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One of these days….

Feeling the need for a beach getaway this morning and hoping it’s not to far off.  A little summer outfit that can take you to the pool, beach, lakeside in casual comfort but still allows you to take care of the rest of your day in cute style.

One of these days, I'm goin' to the beach...

V neck t shirt
$78 –

High low skirt
$40 –

Seafolly straw beach tote
$48 –

Wrap bracelet
$20 –

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
$198 –

La Mer Abstract Ocean Wall Art
$170 –

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Seeing Spots…

I’m personally not a polka dot person but they are cute and add whimsy to your wear.  I put some outfit ideas based around some dots for outfit inspiration for this week of in between weather.  Go for classic or funk it up a little, the choice is yours.

Dottie Day, I think I will wear....

Alberta Ferretti silk top
$575 –

Marni sleeveless top
$495 –

Madison Marcus scoop neck top
$148 –

Polka dot top
$26 –

J Crew linen jacket
$400 –

Mexx linen jacket
€100 –

Wallis denim jacket
$74 –

Missoni high rise pants
$170 –

Rag & bone skinny fit jeans
$176 –

Banana Republic flat heels
$98 –

Strappy wedge heels
$50 –

DKNY woven leather handbag
$325 –

Tory burch jewelry
$145 –

Flat earrings

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I really need the sun.  We received such an amazing sneak peek a couple of weeks ago and now it’s really hard to go back.  So while I am sitting at my computer taking care of admin, I am doing to following:

1) Sunshiny music on full blast:



2) I’ve added a blast of color to my look with a fun scarf.

3) Taking continual sneek peeks at my Pinterest.  Love these images.  Fingers crossed that I will experience the real deal soon enough but in the meantime….


How are you dealing with the gray???

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Well, what are YOU buying??

With all my posts on goods I find, I like, I post, some folks think I never stop shopping.  Or I don’t want you to stop shopping.  Not the case.  Just like to point out the goods that may be on your list.  In fact, for all the time spent online and in stores, I am very careful of what I bring home.  And you should be too.  I can never say enough about going shopping with a purpose ( I need new sandals) and not coming home with total randoms (I bought 6 sweaters).  And as per a recent conversation, don’t “shop” the clearance rack!!!!  If the clearance rack happens to be containing sandals, then by all means check it out and see if it holds something you love.  But don’t just have a peek and end up with those 6 sweaters that you so don’t need.  They will clutter your wardrobe and not get worn.  If that rack holds something you need, great.  If not, walk on by.

Am I following my own rules?  Let’s see.  Here are my purchases in the last 6 weeks or so.  They come from Dept. Stores, Discount Stores, Consignment, Online or are gifted items.  14 items (including a pair of black slipper shoes, a tank top and a ring – not shown).  Here’s the breakdown:

• Blue Floral Lucky Brand Dress.  Needed a casual dress so it was on the list.  Versatile as I can wear it as a dress with bare legs in warm weather, belted as a tunic with leggings or skinny jeans the rest of the year.

• Purple Free People top.  Always looking for fun tops and it was a steal.  Versatile as I can wear it year round.

•Rachel Roy Khaki silk jacket.  Needed a lightweight jacket that would work well with everything from jeans and shorts to dressier pants and summer dresses.

•Sanctuary Blue Jeans.  I did need a new pair and these happened to be on the clearance rack so I snatched them up.

•Black and White Sweater vest.  This was not on any list but it caught my eye as a fun piece when I saw the jeans (above).  Did I need it? No.  Did I think it was cute?  Yes.  Do I have hopes of wearing it frequently?  Probably.  We shall see.

•White Joes Jeans.  On the list?  Most definitely!  Needed, wanted, love.

•Johnny Was silk embroidered shirt.  Again with the always looking for tops.  Totally different and can wear it as a blouse or a little jacket.  Colors go with everything and it spoke to me. I needed it. :)

•Plain white tee.  Needed it.  Great piece to update every year both for discoloration and loss of shape on past models you may have in your drawer.

•Black shorts.  I got rid of several pairs at the end of last summer so I was in need of a new, casual pair or two.

•Fuschia and wine Maxi Dress.  I kind of live in this type of thing over the summer and this color combo caught my eye.  Smokin’ deal but I only love how the top part fits.  Went back and forth as to purchasing and decided I will take it to my seamstress to have her adjust the bottom.  I better do it.  Stay tuned….

•Black Elizabeth & James Dress.  LOVE!  Did I have to have it? Ummm.  Kind of, yes.  It is me.  It fits perfect and I can wear it year round.  Now as a dress, cold weather as a tunic.    **Sometimes you just find a piece that you have to have, list or no list.  Rules can be adjusted.  Just a little bit.**

•Ring.  Always adding to my costume jewelry collection.

•Tank top.  Needed.

•Black slipper shoes.  Needed and great deal.

So, I think I did well for the last 2 months.  2 items I need to make work or out they go.  Otherwise, I am happy with my purchases and know they will get a lot of use.  Still in search of  a new skirt but I will take my time with that….

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Fairweather Flirt….

Not every gal is one for skirts.  Need a fun Friday night/Sunday afternoon outfit that is flirty and fun?  Try dressing up some shorts.  I’ve made a little mix and match to help pair items you may already own.  Don’t over accessorize, two pieces max. Three if you add the watch.   Which would you pick?

Flirty Fairweather...

Topshop sleeveless top
$60 –

Comptoir Des Cotonniers t shirt
€60 –

Elizabeth and James satin top
$295 –

Elie Saab cuffed shorts
£191 –

Elizabeth and James shorts
$295 –

Tory Burch flat shoes
$250 –

Giuseppe Zanotti platform shoes
$535 –

Diane von Furstenberg wedge shoes
$285 –

Jil Sander wedge sandals
$595 –

Kate Spade high heels
$258 –

Kate Spade crossbody handbag
$318 –

Jigsaw leather satchel
£169 –

Gold handbag
$172 –

Michael Kors water resistant watch
$250 –

Beaded necklace
£109 –

Kate spade jewelry
$128 –

Linea Pelle Collection wrap bracelet
$78 –

Jamie Joseph diamond ring
$840 –

Amrita Singh 18k jewelry
$100 –

Me Ro 18k jewelry
$1,710 –
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Warm weather options….

Time is so not on my side these days.  So much going on and yet need to get out and enjoy this fabulous sunshine!  Aren’t you loving it PNW People!?!?!?!  I still haven’t completed my closet change over from winter to warm weather wear but fingers crossed it will be complete by tonight.  As I’m making my way through my bins, it’s kind of fun to find items I forgot about.  I do need to pick up a few new pieces as well, always love that part.  Thought I would throw out a couple of suggestions on what to wear this week, now that the sun is officially shining.  Always throw in a cardi for good measure, that air con can get cold.

What am I wearing today?

Wal G stripe shirt
£23 –

J Crew vintage tee
$30 –

Toast wool cardigan
£115 –

J.Crew wide leg linen pants
$135 –


J Crew long pencil skirt
$138 –

Dash summer skirt
£45 –

Tara Jarmon bridal shoes
€160 –

H&M leather sandals
£7.99 –

Steve Madden flat sandals
$60 –

Banana Republic ballet shoes
$98 –

Stone jewelry
£15 –

Hoop earrings
$40 –

Blue Nile gold bangle
$3,450 –

Gold earrings
$55 –
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A little creativity for Mama….

This Sunday is the day.  My Mother’s Day always includes some dim sum downtown and then wandering some great neighborhood with my camera.  While the meal is always popular, the wandering part is usually met with groans from the youngin’s.  That’s okay.  This year we will skip that part and spend the afternoon with fellow baseball families for some Little League in the sunshine.  Just like Valentines Day, this calendar date seems to bring about pressure to make it the perfect day with the most amazing gifts.  I think when it comes right down to it, all Moms want, is to feel appreciated.  Instead of shopping for some big items, I’ve put some suggestions together that are more personal and give a gift of time.  Personal time.  Very important!

1) Flowers.

These can be fabulous and not cost a ton.  Without having to go to the chi chi florist and without grabbing a “bouquet to go” at the closet grocery store, be creative.  If you have a garden full of splendor, collect from your yard.  If you are at the market, build your own bouquet with each family member picking out something that reminds them of Mom.  Choices could be typical, or be different and wander into the produce section to add some  veggie/herb goodness.  But it will be personal and Mom will notice.

2) Reading Material

Not the latest Dummies Guide to Cleaning  but some fun reading that will give Mom permission for a little quiet time of her own.  It could be specialty magazines that she wouldn’t normally treat herself to, some special interest reading on a topic that is a new interest, or just some good, juicy novels.  A certain trilogy comes to mind.  :)

3) A class.

Has your Women of the Hour always had a interest in organic gardening but never taken the time to learn about it?  Photography, Painting, French cooking?  Get on Google/Bing/whatever (equal opportunity search engines..) and find someone offering those classes.  Buy a gift card.  This shows that now only have you been listening to those little desires but also that she will get to spend some me time learning something new.

4) Lunch with the ladies

I have yet to meet a gal who doesn’t like to get out and have a little lunch with the gals.  Unless we make it a priority and get them on the calendar though, it doesn’t always happen.  Spark the bookings by getting gift cards to a few of her favorite spots.  These spots have to be adult inspired menu’s so there are no last minute kids meals at Red Robin.

5) 24 hours!

Call her BFF(S) significant other and arrange a getaway for the gals.  It could be a day at the spa for them and then coming home to one empty home for takeout dinner and movies or a hotel stay.  Something right in town that allows them a full day (lunch/dinner/breakfast) with her besties without the rush to an actual getaway.  For Seattlelites, this could be a train ride down to Portland with a hotel overnight to a beach cabin on a local island.  The power of an unrestricted 24 hours is HUGE.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope your day celebrating Mom (Grandma, Aunt, any special woman in your life) is fabulous!

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The Queen of the Mix…

Happy Sunshine!!!

As you know, I am the Queen of mixing high and low.  There are certain wardrobe pieces you should spend more money on and others can be less expensive, seasonal fun.  It is especially hard in Sunny Seattle (and surrounding areas) to spend a ton on summer clothing when you might miss the whole season in an extended blink.   It would be like folks in Miami having a huge collection of wool sweaters.  Not making a lot of sense.

So now that the sun is out, what do you do?  Have some quality basics and change them up year to year with fun, private label splendor. This allows you to update your wardrobe with up to the minute styles and colors for really affordable prices.    Stores such as and can take care of the ladies, men should scour places like Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, and the like.

One blogger/artist I follow, Emily from Jones Design Company, has really mastered the art of pulling together great outfits without spending a ton.  She did a recent post on what she wore during a trip to Maui, and let me tell you, it involves a lot of outlets and discount stores.  And she makes it cute.  Way to go Emily!  Pink Pagoda Approved.

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The Power of Lipstick…

Last night I attended Wine, Women & Shoes at the Four Seasons Hotel, benefiting the fabulous Seattle Children’s Home.  The special guest speaker for the night was Bobbie Thomas, the Style Editor for the Today Show.

I loved listening to Bobbie speak, as she wasn’t fashion diva, she was real world.  Before getting into the style world, she, along with her Masters in Psychology, worked with women getting out of abusive relationships.  In that work Bobbie saw what, in the scheme of the world seemed like small or frivolous things, had so much power in making these women have a better day.  A new outfit, some cosmetics, could literally add a little joy into ones world.  We don’t need to be in a bad situation, to harness this power.  The next time you are feeling blah, bloated or just plain bad, move past the urge to go grunge.  Put the sweats down and pick out something pretty.  Take 5 extra minutes to add some fabulous through jewels or lipstick, looking good makes you feel good.  Happy women, confident women, change the world.

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