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Tuesday Tips – 5.30.13

Today I thought I would answer one of the questions that have recently been posed to me via FB and blog messages.  Thanks for asking the questions, always keep them coming!  If you’ve asked, it will be in an upcoming post soon!

” So my darling “fash”maven….. Do you have any insider hints on where to get great men’s eyewear and also prescriptions filled —–at discount???? …….. ;)”   – G.C.


Well Miss G, the immediate thought of the top of my head is Eye Society.  They have two locations, one in Bellevue and one in Mill Creek and I just love them.  This is by no means sponsored, my family and I have been using them forever and I have recommended them to my clients who are looking for something different.  One male client who works in the tech industry got the most amazing red frames.  I spoke with Gila (the owner) today and they are having a sale in the month of May.  It will start in the middle of the month and go for a couple of weeks.  20% off all prescription/frame orders.  Also, they will be having a Anne et Valentin Trunk Show on 5.31 + 6.1 from 10am-5pm in Bellevue and if you want something really artsy, this will be your vendor.  They take insurance and have an onsite optometrist.


As far as some real deals go, I have heard nothing but great stories about using the Costco Optical Department.  Large selection, knowledgable staff. optometrists, and we all know Costco pricing.

A non traditional way to get glasses is Warby Parker.  This company feels like it is geared to the 40 and under crowd who are looking for convenience, good quality, and the give back.  Much like Tom’s, WP does a buy one/give one program so that every time you buy a pair, one is donated to someone in need.  Also, you choose some frames online, they ship them to you, you ship them back with the “chosen pair”, they do your prescription and then back they come to you.  At very affordable prices.


The last place I know about but personally don’t know anyone who’s used them is Rivet&Sway.  Although only for women, they offer a similar service as WP, a little more color, and a flat fee of $199.


Hope this was helpful.  If you know of any fab eyeglass place that has not been mentioned, please let us know in the comments below!!

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Feeling this….



I came across this beauty yesterday and it left me in a state of stripes.  Crisp, cool, and fresh.

Some casual options in stripes for you:


Felicity & Coco Strapless Dress


Issac Mizrahi Fit and Flare Dress


Aqua Maxi Dress

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Fashion Friday 4.26.13

Hallelujah.  I needed this weekend to come.  Hoping the sunshine will stick around for some Vitamin D action.  Any bigs plans on your end?








A mix of old and new here and the funny thing is, is that the Camo pants are the oldest of the lot.  A friend opened a store a number of years ago, I am guessing 6, and I picked them up then.  I’ve gotten the most use of them this year, so glad I held on to them.

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar), Blouse: Vince (similar), Pants: old La Roc (similar) or (similar), Necklace: Anthropologie (similar) or (similar), Sandals: Target (here), Ring: Gift (similar), Sunglasses: Target (similar).

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Behind the scenes…..

Happy Thursday!  This week is flying by.  Since we won’t have another style post with Hip Travel Mama until mid-May, I thought I would share with you, a peek behind the scenes at a fashion shoot.


Two months ago, a team of us did a photo shoot in various locations around Seattle.  The actual shoot was 60 days ago but the planning process, building the team, the look, and finding the shoot locations started back late in 2012.   Who ever comes up with the central idea, then needs to build the team, put mood boards together, and figure out the location.  In this instance, it was me.


So besides those tasks, a lot of my work as the Stylist happens before the shoot.  Sourcing and gathering all of the clothing and accessories before the big day.  In this instance I was between regular stores, thrift stores, a costume designer and army surplus.

IMG_8383At call time the day of the shoot, the photographer, hair, and makeup have already seen the mood boards but photos of the models, makeup and hair looks fitting for the shoot and any other inspirational pieces are taped to the wall for all to reference.

IMG_8371 Next comes hair and makeup.  Depending on the number of models and the detail that is needed, this process can take hours.


Then wardrobe happens, with just a little playing to get the look just right.  And then off to the shoot location.


The guys blended right in with their environment this day, perfect as we didn’t want attention called to us.


Working hard but having fun as well.  After this location happened, we went back to headquarters and started the entire process all over again.  Second look, second location.  It was a long, very cold day but also pretty fabulous with a great, very talented team that I felt honored to be a part of.


The team , minus the photographer (he’s taking the pic!), at the end of the day.  Feels good to be done.  Hope to share the shoot photos with you soon.  In the meantime, check out our video from behind the scenes that day.  It’s just a quick peek.


Thanks to Mcklyn Cole, Melissa Korn, Jaclyn Beith, Anna Sofie, Andy Rodriguez, Matt Lesher, and Molly The Intern.

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Tuesday Tip – TaTa’s and Tee’s

Now that the sun is making an appearance for more than an hour or two this week, I have a tip that may easily come into play during this sudden sighting of the Seattle sun.


If the title didn’t catch your attention, I’m guessing the photo did.  Lighter tops, tee’s and tanks abound once the sun comes out and “the girls” can no longer hide under the heavy sweater and jackets.  I know I mention this a fair amount but it is so important.  Get your ladies into the right bra!


Over the winter months weight gain might happen, for the disciplined (and lucky) group, weight loss may happen, and for everyone, bra’s and their elastic do wear out.


And then you start to wear your more fitted, warm weather wear and bad things happen.  Boob spillage, boob saggage, and all sorts of chest region disasters.

before and after bra fitting


Wearing the wrong bra can not only age you with some droopy numbers but also make you appear heavier than you are.  Lift those sisters and tuck them in neatly for a perfect profile.


I recommend to all my clients that they go to their nearest specialty lingerie store or Nordstrom to get a regular fitting.  For those who are shy about the process, Nordstrom has developed an online series teaching you how to shop bra’s on your own.

Nordstrom Fit Guide

Are your girls ready for the season??

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Pinterest • Shopping • Huffington Post

You already knew I was excited about this bit below, right? Just in case you missed the airplane writer in the sky, I am hear to tell you, YES MA’AM, I AM!!!! It makes me happy because I do love my boards and work hard to keep them carefully curated. And it makes me happy that others notice. And like.

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 11.07.36 PM

While basking in my happy moment, I decided that now would be a good time to add boards that are a curation of current items I am loving from some of my favorite stores.  They can be a quick reference point to the stores that  my clients and I shop, to know what my ongoing style finds are.  I will be adjusting these regularly so be sure to stop by often and check them out .  If there is a board you would like to see added, just let me know.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 5.08.33 PM

Happy Spring Style!!!

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Friday Fashion – 4.19.13

Well, I am really glad that this week is coming to an end.  Whew, so much in the news in the past 5 days that makes you want to hug those who are special to you, just a little bit tighter.  I hope you all have a relaxing week and well wishes for all those in Boston and Texas.


Today I had a lunch and client so I didn’t denim it but instead stepped up my Friday look. Although, I have to say that my cigarette pants are SO comfortable, I felt as if I was wearing my jammies.  And although the black basics, I did add  floral to brighten things on such a gray day.



Jacket: Forever 21 (old. similar), Blouse: Bellatrix (old.similar), Pants: JCrew Collection (old. similar), Shoes: Pink Duchess (old. similar), Earrings: Bar III Macy’s (old. similar), Ring: Vintage (similar).

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Some Stuff I Saw….

On a recent outing to Westfield SouthCenter in Tukwila, I saw some things that I wanted to share.


First stop was Nordstrom to check out the new version of the Savvy Dept. as well as the TopShop items.


Love this Free People “Army Combo” Jacket, with it’s embroidered back and subtle lace details on the arm.  That one is priced at $248.  The distressed boyfriend “Galaxy”  jeans are from Blank NYC for $88 and the fun, orange tunic sweater is by Hinge for $68.


Next stop, Aldo.  Great on trend pieces.  Here we have the black and white.  Also be sure to check their store for fun accessories and sunnies.


Can’t forget to include Forever 21.  Check out this Fabulous Leather Jacket.  $34.80!!!!



That’s just a quick glimpse of what I saw, more will hit the site soon.  Have you seen any great finds in the stores lately?  Do share….

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Tuesday Tip – Tough Girl Floral…

This past weekend I had a conversation while shopping with a couple of people, about the trend of floral.  One of the gals, who tends to prefer leather over lace and biker boots over ballet flats said that she could never wear the trend as it was just too girly.  I mentioned that I owned floral pants (here), in black, and she was quite surprised.   It is all in how you style them.  The same pair of pants, or any floral for that matter can go from the most FuFu Bunny to Tough Girl Chic in a matter of minutes.  It’s all in the styling.

Floral without the Fufu

Haute Hippie blouse, $450 / Monki denim shirt, $46 / Muscle t shirt / Reiss real leather jacket / Zara real leather jacket / J.Crew j. crew pants, $355 / Abercrombie & Fitch skinny leg jeans / AllSaints real leather boots / Madison Harding real leather boots / Lacing shoes / Red ballet shoes, $52 / D orsay shoes / Gladiator sandals / Giuseppe Zanotti multi chain necklace / Bjørg knuckle ring
Are you a tough girl floral or do you prefer the feminine??
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Friday Fashion 4.12.13

On my way out of town to a baseball tourney.  Yep.  Living in the fast lane.



Don't mind the wild hair for a wild weekend look.



What are you up to this weekend?  I think many of you are out of town, somewhere warm, for Spring Break.  Where ever you may be, I hope it is filled with sunshine.  Enjoy!


Blazer: Gibson (linen version here), Leather sleeved tee: Zara old (similar), Scarf: Bliss in Fremont, WA., Jeans: Blank NYC (here), Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden old (similar), Purse: Bliss in Fremont (similar).  Jewels not shown: here, here, and similar.

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