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Friday Fashion 3.28.13

Wow!  Can you believe this sunshine, Seattle!?!??   LOVE it!

So today was exciting for me because I was featured in the SCENE magazine that comes once a month in the local Eastside Reporter papers.  Do I love the photo used of me?  No.  Did the two looks I put together get covered well?  No.  Can I pick it apart all day long?  Probably.  But I am super excited to have been featured on p.6 and to have a full page.  If you haven’t seen it yet, go out and check your driveway! (Renton through to Bothell)


One thing it does mention, is that I am a “self proclaimed bartender of clothes”.  Without the added context, what the heck does that mean?  I explained that not only am I crafting an individual look suitable to a particular client but also that there is a lot of emotion tied to people’s wardrobes and a lot of clients do share these things with me.  Hence the bartender.

On to Friday Fashion.








I hope you all have a fantastic weekend in the sun and Happy Easter!

Sunnies: Target (here), Denim Jacket: Forever21 (old, similar), Necklace: Stella & Dot (here), Sweater: H&M (here), Cami: Dream (Fremont), White Jeans: Joe’s (similar), Shoes: Zara (similar), Stacking Rings: Bliss (Fremont), White Ring: Nordstrom Rack (similar), Earrings: Gift, Purse: Bliss (Fremont).

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Out and About…..

In and around town I came across several things that I wanted to share.  With you.

First Stop, Between Friends in Bellevue.  As an FYI, they are currently taking clothes (appointment necessary), spring fashion and they are especially looking for shorts, fun, breezy blouses, maxi dresses, and purses.  For the shoppers out there,they have been taking in 300+ pieces a day so give them time to process, and there will be lots of goodness to choose from.  Some of the finds today include:

Jimmy Choo's Size 39.

Jimmy Choo’s Size 39.

D&G Dress. Size 8/10 with long torso. $198.

D&G Dress. Size 8/10 with long torso. $198.

Tory Burch Leather Size 6 Jacket.  $229.

Tory Burch Leather Size 6 Jacket. $229.

Frye leather handbag. $79.

Frye leather handbag. $79.

Awesome leather swing coat. Size Small. $98.

Awesome leather swing coat. Size Small. $98.

Alice + Olivia Dress. XS. $99.

Alice + Olivia Dress. XS. $99.

Alice + Olivia Silk Dress. Large (10/12) $98.

Alice + Olivia Silk Dress. Large (10/12) $98.

Alice + Olivia Silk Dress. Large (10/12) $98.

Alice + Olivia Silk Dress. Large (10/12) $98.

Alice + Olivia NWT Dress. Medium (6/8) and $168.

Alice + Olivia NWT Dress. Medium (6/8) and $168.

After my Consignment Call, I headed South on Bellevue Way.  Guess what I found?  Remember I introduced you all to Jarbo (Formally Design 10301), the locally designed fashion by Sharon Roth?  Euro dressing if you will.  Well made, clean lines and very versatile.  Well, she is holding a Sample Sale today through Sunday with 75% off prices.  I saw a table labelled $10 and that is where the pricing starts.


The sale is not being held in their Old Main location but instead around the corner on Bellevue Way (heading South).  Watch for the signs, there are a lot of them.  Hours are Friday and Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 12-5pm.

Last stop, Targét .  And I think the Easter Bunny has been there. Spring colors galore.

Ombre Sweatshirt for $22.99.  Great with white or boyfriend jeans.

Ombre Sweatshirt for $22.99. Great with white or boyfriend jeans.

Somewhere over the rainbow.  Perfect pop of color for your spring fashion. $12.99

Somewhere over the rainbow. Perfect pop of color for your spring fashion. $12.99

Summer Sandals.  Fun metal accents in several colors. $19.99 plus Buy 1 get 50% off on all women's shoes.

Summer Sandals. Fun metal accents in several colors. $19.99 plus Buy 1 get 50% off on all women’s shoes.

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Dollars and Sense…

I want to thank everyone who responded to my Facebook question posed yesterday.  “If you aren’t dressing the way you want to be, what is it, that is holding you back? a) Body Shape or Size  b) Dollars   c) Other”


I received votes for all three categories.  Let’s tackle them one by one.

1) Body image.  Such an important one.  I have spoken with a lot of people regarding this topic (generally women, occasionally men) and it truly is a feeling shared across the board.  A lot of “when I was younger”, “when I was smaller”, “before kids”, “before the stress of ______” and “if only __________”.  A lot of people are in the Once I ___________ then I will ____________ mode.  I have lots of blank lines in this post because I want everyone to be able to personalize it for themselves.  This always make me sad because people are waiting to live the way they want to vs. doing it now.  I understand when men or women are in the midst of a weight loss program and they are halfway there, perhaps they have their new wardrobe reward already planned.  But when people have been holding the goal for years and not really seeing a change, it’s time to reset your expectations and live the way you want to now.


I have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes.  People get the impression that a size 4 bod is required and that is SO not the case.


2) Those dratted Dollars.  This topic is pretty quick for me.  If you follow along on my Facebook or blog, you know that I am a strong believer in building a wardrobe from across the board.  From Target to Tiffany’s.  Dressing well is not solely about designer labels, it is about knowing what items to spend money on and with those items, buying the best that you can afford, not the best that is available.   Secondly, buying 15 tops at $9.99 = $150.  Can one buy a nice, quality item for their wardrobe for $150?  Absolutely!  Less (quantity), a lot of times, is more.   It is just a matter of making a list, prioritizing and sticking with it.  We can do that, right?

Pret A Beaute "Gladys" Dress for $133.20

Pret A Beaute “Gladys” Dress for $133.20

Above vs. Below

How much do al the "deals" add up to???

How much do all the “deals” add up to???

3)  Some respondents answered C but only on gal gave a specific.  It was that she lives in an area where fashion really isn’t the thing AND there is nowhere to shop.   My thought is that if you have an inner fashionista living in you, even if it’s not the norm, you should be doing it anyways.  My old tag line with Pink Pagoda Style was “defining your unique style” and this apply’s here.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  “Oh that Mary, she is just so stylish”.  Wouldn’t that be terrible!  As for where to shop.  One word for you: online.


What do you think?  I’d love to hear your feedback.

Photos from Pinterest and Google.
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A visit to Forever 21…..

If you’ve been watching the Friday Fashion in the last month or so, you would have noticed a little theme.  Several mentions of items from Forever 21.  It’s not that I beeline into their store every time I hit a mall but it is a go to for me when I am looking for an inexpensive, more trendy piece.  I get lot’s of, “THAT came from Forever 21??” and “I never see anything good when I am there”.  So I perused the site today and though I would share some of the goodness I see.

These aren’t the pieces that are going to last you a life time, in fact, they may make it one season at most, but they allow you to try a color you may never have, experiment with a new look, or just dabble in the trends.  PS:  It makes for a great place to shop if you have a last minute invite to just about anywhere.

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A tad Prepified……

What is WRONG about this picture!?!?!?!


 This IS what is wrong with this photo!


Now doesn’t this look just a tiny bit better?  Perhaps more age appropriate?



And finishing the look off with a blazer and scarf.





Jacket: Gibson (here), Blouse: Joie (similar), Scarf: Bliss in Fremont, Jeans: Cabi Brando Jean  (No longer available through CAbi but here is a pair), Shoes: Tod’s (here), Earrings: Stella & Dot (here), Necklace: Gift (similar), Ring: Vintage, Bag: Unknown, Boots: Uggs (you know where to find them IF you must!), Nails: Essie – Canyon Coral and Deborah Lippman – It’s Raining Men, Lip color: NARS – Niagra.

Do you have a great weekend planned?  Hope whatever it is you are up to is fabulous!

PS:  The UGGS are not mine.  :)

PPS:  Sorry for the mannequin siting, Gertrude wanted to be part of things.

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Spring at the office…..
Keeping Warm at the Office
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Bright Beauties….

Spring is on it’s way and I’m feeling the need to colorize…

What’s your favorite hot hue?

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Friday, I mean Saturday, almost Sunday Fashion….

You know how it goes.  Light gone, too late for photos.  BFF from Canada in town, playing, no time for photos.

Better late than never.






Todays outfit took me shopping around town and of course super comfy.  PJ feeling pant, a tee and go anywhere booties.  I don’t mean to be on such a Forever21 kick, but they have such good, fun stuff.  Perfect place to add in the fads, and it’s not just for the juniors.  You just need to spend some time to find the goodies.

Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous!

Earrings: Forever21 (here), Jacket: Funktional (similar), Tee: Rachel Roy (here), Cami: Dream, Fremont, Pant: Forever21 (here), booties: Forever21 (similar)

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Silly me……

Friday Fashion will be up tomorrow.


Imagine me wearing this though.  Cuz I would….

Happy weekend!

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Dealing in Denim….

On a recent post, here, I mentioned that one of the items on my “to purchase list” was new denim.  Such a staple piece in the wardrobe, especially here in the PNW.  In response to that post, I received the following questions from a reader and thought I would share them with all of you.


“When you want to buy a new pair of jeans, how do you decide what kind to buy.  skinny? faded? boyfriend? dark? fun colors? white? flair? cropped? black? If you could only have three pairs of jeans for spring, what would they be?  What if you could have 10?  I agree with you that expensive is fine since jeans get worn almost every day (every single day for some.)  If you have time to answer, I’m curious.”

So, the first thing I will touch on is price.  You see me posting a lot of inexpensive pieces on my Friday Fashion from places like Forever21 and the like but for staple pieces, I spend the money.  Jeans will fall into this category.  At least the staple pairs.  Not to say that you can’t find a deal on your jeans but with this, find the jeans that fit you well and that you like and THEN find them on sale.  Don’t just buy any jeans because they are on sale.


I happen to know that 7 for all Mankind jeans fit me really well, so I went looking for them and found them on sale at Macy’s.  Perfect.  Me just grabbing some jeans because they are a really good deal, are highly likely to sit unworn because I don’t love them.

As for trends, I will break down it down this way.

The ones I would pay more for:

Skinny Jeans (not jeggings)

Dark Denim

White Jeans


Black Jeans

Boyfriend (not the totally aged type)

Buy in private label/low cost shops:





Overly embellished (includes back pockets)


I break it down this way because you will tire of the trendy pieces, as much as you love them now, this too shall pass.  There will be some new, must have by the next fall and you will want them.  A dark pair of jeans is a must have, the darker the better and this goes for men and women.  It is really hard to truly dress up a pair of faded blue denim, dark is much more versatile and will look good across the board.  I feel the same way about anything too embellished.  Huge stitching all over the back pockets makes them casual.   My priority is to spend money on things that are versatile, that can transition from day to night, casual to dressy.  If they can’t do that, they are not worth the big spend.  Black jeans aren’t for everyone but if you wear them, spend the money for a good pair.  Cheap black dye used in many of the bargain stores will turn a green hue over time, its not the look you are going for, it’s not pretty. White jeans are another good staple, normally for warmer months, this year for throughout the year.  Choose the shapes that work best on your body, whether skinny, boyfriend, wide leg, cropped or flare and invest in a few that you love.


My top 3 for spring.

1 pair of skinnies

1 pair white

1 boyfriend.  Wish I had the old levi’s I had in my senior year of high school, they would be PERFECT.

If I could have 10.

Honestly, this is more realistic for me as I do love my jeans.

2 pair of skinnies

1 pair of white

1 trouser denim

2 pair boyfriend (1 looking nicer, 1 faded and holey)

1 pair of coated denim (love the leather look)

1 pair vintage flare

1 pair colored cropped

1 pair metallic


You may have noticed that I did not include a patterned or floral pair.  I would rather have a light cotton pair vs. denim if I were to go this route.  I did ** cropped as I have mixed feelings about these.  They are a great summer look with a narrow leg.  When they have straight or wider legs, they look like “Mamawear”.  Hmmm.  They are also easy to tuck into boots the rest of the year but that is what skinnies are for.

I hope that answered my readers’ questions and was helpful to all of you.  For more personalized information , specifically for your shape, size, and style, you know where to find me.  (Photos used are from Pinterest).

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