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What says you?

If you were asked to describe your personal style in a word or phrase, what would you say?  When you are shopping for clothes (or home decor) what are you drawn to, time and time again?  Cleaned lined and simple?  Frilly and feminine?  Classic to a T?  Sporty, even beyond your workout gear?  For men, do you like to be rough around the edges or a more pulled together look.  Or do you mix the two?

Not quite sure?  Have a look at your clothing and pretend you had to get rid of everything in your wardrobe except for 10-15 pieces max.  Of course you chose your very favorite.  Do they tell a story?  Do they evoke the same sense of style?  Or are they completely random and across the board?

All photos taken from Pinterest.

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A punch of pow….

It’s been one of those weeks.  Too much going on, too little time, and perhaps a feeling of being a tad overwhelmed.  Great stuff going on, just looking forward to the weekend.  So, I’m going to my happy place.  Tonight, that place is fuchsia.

Photo from Pinterest
Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium
Camilla Skovgaard Tongue Stiletto Bootie
Elie Saab dress
                            Elie Saab dress

Photo by tomiq1968 • via Pinterest

Well, that’s better.  I’m good.
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Summertime, revised edition…

As hard as it is, I guess us Pacific Northwester’s need to accept the fact that this is OUR June.  Lovely, isn’t it.  So, how can we fake our way through this gray by adding a little sunshine into our office wardrobes without having to a) freeze + b) not wear cashmere/wool/etc. (see my post yesterday) in June?

Layers, my friends, layers.

MICHAEL Michael Kors pants
J Crew skirt
Add in a cute tee.  Some happen to be on sale at Anthropologie right now.  For under $20.
T shirt
Top those off with a cardi or lightweight blazer:
J Crew cardigan
Red Or Dead blazer
Can’t forget the shoes.
Tory Burch flat

Tory Burch flat

And don’t forget the accessories.

Blue Nile earrings

Blue Nile earrings

Notice the Navy instead of black.  Acts as a great neutral to balance the color without being too dark.  And not all these colors need to be together, just some suggestions.  Don’t you feel sunnier all ready?

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Swimming Pretty…


This post requires a little bit of imagination on your part, work with me please.  Let’s pretend that it is actually going to get and stay warm + sunny for longer than a week, this summer in Seattle.  When that happens, the likelihood of wanting to in and around water will probably be high.  With that, you will need a swimsuit.  Last night when I presented to 85 women at Suite Lounge in d/t Bellevue, not one of them had heard of the new swimwear store, Everything But Water in Bellevue Square.  The first of their stores in Washington State, that opened this past month, and is a national company with some pretty, amazing swim goddess goodies.  From bathing suits, to coverups, to footwear and accessories.  And guess what, for ALL shapes and sizes.  If you are due for a quality swim piece, be sure to stop by and check them out.


As with everything, I am a huge advocate of mixing high end and bargain priced items but just like your lingerie, it is really important to make sure you have one to three really good, basic pieces, with the fit and support you need.  After that, if you want to go nuts in the Target, Forever 21, or H+M swimsuit sections, have at it.  If looked after properly, you good suits can last for years and then you can add the latest color or trend with an inexpensive suit every season.

PS:  Although not in store, Everything But Water does feature Men’s swim apparel online.

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Women at Willows….

In early May, Pink Pagoda Style took part in the Girlfriend Getaway Spring Experience at Willows Lodge (Woodinville, WA), put on by Hip Travel Mama, Anne Taylor Hartzell.  The getaway was well attended with local and fly in guests who got to kick back and get pampered. Joining me in services were; The Willows Spa offering brow waxing, Tommy-Gene Harlow, Seattle Hair Stylist, did the do’s, Megan from Stella & Dot has us covered in jewels, and showcased fun, spring fashion.  Not to mention the Willows Sommelier led wine tasting, and the appetizers and dinner were out of this world amazing. Oh, and did I forget to mention the massages, yoga, and bootcamp.  Well, I didn’t do those but heard they were fab.  Here are a handful of photos from the first evening:

Doris and Sarah at arrival in their Daytime Looks.

Doris having a peek at the jewels with Stella & Dot Stylist Megan Kophs.

Sarah trying out some jewels with Kim (Pink Pagoda Style) and Megan (Stella&Dot)

Evening Look Makeover. Clothing by, Jewels by Stella & Dot.

Fabulous bright colors for Spring. Ladies having a peek at the merchandise.

Kim B (PPS) with Hair-Stylist Extraordinaire, Tommy-Gene Harlow + Hip Travel Mama, Anne Taylor Hartzell.

Gorgeous Private Dining Room Set for the Ladies - Willows Lodge.

The picture says it all. Gorgeous Food. Amazing Food.


Thanks to Jeff Caven of for the fabulous photos.  The fuzzy #4 photo credits go to me.  :)  If you want to be part of the next Hip Travel Mama retreat or just learn about amazing getaways, check out their site at








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