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After this past weekend of gorgeous weather and being (somewhat) warm, I am SO tempted to pull all my warm weather clothing out of their bins and switch over my closet.

Done with the sweaters and heavy layers, so looking forward to light and bright.  But probably not so fast.  We have a ways to go.   But as you ponder and start your switch over, take your time and do it right.

 With each piece being put away you need to ask yourself:

1) Did I wear it over the winter?  Why or why not? If it was lingering just “in case” or “if I can fit into again” and you don’t, let it go.

2) Is is clean?   Even teeny, tiny stains attract moths when in storage.  If it’s not, wash or dryclean  before storage.

3) Is it in need of repair?  If so, fix or discard.

4) Store your goods right.  Latest and greatest is that plastic bins are not the way to go.  Fabric garment bags are good.  Get some.

5) Finish with 3 distinct piles:

•Giveaway • Consignment for Fall 2012 (clean and treat like the items are staying but in separate marked container so you’re not tempted to keep come Sept). • Fall Wardrobe.

Easy, peasy right?  The hard part is waiting for our PNW warm weather.  Hopefully the wait isn’t long….

*Images from Google*

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Flirting with Floral…

It’s everywhere this spring.  Whether large and bold or soft and dainty, the fascination with floral has hit.  Some are mixing the flowers and going full blown, others are choosing to just have a minor flirt with a small accessory.  How will you be wearing yours?

Alice and Olivia

Nicholas Kirkwood

                   Haute Hippie dress


Forever 21



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Home sweet home. Spring cleaning and stuff…

This past week was filled with unexpected “at home” time  due to rampant germ fests in the local schools.  Not one for doing well with extended a.h. time, a project needed to happen.  Over the years I have collected a fair amount of decor pieces from vases to candle holders  and little chotchkie’s that I like to use in vignettes around my home. Wanting to switch them out often,  easy access was needed but they were everywhere.  Bottom drawers, linen closets, laundry room and the list goes on.  I don’t have a lot of storage in my home but I found a closet that was basically an oversized junk drawer.  Time to resolve that.

Organized decor closet

Now everything is in one place , separated by material (glass, metal, porcelain) and I look forward to playing more and seeing what little creative numbers, I can come up with.

While on the topic of organization, check these out.

All Brass Number Clips $19 from Kaufmann Mercantile

I saw these through this morning.  Currently wading through piles of papers for tax time, who couldn’t use these?  And check out  Like a small town “has everything store” without the dust.

Finally, a jaunt through Ikea this afternoon had me thinking chairs.  For those who don’t want to pay for the official “Ghost Chair” through DWR for $410 or even the $125 version through Amazon, there is the Ikea version for $79.99.

Tobias Chair from Ikea.

Perfect for a small area that needs a chair but could do without the look of added weight to cramp the space.

Last but not least, a pop of color for your yard or deck.  Makes me think of bunny rabbits and chocolate cream eggs.

Romo Chair for $59.99 at Ikea.

Happy early weekend, I’m ready for it, aren’t you?  Stay dry!

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Is it your thing?

This month’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover has yoga body Gwyneth P. looking gorgeous in a jumpsuit.  I love a good jumpsuit.  I even own a grown up romper or two.  Either you love ’em or you don’t.   My admiration has been a long time standing.

My first adult jumpsuit circa mid-80's.

I begged my mom for this number I found on Robson Street in Vancouver and this was my excitement Christmas morning.  Christmas morning was always early morning so do not judge!!!  You like the matching ankle boots, belt and handbag?

Today, the jumpsuit I own is an all black, spaghetti strap number that I love to wear.  Not only are they comfortable but also so versatile, easily transitioning from day to night.

Parker Long Jumpsuit. $286 at

Asymmetric Jumpsuit. $89.90 at

Smoked Wideleg Jumpsuit. $19.80 at Forever21

For those who are in, here is a little Polyvore inspiration for getting lots of use out of your jumpsuit:


Jumpsuit Goddess

All Saints cotton shirt
$150 –

Fur coat
$110 –

Madewell denim jacket
$118 –

Toast leather jacket
£445 –

Oasis jumpsuits and romper
$130 –

Gucci high heels
$1,195 –

ZiGiny platform boots
$103 –

Rodarte stiletto high heels
$1,425 –

Suzanna Dai gold earrings
$225 –

Emporio armani watch
$395 –

House of Harlow 1960 gold earrings
$57 –

CA LOU wrap bracelet
$975 –
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Photo Shoot for JeNeSeQua…

 Happy weekend and hope you are all doing something fun.  This past week, the March issue of the iPad lifestyle magazine , JeNeSeQua (first ever iPad exclusive magazine) posted and for all of you with iPads, it’s something you need to check out.    For those without, you can still follow on FB for little snippets at or the website at

I’m sharing, not only because I think JNSQ is a fabulous read but also because I was honored to be included as part of the styling team for the fashion shoot.

Here are some photos from behind the scenes as well as final shoots from the mag.

Wardrobe Options

Accessories Table - fun!!!!

New School Polaroid - I want one!

Sampling of test shots

Cover look for March issue of JeNeSeQua

Beauty Looks

What a fun day with a team of fabulous people.  Also, thanks to all the great vendors who shared their wares (clothing, shoes, + accessories) for the shoot!

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Friday Fashion Shoot – 3.2.12

Hope you all had a great weekend.  As Sunday is winding down, I’m getting a chance to catch my breath and reflect on what a fun, Friday I had.   Thanks to MM from JNSQ for getting me started, I have had the opportunity to take my styling behind the scenes to the world of fashion photography.  This past Friday, I gathered a team of fabulous to do a shoot for an up and coming SMG model, Rachel.  One photo from the photographer has been posted, check out my FB page.   In the meantime, enjoy the behind the scenes (taken with an iphone, please excuse the fuzzies).


Some of the accessories...

A little makeup

Makeup for look 2

Hair and Photog

Behind the behind the scenes...

Tethering at work - Gorgeous!!!

Model (SMG): Rachel Robinson –

 Photography: Connor Surdi – Photography –

Fashion Stylist: Pink Pagoda Style –

MUA: Justine Martinez –

Hair: Leydi Garcia –

Assistant: Mike Diep –

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In the mall…

Today, I popped over to Bellevue Square to not only pull some items for a photo shoot tomorrow but also to see what was new.  Well, one thing that isn’t quite new but soon will be is:

Downstairs across from the MS store.

 Another notable is that one of my go to places for costume jewels (Macy’s) is once again having a big sale with lots of goodness to choose from.  There was a fair size area dedicated to 50% off and then the rest all seemed to be 15% off but there is a current 20% off coupon that cardholders should have.  **Bring yours, they aren’t just making it happen**.

Some of my finds (over top of the Betsey Johnson)

And for those of you who have followed PPS for quite some time, you know that I am either a J.Crew fan OR a Banana Republic fan, never both at the same time.  Well never say never (a little shout out to my daughers secret bf, JB, on his birthday) as today I was feeling it from both stores.  Depending on what you were after, both establishments had some goodness.

Banana Republic is still with the MadMen theme and had some fabulous work pieces.  As well, some great plaid, button down shirts that you would normally equate with J.Crew.  Also some fun accessories:

Laurel Color Block Pump $120

Leather market tote $120. Butter soft and many colors.

Two toned enamel bangle $35.

And moving on down the corridor, to J.Crew.  If you are ready to pack up and head somewhere tropical in the next month or so, this is your place to visit.  Lots of around the pool worthy dresses, hats, and general warm weather happiness in a casual resort sort of way.  Also, I was in search of an “old-school-like” denim jacket for tomorrow and without much luck (even spoke with a Levi’s rep in one store) but J.Crew came through.  Finally, fun accessories and some great, thin weight cardi’s in a good assortment of colors.

Statement Bubble Necklace $150

Nolita Jacket in Great Lakes wash $98

Two tone straw hat $38.

Happy Mall!

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