic wear, beauty items.

Kids shoes.

I’ve had a peek at the sale this year.  I may or may not have purchased.

Two comments.


If you see the BOLD, stand out piece that is just SO different, don’t buy it.


If  you find a great piece you’ve been wanting to try at a FABULOUS price, go for it.  A piece that could be from anywhere, that can be changed up, styled a thousand ways and would in no way scream that you, your neighbor, your hair dresser, your nail gal, your librarian and your Great Aunt Sue all bought at the same sale.  Perfect.

The End.

PS:  Neither of the photos shown are sale items.  Sweater, vintage.  Pants, unknown.

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Tuesday Tips 7.16.13


This week’s tip is dedicated to the jewels.  If you have been following along for awhile or hired me in one capacity or another, you already know that I think accessories are so VERY important.  Not talking just high end, pricey, Liz Taylor jewels but really any pieces that show your personality from Claire’s to David Yurman, Tiffany’s, and Harry Winston.  If you take 1000 people in the exact same tee and pair of faded, blue levi’s or a simple, black dress and have each person accessorize to show their personality, you will get 1000 different looks.  Accessorizing is a great thing.

Kelly Wearstler Ring

Kelly Wearstler Ring

And having your bracelets, necklaces, and rings hidden in your safety deposit box or at the back of your bottom sock drawer, you are not thinking about them.  And you won’t wear them.  So what to do?


Chanel Cuffs

If you don’t have a home that comes with a built in jewelry system in your gorgeous custom closet, there are many other options to do the trick from budget to bold in pricing.

Pottery Barn ring and bracelet cloches

Pottery Barn ring and bracelet cloches

4 tier tower from Linens n' Things.

4 tier tower from Linens n’ Things.

Although there are many towers and mini cabinet options, I’m not a huge fan.  Again, out of sight, out of mind.  If you are not in the habit of needing an accessory before you walk out the door, the likelihood of you opening that cabinet is slim.  Make new habits you want in your life, easy and accessible.

Jute or velvet covered stands you can buy in any craft store.

Jute or velvet covered stands you can buy in any craft store.


If you like DIY, you can choose your frame size and color:

Pin Board in an oversized frame.

Pin Board in an oversized frame.

I love the look of jewels in antique bowls or on trays, although it does take up a lot of counter space.



I thought this looks like a great idea.  Jewels on hooks behind a hinged mirror.


And of course, the most basic set up’s.  From tie racks and hangers, to hanging jewelry racks and more:

3M hooks from the hardware store.

3M hooks from the hardware store.

S Hooks and a curtain rod.

S Hooks and a curtain rod.

A stick and string.  Collect a great piece from the beach.

A stick and string. Collect a great piece from the beach.

See any ideas to inspire your jewelry display?  How do you store yours?



*Photos unmarked are from Pinterest and were unlabeled*

**Also, of course tuck away your special pieces as people are always concerned with a break in, this is more meant for your fun, day to day goodies**

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Friday Fashion – 7.12.13

I’m always happy on a Friday as I am a weekend fan but this one is extra YEAH status as I am headed out of town with a bestie.

Girl time, chill time, sunshine time, and a glass of vino or two.  Can you feel my smile from there?





Let the silliness begin!!!  Happy weekend!

Outfit today: Top: Sample Sale (similar), Skirt: (similar), Hoop Earrings: Stella & Dot, Sandals: Old Target (similar), Jacket: Forever 21 (here).

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Fall into Faux….

So this evening I was strolling through my neighborhood Target and what should I see?

Pre-fall peeks from Mossimo.


Bad photo but a quilted faux leather jacket and skirt.  The jacket is $39.99 and the skirt is $24.99.

Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas (KB)

Of course, this reminded me of the Polyvore set I just put together for a client on how to wear a leather mini.  Perfect timing wouldn’t you say?


Target also had pieces in this collection that were mixed fabric with some faux leather like this cardi for $27.99.  As well as a python print dress (seen on the right side of the first photo) with a faux leather waist band at the same price.

I’ve made it quite clear that I am a leather (faux included) lovah, will you try this trend come fall?  Maybe sooner?

You can get the Target jacket here, the skirt here, the cardi here and the dress here.

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Tuesday Tip – 7.9.13

Today’s tip is an exciting one.  Well, maybe not exciting but definitely a good one.

With all the closets I find myself in, I tend to see a lot of very varied closet organization and maintenance.  Sweaters hung, college sweats in prime wardrobe real estate and shoes buried in piles beneath bags.  You know, real life.

While I give my clients many pieces of advice on this, some pointers taking up more room than others, there is one bit that we can all use.  Bare bones advice. Get some good hangers.


Not only is having an entire closet in matching hangers more  visually pleasing, it is also helpful for space saving, organization and outfit planning.


I’ve thrown all of my wire, plastic and miscellaneous options in the recycle and replaced them with  these velvet numbers.  No longer do I have clothes that have slipped off the hanger and gotten tangled and lost at the bottom of my closet.  As well my closet is less jumbled, more uniform.


If you can find this version with the tab on top of the hanger, even better.   It allows you to do some outfit planning ahead of time.


Here, I have picked out my jacket, my blouse and my jewels that I want to wear.  I could layer it another level and add a skirt or pant to the mix as well.  Perfect thing to do when you have a spurt of inspiration and 20 mins of free time.  No more guessing what the heck you are going to wear at the last minute on a Monday morning.


And finally, for all of us who don’t have a built in jewelry drawer in our closet, meet your perfect necklace and bracelet buddy.  If your necklaces are tucked away in a box somewhere, you won’t be inspired to use them in your fashion mix.  Keep a couple of these tie hangers at the end of your closet with all of your favorites hanging from them.  That way they will be at the ready to grab a jewel or two and top your outfit with the perfect something.

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