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Friday Fashion – 6.28.13


The sun finally came out today.  WAHOO!

Although I had a ton of work to do on the computer, I could not deny my people some time at the pool.

We packed up our towels, threw on our suits and away we went.


Because we were going to a private pool, real clothes aren’t needed, so a cover-up, some flip flops and a hat were perfect.

At the end of the day, I may seem even more casual then my run to the pool. Yes, my hair is even still wet.   It is Friday, it is still hot out and I will be spending my evening at a baseball field and then hoping on finding some beverage on some outside deck to end the day.  Nothing fancy about tonight.






Hope you have a fabulous weekend and get some time to spend outside!


Pool Cover-up: H&M (similar), Flip Flops: J.Crew (similar), Baseball Cap: Target (here), Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs (similar),Ombre Swimsuit:  (similar).

Tee-Shirt: Project Social (here), Skirt: Target (here), Sandals: Jeffery Cambell Nena 2 (similar), Silver Bracelet: Gift (similar), Hematite Beads: Unknown (similar).


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Tuesday Tip – Can I wear these???

This week I am answering a question about shorts.  How short is too short and what is appropriate for what?  As always, there are exceptions to the rule but these tips are not for those.

There aren’t hard set rules about this, it really comes down to a few things.

 1)Your legs.

2) Your comfort level.

3) Oh, and of course class.

16 -24: Do what you want.  You are only young once, go for it!  Do remember the class thing though, it is important.


25-35: Keep in mind your legs and also think about the skirts you wear.  Don’t go any shorter on your shorts than you would a skirt.  And shorts in the evening tend to look better in dressier or heavier fabrics.  Don’t wear the short you’ve worn to the beach to an evening out on the town.



36-55: Supposedly we are a little more mature at this age (I’m fighting that) and perhaps our shorts should be a little more grown up.  Once again it comes down to your comfort level with your legs and keeping it classy.



56+: Shorts are  allowed.  Visualize Arizona.  Lots of 60 year olds in warm weather and not overheating in full length pants.  At this point, upper legs have changed but for those who are active, calves tend to still look great.  I think of all the fabulous golf length shorts and they are perfect.  Aim for no shorter than 1 inch above the knee.


Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 6.05.39 PM

I would love to hear your thoughts on short length.  Are you one that is wearing more conservative short lengths at a younger age?  Or perhaps the other way around.  Rocking hot pants for a bridge game.  Do share!



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Friday Fashion, etc. – 6.21.13

Happy Weekend and first day of Summer.  Although it is more Junuary than just plain ole June.  Cue the sunshine Maestro!

I’ve been a little slow on the posting this week, busy with the end of the school year and clients.  My littles are officially done for the summer.   If I seem a tad quieter than normal over the next week or so, you will know why.

Did you see the post I did for Hip Travel Mama today?  Dressing for the Fair.

Fair Wear - What to wear when visiting the fair....
To see the corresponding blog post, check it out here.
I’ve been really drawn to the denim and tank thing lately, I guess it is my pre-amp to summer clothing.  Once it truly gets warm, I will be living in dresses.  I’m completely feeling that look this summer.  I did get rid of a lot of my summer dresses though so I am on the lookout for some great maxi dresses.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.  Have a good one!
Jacket: JCP Jr’s slashed to sell (similar) 0r (similar), Tee: Off a truck in Fremont (similar), Jeans: Blank NYC (here), Shoes: same as last week, from His & Her Lane (similar), Ring: Vegas (dream option) or (similar), Earrings: Forever 21 (similar) or (similar).
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Tuesday Tip – 6.18.13

Although I have received several notes from you for Tuesday Tips Topics, I thought I would finish what I started first.


Remember this?  It got all kinds of attention and everyone wanted suggestions as to where to get a pale pink blazer.  In all of those requests, were two (from the same person) for some skinny black crops to finish the look out.  This one is for you Y!!!

The actual tip part of this post is when looking for the right crop, the shorter they are, the more casual they become.  The really cropped pairs, less fitted, more on the baggy side are really the summer version of the “Mom Jean”.  Keep them long and lean for the most polished and versatile look.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 6.52.54 PM

Vince Camuto




These are on sale for a fab price! J.Crew

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 7.02.34 PM

Michael Michael Kors



One can never go overboard on a great pair of black pants, they will be in your wardrobe long term.  Keep those Tuesday Tip questions coming, I love getting requests for the things you want to know.

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Friday Fashion – 6.14.13

After receiving some photo shoot pics back from a recent shoot I styled (it’s on FB and soon to be under my Styling tab), I was loving on my Stones tee that I picked up for the shoot.  Feeling edgy and a little rocker, today was that day it was to be worn.


It wasn’t anywhere near warm today so I needed layering.  A cami, the sleeveless tee and my mixed fabric jacket.  I have had this baby well over 3 years now and I never tire of it.  This leather combo piece is the perfect example of an item to spend more money on as it will be in my wardrobe for a long time to come.  The whole cost per use thing.



Notice the funky heel on my shoes. It is like the designer took the thing and twisted it a quarter turn.  A little detail to make them different.  That is what I like.




Big hoops and big rings are the perfect accessory.  No necklace needed, it would only compete with the tee shirt graphics.


Well, I’m off to start my weekend.  Hope you have a good one!


Outfit Details

Earrings: Macy’s (similar) , Cami: Dream (similar), Rolling Stones Tank: TJMaxx (similar), Jeans: Bliss (similar), Shoes: Him&HerLane (similar) or (similar), Jacket: Funktional (Similar
) or  (Similar), Bulb Ring: Michael Kors (Similar) or (Similar) or (Similar), Dotted Ring: Unknown (similar) or (similar)

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Tuesday Tips – 6.11.13

Feet.  Or more specifically footwear.

I received a question about summer footwear for men.  What kind should they wear with shorts?  Here goes:

Let’s start by addressing  the whole croc, athletic shoe with sock thing.


I can already hear men I know saying “I happen to like my _________ with shorts and I don’t care what people think”.  Obviously this post is not for you.  Although your significant other may have been the one to ask the question. Just saying.  BTW, the picture above is a no.

Every body has there comfort levels and as I always preface my recommendations with there are always exceptions to the rule.


This combo works for truly casual.  Although the jury is out on the color.

Black socks with sandals man09062007-M





No.  On so many levels.

Alexander Skarsgard Leaving Equinox Gym In West Hollywood



And no.

1) This may start around college with guys wearing flip flops with everything unless it snows.   Once they graduate they feel they need to move up the rung to crocs and it begins.  Easy shoes just become too easy.

2) Folks in the medical/dental/lab fields have to wear this type of shoe to work.  They forget to change.  Eventually they forget they own other shoes.

3) Daddyville.  Kind of like the “I never get out of my yoga pants” version the women are suffering from.

4) I have ___________problem with my feet.  I need the support.

The first 3 are just a mind set and it can be changed.  As Nike says, “Just do it”.  For the fourth, there are plenty of shoes that are prettier and that offer support.  You may have to spend a little more to get the right arch support, etc.  but aren’t your “one pair of feet for life” worth it?

Wondering what you do wear?  I put a little chart together to answer that very question.

Men's Shoe and Short Chart
For those that have asked and even those who haven’t, I hope this helps your summer time feet.
PS:  When removing your feet from their winter lair for the first time, be sure to give those tootsies some TLC before sharing them with the world.
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Him and Her Lane…

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that your Monday is off to a good start.  A couple of weeks back, I mentioned to be on the look out for a new store within a store coming to Fremont.  That store is Him and Her Lane and it opened in the back of Bliss on June 1st.


I had wanted to go earlier but finally got a chance to have a peek yesterday.  I was surprised at the variety of options for both men and women with more shipments coming in over the next two weeks.


While there was plenty of good for women, I focused my photos on the men’s gear as this is something new for the entire area. These and other great graphic tees are priced at $38.


These hoodies were AMAZING.  So soft cozy, I would almost say one could live in one.  But you know how I feel about actually getting out of your comfies now and again!!!  These were priced at $68.


Another so soft staple were these men’s v -neck tees.  Great for layering but also thick enough to wear on there own.  These were priced at $28.88.  The shirts behind them were the highest in the stores price range at $118.  Although I am sharing the pieces I know the men directly around me would wear, there are definitely more funky and hipster pieces as well.  Something for everyone.


The men’s shoe selection was a group of fun, casual footwear with fabulous pricing.  $48 – $68 depending on the style and sized up to a men’s 12.   Not shown were a collection of men’s denim and pants that would also be great wardrobe additions and also coming in at a perfect price point of $48.


We can’t not include a peek at the women’s shoes.  These Chanel’esque boots were super cute on, very comfy, and waterproof.  The other one in the picture has a Valentino stud feel.  These and other shoes are different from what you normally see and all of them are priced at $48.  Even I had to get in on the footwear and found this little black strappy pair.


They have a rounded pointy toe (does that make sense?), 3 bucked straps and a chunky, non-typical heel that I will hold off sharing until a Friday Fashion.  Aren’t they cute?

Besides all that I have mentioned, Him and Her Lane also have women’s shorts (one pair is the sexiest version of acid wash that I ever did see) starting at $38, belts for $18, and bags for $38+.  Not to mention skirts, dresses, and all kinds of accessories.

So next time you are in Fremont, be sure to pop into the back of Bliss, say hi to Lauren in Him and Her Lane.

PS:  Lots of new goodness in Dream (including Joes Jeans) and Bliss (Maxi Dresses galore)  as well.

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Friday’ish Fashion 6.7.13 and such….

WAHOO, it’s Friday.  I’m ready for the weekend, what about you?

So, although I’m supposed to show you Friday’s fashion on Friday, this week it is Thursday’s instead.  Crazy busy day today so I got ahead of the game last night.

In lieu of Friday Fashion...

I had some pulling to do for today’s photo shoot, I met a bestie for lunch, and then, you guessed it, more baseball.  I went most of the day without needing the jacket but had it along just in case.  Always prepared for the chilly.

Jacket: mine is Target, one above (here), Top: CAbi (similar), Boyfriend Jeans: mine are (Blank NYC), one above (Abercrombie) or (similar), Sandal: Jeffrey Campbell, similar (here) or (here), Sunnies: Marc Jacobs (here), Neon Watch:, one above (here), Purse: mine is Bliss (in Fremont), one above Stella McCartney (here) or (similar), Earrings: mine are Macy’s, pair above are (here) or (similar).

Today, I won’t have a chance to get my picture taken.  Work tasks, photo shoot in Seattle and yet another baseball game.  Speaking of photo shoots, I want to share a couple with you.  Remember that edgy one I did back in February?  I can finally share some of that:




These photos were taken by Mcklyn Cole, MUA: Melissa Korn, Hair: Jaclyn Beith, Models: Anna Sofie, Matt L,  Andy R (SMG), and wardrobe and concept by moi.

IMG_6489 copy

IMG_6837 copy

IMG_7060 copy

This shoot took place last Friday in Fremont and the photos were taken by Austin McCoy.  The model is Luiza (SMG), the MUA is Lis Krebs, hair by Monique Wilson, and wardrobe by me.  I will be updating my styling page over the next week or so with these and many more, be sure to check it out.

And finally speaking of checking it out, new month, new color for Pinterest.  Blue.  For all the blue sky I am hoping to see in June.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 11.51.01 PM

Huffington Post must have had a peek as they put the Kim Brook Style boards in their list of Pinterest Accounts to follow for the FOURTH time.  Awesome!!!

That concludes my share for this Friday.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend in the sunshine!


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Where have you been and Stylish Seattle Profile #3…

Hello!  I’ve been an absent blogger this past week.  Crazy busy with photo shoots (will be sharing soon!) galore and the end of the school year activities.  And let’s not forget about Little League.  Normally today would be Tuesday Tips but I am skipping that in order to bring you the June “Stylish Seattle.  Our profile #3 belongs to Kris Orlowski.  I’m sure most of you have heard of him and his music , if not here is your introduction.

Kris Solo 3 - smaller

I was first introduced to Kris via this video  (updated version),which still remains one of my favorite songs of his, when a friend referred him for a party I was hosting.  I feel so privledged to have had Kris and his bandmates play a private concert in my home, especially  now that he is THE guy and touring both the US and Canada.  And he couldn’t be more kind and humble, such a great person.

Kris was gracious enough to take time out on the road to give us a little insight into his world:


  • A lot of people move to Seattle.  Where are you from?

I’m originally from Bellingham.  A special lady brought me down to Seattle one summer. We didn’t make it, but have remained friends and Seattle has become a place I love to come home to.

  • What is your favorite afternoon or midnight snack?

Green drinks. All. The. Time.

 •What is your favorite color?


 •When you travel, what are your “must haves” in your suitcase?

Toothbrush, Headphones, Surface Pro

•Favorite clothing brand(s)?

Anything from Moksha in the U-district.

•Favorite bar or restaurant in the Greater Seattle area?

Shanghai Gardens/Healeo/Honey Hole

• Favorite place to travel to, within the US?

New York

•Favorite International Destination?


•Favorite beverage or cocktail?

Macallan 12 year

•Whose style inspires you?

My bass player Tyler Carroll

•Favorite genre of music or musician?

Thom Yorke, James Mercer, Sufjan Stevens

•Favorite item in your wardrobe?

1960s Peacoat

•Vintage or new?


•Chocolate , vanilla, or strawberry?

All of the above

•Tea or coffee?

Herbal tea

•If you could have one style item (fashion, décor, beauty) free of charge, what would it be?

Probably free pants. Pants are pretty underrated.

Kris Solo 2

•What occasion do you enjoy dressing up for?

Weddings, Dinner at Canlis and shows at the Triple Door.

•Favorite beauty item (makeup, skincare, or fragrance)?

Tom Ford Cologne

•Favorite magazine?

GOOD Magazine

•Favorite home cooked meal?

My guitar player Mark Isakson makes an amazing Frittata.

•If you weren’t doing what you are now, what would your career be?

I would be running my own philanthropy organization in the developing world.

•The book about your life would be titled _________________________?

The Adventures of Babysitting

•Best style tip you can share?

A pair of nice shoes can really up the ante on your look. (I totally agree Kris!!!)

•What inspires you? 

Creating – Whether it is a song, story, moment on stage, or watching others doing the same.

Thank you for sharing Kris!!!  To learn more about his music and concert dates, be sure to check out his website at:

Photo Credits: Jenny Jimenez

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