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Little peek at your undies….

Did I get your attention?   I won’t be peeking but I suggest you do.  We have had several false starts to a real spring  in the PNW and every time I think I am going to post about our spring/summer closets, it doesn’t seem quite time.  So, until that actually happens,  I have something for you.  20 minute project.  Dump out your underwear drawer and sort.

When the weather heats up, we wear less clothing.  For the men, this affects you less but think of it as a good spring cleaning.  When we imagine your hotness, you aren’t wearing holey drawers.  Trust me!  For the women, while it was easy to forget about that too small bra under layers of sweaters, it will suddenly show with your fitted tee.  Overfilled cups might be good with your glass of wine but not so much with your bra.

How are your layering tanks doing?  Stretched out?  Replace them.  T-backs tops?  Get a t-back bra.  The other option doesn’t look pretty.  And not to forget the bottom half.  White pants might be part of your future.    Make sure you have the appropriate under gear.  Panty lines not good.  For any outfit  And did you know that a nude shade of bra or panty is actually less visible vs. white?  Stretched straps, holes, broken elastic, time for all of them to go.    And finally, while you are there, do the same for your socks.  Most likely, your wooly numbers that keep your tootsies toasty during most of the year, can have a break.  Missing the pair partner or have holes?  Fix or nix.  Come Fall 2012, you’ll be glad you did.  Happy Sorting!

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What the heck is she doing?

I’ve been getting that a lot lately.  “You were doing closet consults but then you helped someone with their decor.  But then you did that fashion show.  And wait, are you doing weddings now?”  Ummm, yes.  From my earliest memories, I was obsessed with the weekend adverts that came in the newspaper. Scouring them page by page, for hours.  I then started buying magazines and building years in the making wall collages.  I wasn’t allowed to contribute to my parents formal home decor (minus my one wall)  but the clothes shopping ensued as soon as I started making some money. And it goes from there.   During a recent epiphany, all of these early life things coupled with my schooling, work and interests, rounded it all out for me.  Curating.  That is what I do.  When I look at items (outfits,decor) I not only see what is working but also, how things could be adjusted.  Or what might be missing.  This curating if you will, allows me to be visual across the board. It is not an exact science, it is a feeling, a mood, a sense.   Hopefully that makes sense.

Photo by Connor Surdi.

In other news, this past week, I had some fun photo time with photographer Connor Surdi.  I needed a new ‘About Me’ photo and really wanted to let my personality shine through.  I could have dolled up in something fancy but then it would have been about the clothes.  Instead, it is a fun, kind of quirky, imaginative, and creative look into my busy mind.  With shoes, never forget the shoes!  This is what I assist you, my clients, with.  Finding the things that say you and showing you how to show that to the world.

MUA: Justine Martinez, Hair: Leydi Garcia, Photographer: Connor Surdi



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Reality Check….

Now that the sun is shining and the temps have bypassed the 30’s, 40’s AND 50’s, it really is time to be thinking about warm weather wear.  The last two days out and about have brought many visuals of winter pale breaking through and I read a tweet that said “if I see one more pair of flip flops matched with a winter coat…”.  This post isn’t about telling you what to pair with what or items you need to be buying, I’m going deeper than that.  Skin deep.  With warmer weather, comes exposing more.  Whether short sleeves, bare legs, or tank tops, our imperfections are harder to hide.  Guess what?  We all have them.  I’ve met with clients of all ages and sizes, every single one of them has something they don’t dig about their look.  It may be their arms, it may be their chest, legs, ankles, toe nails, you name it, it’s been mentioned.  If it’s not too big, then it’s too small, and everything in between.  You might be currently working on whatever it is you don’t like or perhaps you’ve given up on it all together.  My message is this.  Embrace whatever it is you have and rock it.  If its going to change, great.  If not, that is fine too.  But today is today and going into this spring/summer, challenge yourself to like what you have.

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Welcome to my home….

Have you ever been to Maneki in the International District?  Amazing home style Japanese food and the place has been there for over 100 years.  Love that.  A couple of years ago, a group of 4 of us showed up without a reservation and the owner would not let us wait for a table or even get on her list.  I wondered what we had done to offend her, was a little surprised, but we left in search of option 2.  It wasn’t until I was there the next time (with a reservation) that I quietly told the owners daughter of my last experience and she cheerfully explained.  Her mom is old school and believes that when you enter her restaurant, it is like you are entering her home.  She wouldn’t expect you to show up at her actual house wanting dinner without letting her know you were coming so she expects the same at her home away from home.  It is only polite to herself, and her staff.  I’d never heard this before but it made perfect sense.  Where am I going with this little story?

Well, many shop owners feel the same way, their independent stores are their babies, their home away from home.  Nobody ever tells us this but being that I know many independent retailers, I thought I would share.  It is easy to not keep this in mind in a large, national chain setting but when you are in one shop businesses, a few things they wish you would keep in mind.

1) When an owner or clerk of a small store greets you, please respond  (hi, smile,nod)  They generally aren’t trying to accost you, just a greeting is all.

2) The merchandise in the store is the owner’s bread and butter.  Please treat it as if you owned it.  And if you don’t take care of your own belongings, treat theirs better.  :)  This refers to handling,  removing from hangers, and change room activity.

3) The store owner wants you to enjoy your experience and shop in their establishment.  If you have any issues, etc. let them know in a polite manner so they can fix it whatever it is for you.  Kindness begets kindness.

The shop owners of Seattle (and everywhere) thank you!!!

Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully there will be lots of sun to enjoy!!!




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Totally Transparent…

Happy weekend.  News for you.  As a stylist, a large part of my job is to suggest clothing to my clients.  Sometimes it’s through email, sometimes in person.  That was why I was excited to introduce my store through StyleOwner last year, it gave me an outlet to curate looks and still get paid in a non-pressured venue.  While StyleOwner has been a good thing, I don’t feel like I am truly able to offer what I am good at, mixing all kinds of styles and price points, due to their limited offerings.  I want to thank everyone that has shopped with me through StyleOwner and that store will remain for the time being.

BUT, the new news part.  I have found a new site that allows me to curate from EVERYWHERE, at ALL price points.  I think this is perfect for what I do and am excited to build my store.  Basically, it looks a little like Pinterest and when you click on a certain item, it will take you directly to that retailer where you can purchase.  With that purchase, the retailer then gives me a little love in return  and allows me to continue to spend time on finding great pieces for all of you.  Items in my store are going to be across the board as far as price, quality and styles, but all pieces that I truly like and would recommend.  I will write “notes” on each item as far as suggestions on how to wear, etc. but if you have a specific question on an item for you, please just send me a message.  If you are looking for something specific, same deal.  Things won’t cost anymore than if you were to find them on your own, this is just another way to utilize my services and having the retailer pay me instead.  Good deal.

Starting to build my store now, I will have more in the coming weeks.  Check it out at: and let me know what you think!

Enjoy your day.


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