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Hip Travel Mama – Cheering for the Hawks!

This week I had fun coming up with a game friendly, travel friendly, but still look good kind of outfit for Hip Travel Mama (, Anne Taylor Hartzell, to wear during her live, Thursday evening broadcast on Q13Fox News.  She had some great information and she looked fab!

The process was started with a quick inspiration board.

Hip Travel Mama's Outfit Inspiration.

And then we shopped our closets to put the look to life.


What do you think?

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Photo Shoot with Ty and Savannah….

This last month I styled another photo shoot with my creative team and I’m happy to share a handful of photos.

Glasses: Stylist’s Own, Necklace: Bliss, Fremont, Shirt: Between Friends, Cami: Stylist’s Own, Skirt: VueSociety, Shoes: Bliss, Fremont.

Hat: Stylists Own, Jacket: VueSociety, Shirt: Macy's, Jeans: Banana Republic, Shoes: Models Own.

Ty's Look - Jacket: Banana Republic, Tee: Models Own, Belt: Banana Republic, Denim: Banana Republic, Shoes: Model's Own. Savannah's Look - Earrings: Stylists Own, Jumpsuit: Between Friends, Ring: Stylists Own.

Vest: Macy's, Tee: Models Own, Belt: Macy's, Denim: Banana Republic, Shoes: Models Own.

Savannahs Look - Earrings: Stylists Own, Jumpsuit: Between Friends, Lariat Necklace: Stylists Own, Shoes: Between Friends. Ty's Look - Earrings: Stylists Own, Jacket: Banana Republic, Tee: Models Own, Denim: Banana Republic, Shoes: Models Own.

Shirt, Tie, Jacket, Belt, Slacks: Banana Republic, Shoes: Stylists Own.


 Thanks to everyone involved.

Models: Ty from Heffner Management

Savannah from SMG

Photographer: Connor Surdi (

MUA: Justine Martinez  (

Hair: Leydi Garcia  (

Stylist: Pink Pagoda Style (

Also,,, and

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Age is but a number….

Wow.  What a fun day today.  I started my morning by pulling some clothes for my event tonight, went on to a second retailer to pull clothes, stopped to do a mini photo shoot, and finally met with a fabulous group of women in the jewelry biz to talk about fall trends and fun fashion.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love my job.

My photo shoot took place at the Bliss and Dream stores in Fremont.  Along with one of the stores owners, John, and help from Shayna and Brandie (thanks gals!), I wanted to show that fun boutiques, such as Bliss/Dream/ don’t have to be perceived as only selling clothes for the super young.    Along with that though, is the fact that not only can clothing be remixed to suit all ages but also, to suit all different kinds of styles.  Really, it’s okay to play with your clothes, have some fun and mix it up.

First, I chose the top.  Loved the vibrant color of this Magenta Surplus Tank and figured it would add all the pop, the three of us would need.  For Shayna, I wanted to keep it fun, flirty, and still young so I kept the colors going.  I added the  Belted Skirt and the Strap Bootie.  For Brandie, I wanted to take the look at little rocker chic.  I added the Square  Foil Metallic Leggings, as well as the fabulously muted gold Point Pumps.  Finally, being the golden oldie of the group (although I would wear all 3 outfits!), I chose a more conservative mix.  I am wearing, with the top, a black Seamless Crossback Camisole, the Ruche Maxi Skirt, and the  Basic Faux Suede Flats in black.

And now for accessories.  Many of these items are in store only, that is where you will find the largest selection!  Going clockwise above, I have on the Long Chain  necklace ($38), Shayna is wearing the Hinge Bracelet and is carrying the Faux Textured Zip Wallet (currently in store only for $38), Shayna’s black and gold necklace is the Chunky Necklace ($48). I’m carrying the Carry All Tote (which I love) and wearing the Wire Cuff (on sale for $19) and last but not least, the uber cool McQ Clutch.  Oh, and can’t forget my Cat Eye Sunnies ($12) and Brandies Large Gold Loop earrings (on sale for $14).

Hope you liked this little post.  We had fun doing it and want to make it a regular thing. Let me know what you think.  Also, if you are shopping in Dream or Bliss, be sure to tell them you are a friend of Pink Pagoda Style (for 15% off regular priced goods) or use PP15OFF online at




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