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Friday Fashion – 5.30.13

Yaaaaa!  The sunshine has made an appearance.  What a great way to end the week.

So today was a day of  gathering clothes for a photo shoot I have tomorrow, a little lunch with a good friend and basic running around.  Looking forward to more baseball, a photo shoot in Fremont, and a dance recital this weekend.  What about you?




Sunnies: Aldo (same), Denim Shirt: Zara (similar), Tank: Old Navy (similar), Pants: Current/Elliott (here), Shoes: TJ Maxx (similar), Watch: (similar).

Happy weekend everyone.

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Tuesday Tips – 5.28.13

2 • 4 • 6 • 8, who do we appreciate??

The number of women who are actually shopping for these sizes in the US is very limited.  Several reports I’ve read, have the average American woman wearing a size 14.  Not only do we have the women who are looking for larger sizes, they are also some naturally petite women who have just as much of a challenge to find things that fit. Petite is labelled as anyone under 5’5″ through google but other sources have it labelled as 5’3″ or under.    Ladies wearing the larger sizes are in search of good design past size 12 and those on the other end of the spectrum are trying desperately not to have to shop in the kids department.


Tuesday Tip, where to shop for these sizes.


1) Ann Taylor.

When this store was rebranded, they really thought to include a large range of women.  Size XXS to XL, size 00-18, and also a full Petite department as well as a full Tall department, with each having the same size range as the regular height merchandise.  For even more options, Ann Taylor Loft has the same sizing as it’s original store.

2) Banana Republic

While Banana is not offering quite the range that AT is, they still have a good offering.  Regular height is 0-16, Petite is XXS – Large/00-14, and Tall has Small – XL / 2-16.

3) Anthropologie

Another store has gotten on the bandwagon of assisting smaller women with not having to live at their alterationists’.  They are now carrying over 200 designs where the sleeve length, the knee placement, necklines, armholes, inseams, and waistlines have been altered for a better fit. Within the Petite Sizing, items are sized 00-12 and the Regular Sizing, the range is 0-14.

4) Macy’s

Although this isn’t always everyones favorite stop to shop (due to some minor chaos), there are always finds here.  The Petite section carries XS-18, Regular carries 2-18, and the Plus sized department has 0X-3X.  INC has always been a brand that fits petites well, definitely one to check out.  As for the Plus sizing, Michael for Michael Kors has some great pieces.

5) Land’s End

While this might not sound like the height of fashion for you, LE is a great online stop for basics.  From bathing suits, to cardi’s, to skirts, pants, and shorts, there are sizes for everyone.  In Petite they offer sizes 2-16, in Regular they offer 2-18, they have Tall in 2-18, and Plus sized in 14W-26W.  Not only that, they bathing suits offer a variance of cup sizes: Regular, D, DD, DDD, and Mastectomy.

6) Eddie Bauer

Another place to shop for basics.  They carry Petite (XS-XL), Regular (XS-XXL), Tall (M-XXL) and Plus (16W-24W).

7) J.Crew

While I LOVE J.Crew, they are a store that is definitely cut a little narrower than standard fare.  How I fit their clothes depends on the given piece.  They do carry Petite sizes (recommended for 5′ – 5’4″) from 00-12, Regular sizes in 00-14 / XXS-XL, Tall (recommended for 5’9″ – 6’0′) in 2-14.  They also have an online section for Size 16 and an online shoe section for sizes 5 and 12.

8) J.C.Penny or now JCP

One more place that is great for basics and fabulous pricing.  Petite sizes in XS-SL, Regular in 2-16/18 (depending on the piece), Tall in 2-16/18, and Plus size in 1X-3X.

9) Talbot’s

Great quality, more of a classic look, Talbot’s has a fabulous range of sizes as well.  Although not Tall, they do carry the following:  x-3x for Plus and 0-22 for Petites. The Regular sizing at Talbots is 2-20.

10) Zara

Sadly, this brand from Spain does not carry larger sizes, hopefully someday.  In the meantime, those who are narrow, this shop is for you.  With their European cut’s, their clothing is much narrower than the standard American brands we are used to.  Being a “regular” sized person, I always have to go up a size or two to get things to fit.  So for the tiny out there, this is your place to shop.  The sizing is labelled  XS-XL but I think it is safe to say that an XL equates to an American 10/12.  While these sizes aren’t officially Petite and you may still have to hem for length, the cuts and width will fit you.


**Too much reading?  Top picks for Plus would be Ann Taylor and Macy’s, Petite would be Anthropologie, INC brand (Macy’s) and Zara.

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West Seattle Pac Sun’ish Shoot






I’m updating my Styling page today and adding these photos to the mix.  Looking out at the gray skies, these warm weather pics are making me remember our quick Seattle summer that happened a few weeks back, while shooting this youthful, beach style theme.

The shoot took place near Alki Beach and the details are as follows:  Model: Samantha V. (SMG), Photographer: Mike Diep, MUA/Hair: Shyn Midili, and Wardrobe: Me.

 I’ve been promising to share the results of my more edgy shoot for quite some time, still awaiting some editorial decisions, hopefully I can share them soon.

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Friday Fashion 5.24.13

Hey All!  Hope you each had a good week.  For those who know me personally, you know that I spent a lot of the week in the bleachers at Little League Baseball games.  Much of the same is on the schedule for the weekend.  What about you?  Are you headed out of town?  Any big BBQ’s for Memorial Day?  Although I didn’t grow up here and the Holiday I am used to is Remembrance Day, it means the same and it is important for us all to be grateful for those who have served in their countries military to protect our freedoms.  Thank you!




Sunglasses: Target (here), Cardigan: Canada (similar), Linen Tank: Zara (similar), Brown Tank: Banana Republic (here), Necklace: Stella & Dot (similar), Coral Jeans: Kris& (here), Booties: Felmini (here)

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Thursday Things. A few fyi’s.

7552835bee96b6b390c84cd54d206e06I wish I could be posting some fabulous warm weather outfits to be wearing this coming Memorial Day weekend but the forecasts are looking like it will be a denim and tee kinda of dress code.

Memorial Day Weekend - Seattle version.
Yellow Jacket: Trent Rain Coat (here), Coral Jacket: Summer Featherweight Jacket (here), Army Green Jacket: Tie Waist Parka (here), Boyfriend Jean: Ex-boyfriend crop (here), No Boyfriend Tank: Muscle Tee (here), Striped Tee: Three Quarter Sleeved Tee (here), Gray Tee: Heathered Linen V-neck (here),  White Sneakers: Chuck Taylor Low All Star (here),  Navy Wedge: Seville Espadrille (here), Orange Bangle: Classic Wide Bangle (here), Leather bracelet: ZAD Antique Bar Cuff (here), Gold Ring: Large Interwoven Ring (here).


As I am sure many of you know, the Half Yearly Sale at Nordstrom has begun.  A reminder that I send out every six months, shop carefully.  This is an awesome sale to snap up your basics from denim, to athletic wear, undergarments, and cosmetics.  Do I recommend that you purchase that “OMG, I just love this animal printed, chevron, ruched waisted dress in turquoise, tan and fuschia!!!!!  It is so different, I’ve never seen anything like it!!!!” No.  Why, you ask?  Because the first time you wear this new wonder and show up at a ladies lunch, a PTSA meeting, the local QFC, or your office, you won’t be the only one wearing it.  Woh Woh Wohhhhhhhhh.  You weren’t the only one thinking those fab things about this dress.  I won’t say anymore about that.  Also, do take a list of those basics that you do need so that you don’t get out of control and do the Costco deal type shopping.


Our good friends over in Fremont, Dream and Bliss, have got a new concept store that will be alive and kicking on June 1st.  Employee, Lauren and her fiancee, have worked a deal with owners John and Neil, to take over half of the Bliss space with a pop up store within a store named “Him and Her Lane”.   Lauren has been in the biz for a long time and has been running an online store but they were ready to take this concept to a brick and mortar.  This store will have not only women’s clothes but  offerings for men as well.  These pieces will be fun, current trends to add to you and your man’s wardrobe at the same great prices you’ve come to know at Dream and Bliss.   New look, new decor, mark your calendar and be sure to check it out.

Hope you are having a great day despite the gray!


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Tuesday Tip – 5.21.13 – The do’s and don’ts of sheer…

The Sheer Trend.  When and how to wear it without sharing what you’d rather not.


Hopefully those of you who saw my FB post from yesterday asking about sheer and how you wore it, knew that I was not suggesting the above look to be something we are striving for.  It is however a current dress for sale for, by a designer, for a very high price.  Save your dollars.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 12.25.16 PM

Sophie Shirt

This blouse would be a perfect look for not only work but also play.  Throw on a  taupe silk/poly cami underneath and pair it with a favorite trouser or skirt for work.  For downtime this shirt would look equally as great with some boyfriend jeans, unbuttoned a few with a dark cami underneath and some booties or oxfords as it would with dark skinnies, a pair of heels and a black bandeau, lace bra or cami.


Knot Back Maxi Dress

As for the Semi’s, as in part of an apparel item is sheer, part opaque, it depends on the piece. The dress above, and while there are always exceptions to the rule, should generally be left for the under 25 crowd.  Unless you are going funky (read artsy), there is no good way to dress this dress. The image that comes to mind is this being worn in a hot, beach town with flip flops.   It is super casual, period.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 4.42.04 PM

Sheer Paneled Chiffon Shirt

This semi is a perfect choice for office or play.  It is conservative enough for work but can go anywhere a black shirt would be used.  Just a lighter, cooler, version.

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 5.27.13 PM

Chevron Print Sheer Yoke Top

While the tops and dresses with the sheer top panel can be cute, they are harder to wear only because of the strap situation.  The best way to wear this number is with a strapless bra.  The problem then is that once you get up into the larger chest sizes, support and coverage can be iffy.  One could wear a tank under this type of top but it does make it even more casual and takes away from the overall look.


Rope Stripe Maxi Dress

Hold up!  This is totally sheer you say?  Yes.  But, not only can it be used as a fabulous beach or poolside coverup, you could also buy an inexpensive thin strapped tank dress or chemise in navy to create a breezy, everyday dress.  Examples of those underpinnings would be:

Here, Here, or Here

Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 4.51.57 PM

Kensie Chiffon Blouse

Final tip.  Building your selection of cami’s (both dressy and cotton) is important in any women’s wardrobe.  All of them add an extra layer of protection from showing skin you don’t want to but only the right fabric and color will make your outfit.  To keep the top above casual, they have added a white cami.  This screams bad choice to me.  Instead of seeing the pretty top, all I can see is the white tank.  Always have a good nude option or the other choice would be a carefully matched tone on tone of the given top.  Standard cotton for a dressed down look, silk or poly for dress up.

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Saturday Stuff – 5.18.13

In jeans, a sweater and a puffer vest, (I just want the sun back!) I thought I would share a few things.

I don’t often talk about beauty products as I am truly low maintenance in that department and I leave it to the experts, but I found something I have to share.  I rarely paint my fingernails as I am always using my hands and the polish, without a doubt is peeling within a day.  Recently, my mom brought me a nail product that her nail gal swore by and so I thought I would give it a try.


The new product is the one in the middle.  My little experiment was to put the DL base/top coat on one hand, the Orly Bonder on the other.  I then painted both with the Essie color and then finished both with another coat of the DL base/top coat.  After 36 hours, this is what happened.


Not one chip on my right hand. And I am right handed.  Sold!


Get it here.

Next up, Hip Travel Mama, Anne Taylor Hartzell and I went shopping.  She needed some new looks for some upcoming appearances. Because she is in front of the camera so often, and one can only wear the same thing in so many combinations without being a repeat, we like to find some deals.  Yesterday was a score.


3 brand name dresses, 2 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, 1 ring, and an Italian pair of shoes.  The shoes alone retail for over $200.  The grand total for this haul?  $267.  And you wouldn’t even believe what we got the shoes for!!!  Keep an eye on Hip Travel Mama’s site to see these outfits in action.

And finally, do you remember this picture?


I had posted this on FB a couple of weeks back for outfit inspiration and many of you really liked this look.  In fact, one client “W”, decided she needed to add this look to her wardrobe.   Here are her two versions she put together:


And then she also put together a version without the stripes.


To get this look for yourself:

Striped Blazer: Bar III (here), White Eyelet Top: Ann Taylor (here), Green Skirt: Talbot’s (here), Black Cardi: Nordstrom (similar), Necklace: Stella and Dot (similar), Watch: Burgi (similar), Shoes: similar (option 1), (option 2) or spendy (option 3).

If you need assistance with putting outfits together or sourcing some fabulous deals, give me a call.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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Friday Fashion 5.17.13

Here we are again.  So glad it’s Friday, this week was a weird one.


This is what we’ve got for photos this week.  When an 11 year old is in charge of the camera….

Friday Fashion - What I wore

Client time, shopping, and office work today.  Above are the pieces involved.  Next up is a Little League Playoff Baseball game.  It hasn’t gotten sunny like I had hoped so a quick change into something a tad warmer before I go.  What are you up to this weekend?

Hope it’s a good one!

Earrings: Target (similar), Top: Hinge (here), Cami: Dream, Fremont (similar), Jean: CAbi “Farrah”, Shoe: Steven by Steve Madden.


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Loafing Around….

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.12.53 PMProspector Oxfords (here)

Loafers for women are a really big deal right now.   They have been before and they will be again.  I personally tend to shy away from them a bit, as many look quite heavy and honestly, a tad masculine. Recently a client of mine made me take another look at them though, with her couple of pairs that have a kiltie up front.  You know that golf shoe leather flap to cover the laces.    Another way to lighten the look is cutouts on the side, like the pair above.


Hinge Fraser Oxford (here)

Last week, while shopping, a clerk in a clothing store had the ones above on with a floral skirt and they looked adorable.  The color and simplicity made them look light.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.17.44 PM

Mesh Owen Oxfords (here)

These next two pair also do the same trick with mesh sides (above) and less open cutouts (below).

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.29.22 PM

Sam Edelman Jayden Oxfords (here)

What do you think?  Are you a brogue/oxford/loafer wearing gal?  Do these lighter options appeal to you?  Feedback away!

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What I wore in this wacky weather…

So, you finally got your winter clothes sorted, washed and put away.  Out came the shorts and tanks and it was lovely.  For one week.  And then today happened.  A plethora of weather occurring all day long.  What didn’t we see in the sky???

I had office work, a lunch out, and some errands.  This is what I went with:

What I wore today
Everything is exact to my outfit, other than the jewels.  They are close matches though.
Denim Jacket: Forever 21 (here), Top: RACHEL Rachel Roy Zipper Shoulder Top (here), Pant: Current/Elliott Army (here), Booties: Felmini (here), Cami: Dream, Fremont (similar), Ring: (similar), Necklace: Fantasy Jewelry Box (similar)
What did you wear today?
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