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Friday Fashion – 9.28.12

Better late than never.  Had a busy day today and wanted to wear something cute but comfy.   Dresses tend to get overlooked for casual outfits but they are so many styles out there than allow for them to be worn for everyday.

I was feeling a little “Westerny”, hence the denim jacket and cowboy boots.  This outfit would also work equally as well with another pair of tall, chestnut colored boots (rounded toe) and a cardi or cropped blazer for work.   Once it warmed up today, the dress was cute without the jacket and could also have been belted to add some extra shape.

Tomorrow night I’ll be getting dressed up for the Vogue Fashion Show for the Bellevue Collection.  Will I see you there?

Have a great weekend!

Denim Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: Lucky
Boots: Matisse
Ring: Vintage
Gold Loop Earrings: Stella & Dot

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Be careful with comfy….

This time of year, almost everyone loves a fabulous sweater. And the standard reaction to having a body that one isn’t loving, is to buy big to cover the “flaw”. This practice actually backfires. While I love the clothing of Rachel Zoe, these new releases work well to show that point. Although the cowl neck poncho looks like the perfect cuddle up with leggings kind of sweater, it adds a lot of weight to this (I’m sure) very, thin model. If the wearer was short, it would only make them look shorter AND wider. Take the second look into consideration. Well cut blouse, doesn’t cling and doesn’t add weight. Your personality may not want a fitted and a skinny together but there is definitely a middle of the road option to consider.

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Hot Damn!

I have to admit that when these skinny jeans found their way into my in box the other day, I kinda fell in love.

Leather Lovers Campaign on

They may not be for everyone, and at a price tag os $990, they probably aren’t.  But you have to admit these Anthracite Leather Skinny Jeans by Rag & Bone are smokin’.

Metallic pants are everywhere this season but you don’t have to take out a loan to get yourself a pair.  And they don’t need to be leather.    I recently bumped into this pair of Current Elliott Metallic Skinny Jeans at Nordstrom and they retail for $244.

Not that I’m recommending that they are paired with pumps and a topless look but a much more affordable option.  Take that one step further, not wanting to spend $250 on a fun, pair of pants that you may have had enough of, come spring, there are many more affordable options out there as well.

Blessed Are the Meek "Great Lakes Pant"

These faux leather pants (above) are $135 at  And even better yet, Bliss (Fremont, WA.) has their metallic skinnies on order for delivery later this fall. Their price is under $80.

I’ve already been getting lots of use out of my golden pair but I now think Anthracite (or similar shade) needs to be added.  Will you go metallic this season?

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Jill D. – Duvall, WA.

I had been a loyal watcher of a certain TV show and was wondering if I could ever get a closet redo without the humiliation of national coverage and without throwing away my entire wardrobe.  I had lost some weight but was stuck in a rut.  Pink Pagoda to the rescue!  Kim was a joy to work with and made me feel totally at ease.  She found things in my closet that I had forgotten I owned.  Kim showed me how things could be combined in different ways that I had never though of.  We took pictures of the outfits that she put together to reference in the future.  Four hours later, I knew what was in my closet!  I knew that whatever I picked would fit me, would be comfortable, and would be up to date!  After the consultation, Kim emailed me with suggestions for wardrobe pieces to round out what I currently own.  I am now looking forward to putting together new outfits and getting compliments everywhere I go.

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Friday Fashion – 9.21.12

Mornings are starting out a little cool this week but turning into warm and fabulous in the afternoon.  It’s all about in between dressing right now.  Today’s look is another really affordable, fun  look, incorporating the current trends of leather (faux), tuxedo pants, and shoe studs but keeping it relaxed. Client meeting, girl friend time, change out the shoes for heels and add a fun jacket for evening.

Love the pocket trim and lace detail for the "tuxedo" sides.

Top: Zara.  Get it here:

Pants: Forever 21.  Get them here:

Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden.  Get similar here:

Necklace: Zoe Lariat by Stella & Dot.  Get it here:

Ring: Gift.

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Hip Travel Mama – Romantic Weekend Getaways…..

Anne Taylor-Hartzell, aka Hip Travel Mama, asked for a little inspiration for her Romantic Fall Getaway segment outfit and Pink Pagoda Style came up with this:

Hip Travel Mama - Outfit Inspiration for 9.20.12

Feminine without the fufu. What do you think?

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Friday Fashion 9.14.12

Happy Friday.  I’m keeping it neutral today because I am headed to the best possible people watching Mecca evah and I want to watch, not be watched.  That’s right folks, I am headed to the Puyallup Fair.  Camera in hand, I will be taking pics.  Haha!  Friends who were in NYC for Fashion Week, I’m sure you ARE jealous.

Today I am wearing:

Top: Dream (Fremont), Burnished Gold Jeans: Bliss (Fremont), Necklace: Leona Pendant  from Stella & Dot, Ring: Unknown, Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden, Leather Jacket: Zara,  Glasses: Coach.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday Fashion is back: 9.7.12

I asked, you responded, and here it is.  Friday Fashion.  For those of you who weren’t part of the Pink Pagoda Style World last year, these are meant for outfit inspiration at the end of the week.  Casual Friday without the athletic wear.  Sometimes they will be dressier than other weeks, depending on what’s going on.  They are not meant for makeup and hair inspiration, so do not judge!!  :)  And last but not least, if you see me in the world on Friday and I’m not wearing what’s in the pic, occasionally Friday Fashion will actually take place Thursday.  It’s all about scheduling folks.  But I do wear these outfits, they are not just a quick photo op.  Hope you see something that inspires.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Pants: Zara

Tee Vest: Dream, Fremont

Denim Jacket: Forever21

Shoe: Steven by Steve Madden

Glasses: Target

Ring: Vintage

Loop Earrings: Stella + Dot

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Rah Rah – Here we go!!!!

So after my post for Anne Taylor Hartzell (Hip Travel Mama) and her Seahawks travel outfit, I received an email from a Huskies Fan, asking if I could put together a little inspiration for a UW party, tailgating, game watching outfit.  I think this may be starting something but of course I obliged.  Here goes:


Husky Wear!!!!

Gold skinny jeans can easily be found in all different price points so you choose on how big a fan you are.  You can also get muted or burnished gold vs. bold gold if you don’t want the flash factor.  I have kept the purple a deep, dark version and balanced the whole look with neutral accessories.  I’ve put this look together, keeping in mind the personal style of the requestor but of course, you could swap the moto boots for a tall, equestrian boot.   What will you wear to cheer on YOUR team??

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Please Send Help!!!!!

Hope everyone has had a fabulous summer and enjoyed some fun this Labor Day Weekend.  My gang headed for a last minute jaunt to Vancouver, BC and enjoyed a weekend full of delicious food and great friends.

I came back to the following photo, in an email from a friend of Pink Pagoda Style.  The gist of the message was “HELP”.

It was mentioned that the comings and goings of summer, an attempt at sorting some donation items, and just general chaos has resulted in this, umm, disarray.  Do you have something similar happening in your home?  Is it just an accidental summer issue or has it been a long time building?  When the cold air really starts to set in and you put your lightweight cottons away, do you have something stylish to wear?  Do those items fit?

If any of these points ring a bell for you, perhaps it time for a closet consult.  Let me help you dig your way through the goodness and part with the rest.  Have a wardrobe that makes sense for you, that fits, that you love.

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